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Project • By PROJECT905Apartments

Dinamo Apartment

The design of this minimalist style apartment in Moscow with floor space of 60 sq. m was made by founders  of  Architectural bureau PROJECT905 ( Aleksey Dunayev and Marianna Zapolskaya ) for themselves and their daughter. The apartment is located next to the Dynamo Metro station. Caption The common area with kitchen and living room divides two bedrooms – the children’s room and the parents’ room – as a buffer, and they also designed sliding partitions to the full height of the room from both sides of the parents’ bedroom. When they are open, the bedroom becomes a part of the common space, and when they are closed, the bedroom becomes fully isolated with its own bathroom and workplace. Along the... More



With pure, angular forms, Oxo is a contemporary series with an eye to the future. The sustainable design of its taps has been internationally recognised, receiving the Green Good Design and Product IF Design Award, both in 2020. More

Project • By RondPrivate Houses

Kitchen renovation

In this kitchen renovation the ROND sockets provided the electricity outlets that are needed, without compromising on the minimalist design of the project. The power sockets are easily integrated in the mortex surface. More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


The owners of this apartment live outside the city. The idea was to have a room for their child in their Moscow apartment. For that, we repurposed the two-meter wide walk-in closet. That is why our goal was to make it feel as spacious as possible. The former walk-in closet triples as a bedroom, study, and home gymnasium. We placed the desk and head of the bed next to the window whose sill doubles as a sort of bedside cabinet. As for the free space between the bed and closet, we arranged a home gymnasium with a couple of floor cushions there. For all the storage needs the owners might have, we put a built-in closet split with accent lighting in the room. The bed has pullout drawers, and to the right from the desk there is a storage system... More

Project • By Zarna StudioPrivate Houses


The client wanted an elegant home for him and his family. He wished for a simplistic experience with a traditional touch to it.   The exterior material and colour palette is limited to tan, giving an earthy and grounded feel to the entire house. Here, the central White Jali  becomes the central focal point of the scheme.   Carved wooden door with two falseJharokha , brass pots near the entrance resounded with the client’s ancestral home. The simple golden patterned laminate gives it a bit of a modern touch too.   The paintings hung besides the door were passed on to the client; so whenever they enter, it reminds them of their roots.   A cantilevered RCC steps then leads you to the first floor to the in... More

Project • By PHENOMENA arquiteturaApartments

Sabará apartament

The high ceiling, generous window openings and the original wood flooring were the features that guided the renovation of this 70’s apartment in São Paulo central region.The abundant natural light that reaches the different rooms, inspired us to choose a lean and neutral color palette and a small number of different materialities in order to value its presence. Each room offers the warmth of the natural light, both direct and indirect, it receives. In order to accommodate the new residents, few spatial modifications were needed from the original plan. The service dorm was transformed into a walk-in closet and bathroom for the couple’s suite, and part of the kitchen was used for a built-in closet in the private circu... More

Project • By Igor SirotovShops


Interior design by Igor Sirotov Architects   Киев, Украина. Проект был реализован в торговом центре "Домосфера", салон под названием "Концепты" More
Living room
Dressing room
Hallway - living room
Hallway - kitchen

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


We designed this well-lit and spacious apartment for a young woman using natural materials.  Our goal was to create a minimalistic and modern-looking interior design that wouldn’t be loud and flashy; elegancy and practicality permeate the entire project. We didn’t choose the layout; the developer did. Yet, their decision to place an internal load-bearing wall at the center of the apartment turned out to be a welcome one; we created a ring layout around it. The bedroom leads to the kitchen, which leads to the bathroom and entrance hall – and vice versa. The customer asked us to wall off a portion of the bedsit to create a proper bedroom; we placed a semi-blind wall and a wood slat room divider that lets the natural l... More

Project • By Igor SirotovHousing


sp1h Interior design by architects Igor Sirotov   Дизайн интерьера от архитекторов Игоря Сиротова https://igorsirotov.com More

Project • By Igor SirotovHousing


bu1h Interior design by architects Igor Sirotov   Дизайн интерьера от архитекторов Игоря Сиротова More



Block colours, frames, cubes & hidden spaces features in a 100 sqm renovated apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv.  Yael Perry was initially asked to create private spaces that will be able to transform & be a part of the public space as well as working spots at the living area. all internal partitions were removed & new custom made carpentry & pivot doors redefined the private spaces. A 6 meter floor-to-ceiling unit defines the master suite by wooden panelling & metal frames including integrated wooden closing system. At the master bathroom, 3d cubes were custom made for wet & dry seats. The cubes were covered with pink acrylic plaster to suit the humid climate and create a rough seat in the shower. The kitc... More

Project • By TempelbauApartments


Signa is a small town located about 20 km from Florence which boasts very ancient origins and a small historic center with a medieval structure nested within the circle of walls. Nowadays only a few traces of the wall survive. The early years of the twentieth century mark the beginning of a gradual development of the urban fabric that will culminate in the uncontrolled expansion of the 60s and 70s with the construction of a multitude of poor quality buildings, characterized by bad design and cheap materials. Our project consist in the renovation of a flat located in one of these buildings located in a semi-central position close to the park of Villa S. Lorenzo and facing a small square called "Le Corti". The original layout was simple an... More

Project • By KODD BUREAUApartments


The location and the resulting image of the project at the initial stage set the basis for the idea. All elements of the interior are brought into the exact balance of volumes and colors, textures and materials, as well as in the fullness of decor items. The house is surrounded by a pine forest, with a low floor the windows are at the level of the tree crowns. The surroundings bring natural colors and materials to the interior, while the interior is shaped by a structure that unites the living areas. Everything is as flexible as possible to erase the framing contour of the apartment. Technical issues are minimized or visually hidden to give the space as natural as possible. There is the required number of lamps, electricians, ventilation is... More

Project • By DEAR studioPrivate Houses


This project gets its characteristic from two black horizontal discs. The bottom disc is installed in the entrance area and its curved shape reached almost the ground. Visitors reach the upper floors of this single-family home via stairs. The glazed façade and the opaque walls reflect the environment. The black building serves at the same time as an eye catcher and a shadow. The building is an architectural foreign body that fits almost unseen in the surroundings. More

Product • By Asa PingreeEclipse Ottoman

Eclipse Ottoman

The Ottoman base is made of a lightweight fiberglass composite with a molded gel coat surface that is extremely durable and suitable for extended outdoor life. The cushion, pictured here with indoor upholstery, is made of super high density foam and covered in a Maharam fabric that can sustain high wear and is inherently flame resistant. More