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Project • By AlkiSecondary Schools

ESTIA Higher School of Industrial Technologies

Mito Photography   Based in Bidart, South-West of France, the ESTIA campus (École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Advanced) trains trilingual general engineers who will integrate future sectors as diverse as aeronautics, automotive, electrical engineering, agri-food and IT. A high-tech eco system shaped by its international dimension, multidisciplinary orientation and permanent interaction with the world of business. Our collections are furnishing many areas of the new building expending the ESTIA, designed by the architectural studio Leibar & Seigneurin.  Caption   More

Project • By HEDSecondary Schools

Fred Kelly Stadium

The Orange Unified School District’s (OUSD) Fred Kelly Stadium facility is the home field for the El Modena, Orange, Villa Park, and Canyon High School football programs and the center of community activity. The original stadium, built in 1967, is named for Orange Union High student Fred Kelly, who won Olympic Gold in the 110-meter high hurdles in the 1912 games and was the University of Southern California’s first Olympic Gold Medalist. After over 50 years of use, the stadium was in desperate need of an upgrade. HED was selected to design the replacement field, new bleachers accommodating a capacity of 5,000, ADA compliant press box, concession stands, ticket booths, score board, restrooms, and synthetic track and field. New t... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsSecondary Schools

Salina South High School

When designing an improved main entrance to the school, DLR Group wanted to preserve the open courtyard in the front of the school. The design solution was to use GKD metal fabric as transparent signage that allows the school to showcase its brand without closing off the courtyard from the outside. More

Project • By BEGAPrimary Schools

Martino-Katharineum School, Braunschweig

This simple cube serves as an extension of the traditional grammar school in Braunschweig. Its large, asymmetrical windows provide a glimpse into the modern school building and lend the architecture an individual character. During the day, the foyer is flooded with light streaming in through the large glass front. Once daylight starts to fade, the luminaires encased in opal glass, ensure the room is evenly lit.Coloured accents in a uniform red blend harmoniously into the architecture and create adynamic and uplifting environment. In a deliberately irregular pattern, the recess-mountedceiling luminaires continue this positive atmosphere.In the events room too these irregular patterned recess-mounted ceiling luminaires serve to break up the... More

Project • By GKD Metal FabricsSecondary Schools

Plymouth High School

This massive sunshading facade consists of three panels of Omega 1510. Attached by extended loops and round bar at top and bottom, the panels also boost school pride with a custom etched graphic of the Plymouth South mascot. Architect: Heritage Iron Works, Inc More

Project • By IND architectsSecondary Schools

School in Burabay

School for talented young people, whose goal is to continue their education and get a wide outlook and relevant professions in the best universities of the country and the world – this task was set for us by the customer. The school is located 300 kilometers from Nur-Sultan, in the National Nature Park in Burabay village (Kazakhstan). Learning there lasts only for two years – 10 and 11 forms. During this period students from all over the country will prepare for admission to universities. And in the summer there will be a summer camp for students of other schools. The education program is designed so that all students can advance in their chosen vector. This approach is also supported by architectural solutions – the scho... More

Project • By ArchimatikaPrimary Schools

Gymnasium A+

Public and administrative functions are located on the ground floor of the gymnasium. In addition to the cafe and canteen, there is a wardrobe, a medical center, a gym, a teacher's room, and a library. There are also classes in computer science and technology.   Teacher`s room is an open space of 250 square meters’ area, equipped with modern appliances and has a conference area and recreation area.   The library is arranged as an educational hub: here there are zones for club meetings, trainings, lectures, as well the library has its own exit to the amphitheater - the courtyard of the school.   In the gymnasium there are two sports gyms, large on the first floor and small one on the second floor. Each of them is a... More

Project • By Leclercq associésSecondary Schools

Jean-Moulin high school

Originally, an indoor schoolyard is at the heart of all the high school functions. This schoolyard is a symbolic representation of school buildings throughout time.   The project unfolds around this central space which in itself creates a particular enclosed space integrating all the elements of the program, in a dual perspective between the single indoor courtyard and the outdoor town made of plurality and undefined spaces. The general volume, a simple hollowed out wooden monolith, takes advantage of the leveling of the plot to take off from the ground and open a yard on the street. The Jean Moulin High School has been the first HEQ-certified high school in Ile-de-France.   Our website More

