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Project • By FluxwerxOffices

Private Software Office

Bright, bold, and exceptional as the building that it occupies, this private software office in Calgary, Alberta offers an inspired and collaborative experience for both the employees and clients.  Eymeric Widling Photography From the outset, the Kasian Architecture design team embraced a mindset of experimentation and exploration. Working hand in hand with the client, the team identified wellness, need for amenities, positive social culture, plus thoughtful use of space and technology as the client’s primary goals for their new headquarters.  Eymeric Widling Photography The design team then charted a clear course towards a holistic interior design that merges productivity, collaboration and relaxation while deli... More

Project • By DESIGN STUDIO MONOPlaygrounds


Rental Space LEON is a playground for adults with a Billiard and F&B space. Based on the client couple's hobbies of catering and billiards, the space was designed to be the couple's hideout and a rental space with special fun. Seeun Park The space consists of a play zone with billiard tables, a lounge zone where you can watch play and enjoy food and drink, and a kitchen zone. It is a place that pursues play, a form of active rest, and is designed open for free communication and activities. The simple arrangement made the eyes turn to the play zone. Seeun Park Materials used in the space were selected nature-friendly building materials such as teak wood, red brick rather than chemical materials. These nature-friendly building... More

NewsNews • 3 May 2023

The best of Euroluce 2023 (part II)

Continuing with Archello’s pick of the best luminaires from Euroluce 2023, the lamps listed here capture the diversity of collections presented by lighting brands. Each lamp is made with technological know-how and artisanal flair, with designs that range from colorful to experimental, and minimal to grand.   1. Africa by Vibia Caption At Spanish brand Vibia, light is the foundation of space design, with the ability to impact appearance and ambience. Vibia's holistic approach to lighting unites the latest in technologically progressive and aesthetically refined designs. The new Africa collection by Francisco Gomez Paz expresses serene beauty and poise. A unique portable lamp, the anthropological form invites the user t... More


Onion Studio

Onion Studio is a clothing select shop that proposes a unique street look for the MZ generation. This store is located in a large shopping mall in Dongdaemun, the center of fashion in Korea, and it was designed in consideration of various special matters. Seeun Park Seeun Park The existing space had a difference in ceiling height. The glass wall at the front of the store, which runs from the window wall to the ceiling, gave a sense of separation from the inner space. We tried to functionally separate the existing space by harmonizing the segmented feeling, and we separated the sections of the staff zone and the display zone based on the difference in ceiling materials. Seeun Park We were intended to create an achromatic and... More

Project • By LuceplanLibraries

National Assembly Busan Library

On 31 March 2022 in Busan (South Korea) the National Assembly Busan Library was opened, designed by Daain Group Architects & Engineers CO. Ltd. This is a parliamentary library open to the public that acts as an important resource of information and knowledge on a worldwide level, as well as a cultural and community center open to all. The internal space reinterprets the method of conservation of the annals of the past in a modern way. The design of the building, featuring a base on which the two right and left facades are placed in perfect symmetrical balance, is a reminder of the symbol of democracy in the studio’s vision. © courtesy National Assembly Library - Busan In the context of this new project Luceplan has prov... More

Product • By BegoluxInfinity Slim Suspended

Infinity Slim Suspended

Suspension luminaire in aluminum profile, with a smooth and elegant appearance, highlighting its modern design, of small dimensions. Available in versions with matte or microprismatic diffuser. Of great versatility, it is equipped with LED PCBs. Homogeneous and uniform light line over the entire surface. Supplied with 1,2m long suspension cables. Its straight and sober lines, of standard or other lengths, produced upon customer’s request and space requirements. Ideal for individual or continuous line applications. It fits in all environments, from housing to business. More

Project • By ExpolightApartments

Taryan Towers

The concept of endowing a modern residential complex with philosophy and values ​​is already becoming traditional. And to convey this, light is one of the key points. At Taryan Towers , the main idea is futuristic; these are actual future towers.It is very cool and exciting to be in the team of such a bold client as Taryan Group and the incredible architectural team ZIKZAK Architects . Expolight In addition to the media illumination of the facade (which is a complex project in which we developed not only the light but also the structure since there were no ready-made solutions for it), our team developed an innovative design project for lighting the hall and corridors. Expolight The main feature of the hall is a media art instal... More

Project • By ExpolightOffices

Chandelier B14 Unit.City

Our glassblowing brand Optical Metaphor won its first and IMMEDIATELY top award: LIGHTING PRODUCT DESIGN OF THE YEAR for the chandelier in the B14 campus lobby at UNIT.City. It was an exciting and valuable experience working with the talented Viktoriya Yakusha and her Yakusha Studio team, who designed this chandelier and the interior of the hall. We thought out the architectural and lighting design, and the chandelier was designed according to their sketches. I congratulate my colleagues on our joint victory! Unit.City is a city of innovation, which can safely be called the Ukrainian analog of Silicon Valley, which is characterized by a significant density of high-tech companies. It is symbolic that we received the good news about the vic... More

