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NewsNews • 25 Jul 2023

AMAA questions the role of both “threshold” and “treasure” in art and architecture

“Threshold and Treasure” denotes the architectural intervention undertaken by Italian studio AMAA to transform a former 19th century printing house into an art gallery. Located in the center of Arzignano, an industrial town in the Province of Vicenza, Italy, the once abandoned structure is now home to "Atipografia", a cultural association and contemporary art gallery. Simone Bossi, courtesy of AMAA Simone Bossi, courtesy of AMAA In the design of “Threshold and Treasure” a sequence of spaces unfolds within the urban fabric, inviting visitors to step inside and explore both the restored structure and its artworks. AMAA founders, Marcello Galiotto and Alessandra Rampazzo, approached the project by que... More

NewsNews • 9 Jun 2023

25 best architecture firms in Italy

Italy is home to a myriad of architectural styles, both contemporary and historical. From the glorious ancient Roman ruins to the sublime Renaissance masterpieces, Italian heritage has been a beacon of architectural ingenuity through the ages. The Renaissance, in particular, marked a golden period of unparalleled artistic and intellectual awakening, with visionaries like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, and Palladio pushing the boundaries of architectural expression and laying the foundation for future generations. The country underwent a seismic shift during the dark years of fascism, distorting the harmony between architectural design, planning and human scale. However, in the wake of the oppressive environment, Italy emerged as a laboratory... More

Project • By Alessandro Ferro ArchitettoApartments

budè sp

rennovation BUDÉ  project reinterprets one of the apartments of the BUDÉ HOUSING ESTATE, a housing complex designed by Georges Addor and Jean-Jacques Honegger in the early 1960s. alberto moncada This concept aims to respond to the ongoing debate on contemporary living and the criticalities around domestic space design, with a revolutionary approach to improve its functional rigid scheme. alberto moncada Internal partitions have been replaced by walk through joinery and movable panels. The use of full-height doors enhances the spatial continuity between the two former distinct areas of the house. alberto moncada These two solutions result in a multifunctional space that emphasizes the panoramic views and... More

NewsNews • 4 Mar 2022

25 best architecture firms in Milan

From the Salone del Mobile, founded in 1961, to a rich history that includes the 1980s Memphis Group, design and architecture are part of the fabric of the city of Milan. For this article, we rounded up 25 architecture studios doing noteworthy and exciting work from Milan-based offices. Our list includes architects who co-founded the Memphis Group, but it also includes studios practicing for less than a decade. Throughout, we found firms dedicated to creating distinctive work that moves the city and industry forward. Forging new ground while staying dedicated to client needs, these 25 studios are helping to design today’s world.    Jod Schwefelbad by Matteo Thun & Partners - © Jens Weber 1. Matteo Thun &... More

Project • By LAMBER LAMBERMuseums

Steam engine – Museo Franco Risi

“Steam engine – Museo Franco Risi” is a private museum dedicated to the unique collection of steam-driven agricultural machinery that Franco Risi has restored over the last fifty years. The conversion of the existing structures, once used as a workshop by Franco himself, made it possible to regenerate the group of existing casings resulting from additions that took place over time. The museum was designed as a narrative journey trough Franco's life and the development of steam engines while providing flexible spaces suitable for hosting various kinds of events. Francesca Iovene Francesca Iovene The intervention is divided into two parts; first, the low volume of the entrance was conceived as a box within the box... More

Project • By Team4Theme Parks


CONTRABAND is a project developed within the "Riabitare le Alpi" Atelier. The team was assigned the number 4, hence the title TEAM4. It consists of a network of mountain routes that go back to the routes of smugglers moving between Italy and France. The information on smuggling in Valle Stura comes mainly from the direct testimonies of those who lived those experiences on their own skin. The video "La Couòntrobando, un mestíer per viure", shot in 2013 thanks to the contribution of local authorities, in which those who were the smugglers, and also an ex-financier, told facts and anecdotes was of fundamental importance for the investigation of their life.   We must understand the border not as a limit but as an area in... More

Product • By Bartoli DesignMellow, the new table projected by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo


The smooth shapes of two curved eyelids, embraced in a gesture aimed at creating an apparent volume, form the base supporting the table top in a perfect balance game.Mellow is characterized by a volumetric base - made by two opposing elements, moulded in compact polyurethane - combined with a soft-shaped top.The base is available in lacquered metal finishes: burnished, pickled, opaque copper, brass, matt brass.The matching top is available in three oval and four circular sizes, in solid wood - Walnut, natural brushed Oak and anthracite gray brushed Oak - in Calacatta, Onice Gold or Ardesia ceramic, in Calacatta, Carrara, Marquinia and Emperador marble, in extra-clear polished glass, in frosted black and extra-clear white glass, and in matt... More

Project • By Secco Sistemi SPADistribution Centres

Ex Magazzino Vini

The warehouse situated along the Trieste seafront was one of the simple, functional nineteenth-century buildings that were built for the port of the Hapsburg city. The restoration of the low building with just one floor transformed the interior: the walls were restored, faced with stone and continue below street level. The walls of a new room are detached and parallel: a transparent casket that rises above the line of the eaves. This is the evocative theme of the incorporation, of nesting dolls: in addition to the arching of the original architectural complex, one can see the glass walls of the new interior, with the addition of precious burnished brass profiles. With the arrangement of the mirroring, which varies depending on the directi... More

Project • By CLACstudio architectureApartments

Onde (waves)

The apartment is located in the center of Rome, inside a very rational real estate complex, interesting from an architectural point of view, but incredibly squared and with large orthogonal spaces. The project was born for a young woman, so the main intention was to orientate the study of the interior design to restore a softness, an irrationality of the environments, in line with a female identity, and at the same time in strong contradiction with the external context. The design work focuses on shapes and volumes emphasized with light colors that reflect the nuances of the seascapes. The result is a very welcoming home, with original and sinuous suggestions involving continuous different points of view and overlapping free lines in moveme... More

Product • By BrionvegaRadiofonografo

radiofonografo rr226

Half a century of uniqueness, told by a smile that was born on the first day. Created in 1965 by designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the Radiofonografo is a superb work of modern industrial design, thanks to both its incomparable style and sound. Exuding retro charm, along with incredible sonic definition and the ability to orient and move the sound modules to best suit the surrounding environment, this system creates a listening experience both stimulating and intriguing.Today, the radiofonografo rr226 is re-born: with only the radio and turntable like the original of the 1965. A deserved tribute to one of the most iconic and desired objects of Italian industrial design. With its unique style and sound, this wonderful product i... More


Villa R, a tribute to Wright

work published and reviewed by Luigi Puglisi Prestinenza in "Il Sole 24 ORE – EDILIZIA E TERRITORIO" No. 31/32 - August 2011 The building consists of two buildings joined twins and oriented at right angles to each other so as to allow an optimal exploitation of the constructible triangular. The two-story volumes, containing the stairs and sleeping areas of the two apartments with their environment as accessories, were positioned at the center of the composition, while low volumes containing a single-level living areas have been placed at most of the wings outside the building. With this type of organization has been able to get a volume together with a performance of a pyramid and at the same time, a greater distance between the living... More