Project • By TARIK ZOUBDI ARCHITECTESecondary Schools

concrete phrontistery

“ This space is about knowledge forever engraved in concrete ” Tarik ZOUBDI      The OCP institut for socio-educationnel promotion is a high school project, emerged from a desire to provide a new teaching building, fit for the 21st century education, for the children of OCP group workers in El Jadida  , Following a growing number of primary and middle school students last few years.       With a vision to encourage learning, sharing and interaction, the newly built high school was designed to link  the old middle school built in 2017 and the OCP residential developments nearby.     To ensure the safety of students and reduce traffic flow, the car park was designed... More

Project • By HEDAuditoriums

El Capitan HS Event Center: Grossmont USD

The Grossmont Union High School District entrusted HED with the development and design of an iconic, multifunctional new event center. Sited on the El Capitan High School campus, the design needed to meet four primary goals: represent the cultural heritage of El Capitan High School; incorporate indoor and outdoor areas; provide students with a unique learning experience; and seamlessly integrate with the existing on-campus architecture.   To achieve these goals, we began by dividing the complex into two buildings, establishing a dramatic, focal entrance and creating connected outdoor spaces. Inspired by the campus and by El Capitan’s alma mater, we designed the structure to reference the lines and angles of the region&r... More

Project • By Uygur ArchitectsPrimary Schools

TED Ankara College Campus

Ted Ankara College, giving education to 6000 students per year for 70 years, used to have a strong relation with the city thanks to its location, though with a lack of open spaces. The project aims to increase the amount of open spaces while intensifying the social life-education relation. As a significant design principle, contemporary education is adopted by composing various indoor and outdoor common spaces. The main theme is interpretation and projection of city simulation in a campus plan. City life is considered as the main educational framework by providing numerous common places where education comes into the practice.The classrooms are defined as “ateliers” instead of being compartmented rooms, while the surrounding env... More

Project • By Design Action & AssociatesSecondary Schools

Ripple Library

Drops falling onto lake cause ripples, as if people acquire knowledge from ​​books, transform information to inspiration by pondering over and over again, ultimately turn into brilliant interpretation.The project is under direct subsidy scheme secondary school instituted by government; campus has been worn out over 35 years and associated with problems such as low usage rate of library. In view of this, the designer hopes to beautify the premises and refurbish existing library with warm atmosphere, thereby achieving effective passing on of knowledge, inspiring students and develop a better society for the future. More

Project • By Abscis ArchitectenPrimary Schools

Boarding school MPI Zonneken & SBSO Baken

Over the years, operations within the schools’ campus in Sint-Niklaas have gradually worsened due to the consecutive expansions of the campus, which were greatly influenced by the evolving needs and requirements of the Special Education. Now, in view of a further lasting development of this campus, especially as pilot school for autistic children where terms such as ‘visualisation’ and ‘clarification’ are core concepts, a clear and recognisable structure is of the utmost importance. For this purpose, a new central axis has been developed, as a clear spinal cord on campus along which not only the different school buildings are located, but also the diverse playrooms where an active or a more sedate leisure time... More

Project • By Atelie UrbanoSecondary Schools

Maker Space - Notre Dame Rainha School

Notre Dame Rainha dos Apóstolos is a traditional catholic school in Ipiranga neighborhood, São Paulo.Ateliê Urbano School Building Architecture was invited to redesign the tech room of the school. The space was an excellent area, yet it had an old configuration that no longer fitted in the new pedagogical proposal.The main goal of the project was to create an environment more connected with the new forms of learning linked, mainly, to the use of technology. The obsolete computer room then became the new multimedia room for the school. Because it is more playful, dynamic and with several devices available to students (such as tablets, interactive whiteboard and 3D glasses), the room has attracted the attention of everyone... More

Project • By Basics ArchitectsPrimary Schools

DCM Sriram

After construction of Phases A and B, Phase C of the masterplan called for an extension of the school to accommodate up to 1200 students divided into junior, middle and senior schools as well as a kindergarten and a special needs learning center. The new construction will also include a multi purpose hall, a cultural center with dance and music studios and an academic center with computer, language and science labs.The existing buildings informed the design and placement of new blocks. The design of the open spaces was the driving force behind the design of the building. Two new classroom blocks were added, creating a large,enclosed open area. At the building level,axes were defined splitting the large openarea into three smaller courtyards... More