Project • By ExpolightHotels

Lobby of Event Hall in Emily Resort

This project is a record for us regarding the complexity and number of lighting elements - super narrow spots, narrow and sliding beams, static illumination of the back wall with changing colors, and projection media content. A complex multi-component system transforms the event hall for various events: art exhibitions, lectures, conferences and presentations, festive events, and concerts. Caption In lobby of event-hall, we have embodied a cozy light with our already business card - different modes for different times of the day, which are automatically programmed, regulated, and adjusted by our cloud server Expolight Cloud Control System. Caption Just look at this wall with elements that resemble eggshells! It was important to... More

Project • By QPROApartments


The apartment is located in a building built in 1928 which was a revenue house in past in the historical part of Moscow near the Boulevard Ring.The main task in this project for the architect Maria Kataryan was to create an interior where you can feel the spirit of an old Moscow flat in accordance with the lifestyle of a young couple who loves to host guests, arrange dinner parties and movie nights. Photo: Sergey Ananiev The functional tasks of the space were solved thanks to the enfilade layout, and the atmosphere of antiquity was formed by characteristic details and materials, such as cornices, plinths, marble windowsills, doorway trims, tiles in the bathroom and kitchen. There are modern technical solutions helping to make the livi... More

Project • By kobi lighting studioApartments

City Oasis Apartment

Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, an old building has been transformed into CITY OASIS: an ensemble of 27 rooms of a serviced apartment that are different in size (24 - 45 m2).  Since Ho Chi Minh city is the largest metropolis in Vietnam, pollution, in general, is inevitable. It is not hard to notice the light dome hanging above the city. The high density of population, transportation, and modern buildings trap the city lights, which then results in light pollution. Also, urbanization makes green and calm spaces rare to find in the city.  Such a crowded, lack-of-shade, and light-polluted city can cause bad effects on the well-being of hard-working Saigonese who barely have enough time to take a vacation to somewhere furt... More

Project • By CentrsvetShops


Centrsvet is a part of a new project by METHOD architectural group – Barrett boutique at Modnyy Sezon Mall in Okhotny Ryad. Barrett has been one of the most famous luxury footwear brands for a century.  Caption Caption CANYON system is used in this project. Specially designed recessed track allows to hide the case of the fixture entirely, and it also hides technical elements like A/C grills, speakers, cameras and fire alarms. It is especially important in a boutique space where aesthetics is in the forefront. Architects used INFINITY system to illuminate the outside shop window. Track fixtures provide targeted directional lighting, which allowed to place lighting accents accurately. Caption Caption More
Uw - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Uw - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Sys45 - Museu da Língua Portuguesa
Museu da Língua Portuguesa

Project • By O/M LightMuseums

Museu da Língua Portuguesa

Museu da Lingua Portuguesa is an interactive museum about the Portuguese language located in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. In 2015, the museum was partially destroyed by fire. After several years of intervention the museum opened again to the public in 2021. O/M is proudly part of this project with the supply of numerous products chosen to the different areas according to its functions.    Lighting Design: Fernanda Carvalho, Paula Carnelos Caption Caption More

Project • By QPROApartments


Residential complex "Life on Plyushchikha" is an elite residential complex in Khamovniki district. This is the first residential building in Russia who received a gold certificate from the LEED international environmental assessment system. The building is equipped with energy-efficient lighting and automatic heat regulation, as well as fine filtration systems for water and air, thanks to which residents receive spring water from the tap and breathe fresh air, free from dust and allergens. Another important element of the eco-project is the presence of a large green courtyard with fountains. Photo: Ivan Sorokin The neoclassical building with decor, white columns and balconies is located two kilometers from the Kremlin and reminds of t... More

Project • By office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designersAirports

Nanaimo airport expansion

The Nanaimo Airport expansion creates an uplifting and memorable entrypoint for visitors and residents of Canada’s Vancouver Island. Located south of the growing port city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, the airport reflects the raw beauty of the landscape, its rich natural resources, and the promising future of the local community. The 17 500 sq.ft expansion is the first phase in omb’s 55 000 sq.ft master plan for the terminal, comprising a generous new passenger lounge, dedicated security screening area and a new modular building design that can easily and seamlessly facilitate future expansion projects over the next 25 years. Andrew Latreille Prior to the expansion, the undersized security and passenger areas were causing... More