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Project • By jihad khairallah architectsOffices

EKP Offices

The interior architecture is minimalist but thoughtful, with attention to every little detail, every single tone, nuance and material in the space has been carefully selected to create a harmonious, precise and natural feel with haptic qualities. The 3D faces wall at the main entrance creates an animated experience while walking across it in the reception area, it reflects the diversity of cases handled by the office team. A monumental stair links the 2 floors, creating a center piece sculpture.A palette of wood and plaster in muted tones creates an informal, home-like environment that is more akin to a lounge than an office. More

Project • By Ippolito Fleitz Group - Identity ArchitectsOffices

Law firm Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte

On the right side of the lawTV series never lie: From Matlock to Harvey Specter, from Dr. Renz to Danni Lowinski, the affairs of the legal profession havefascinated the western hemisphere for decades, if notcenturies. However, even this guild is not spared the challenges of the new millennium: the war for talent runs through all the professions. Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte would not be Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte, however, if they did not know how to turn a tricky case to their favour. So instead of resting on their laurels for being regularly listed among Germany’s leadinglaw firms, the law firmlocated on Stuttgart's Börsenplatz came up with a new idea: to redesigntheir officespace to meet the changing requiremen... More

Project • By ES_ARCHITECTURE (Erez Segalovitz)Offices

HEU & Co. Law Firm Office

HEU & Co. lawoffice is located at Midtown office tower, a new 50-stories high-rise at the center of Tel Aviv's business district. The tower is part of an urban mixed-use development complex that includescommercial, office, and residential spaces, as well as parking lots. To the South, a view of the city’s skyrises and the Ayalon Highway. To the West, abreathtaking panoramic view of the city and the sea.   Given that HEU & Co. law firm has a specific specialization in real estate, representing entrepreneurs and contractors, we incorporated features from the construction practice into the project design. The raw concrete wall with the grid of exposed steel rebars at the back of the front desk and the front desk itself are... More

Project • By AKTAOffices

Green Hall 2 Top floor offices

Green Hall 2, a cutting-edge business centre located on a bend of Neris River, is distinguished by its soft architectural forms. Structural plan, interior and furniture design of the Černiauskas ir Partneriai law firm and Blockchain centre, both based on the top floor of the business centre, excellently corresponds to the streamlined shape of the building. The office includes a lounge area which could be transformed into an informal work space. It could also be easily adapted for conferences or large-scale events.   Height adjustable desks, aluminium strip ceilings and veneer wall panels cover communication lines and constructions necessary for a modern work space. Cabinet walls provides privacy while the glass partitions create a fe... More

Project • By Studio AG ArquiteturaOffices


Upon entering the room the user is greeted by a range of texture and materials that make him explore the environment in a sensory way. The project commissioned by a law firm in São Paulo, Brazil, arose from the need for a space for interaction and exchange of knowledge. The living area should be the highlight of this expansion. We implanted this space in the center of the ensemble, and worked from it so that it was a point of light (glare) that radiates to the rest of the room.   To delimit the lounge, we developed a suspended wooden luminaire with tensioned screen, creating a plane of diffused light. An interesting and intentional counterpoint emerges when mixing a material of weight like typical Brazilian wood with a super c... More

Project • By DREAMEROffices

Norton Legal

Norton Legal is new workplace for a modest but sophisticated contemporary law firm within an existing industrial building in Melbourne's west.   After our initial research phase (surveys, interviews and site analysis) we realised that with a compact warehouse of 76sqm we didn't have enough area to accommodate all the required spaces and program. This included traditional office areas such as a meeting room, entry/waiting and reception area, printing and archive spaces, bathroom and shower, kitchen, storage and a lunch area. In addition our client had recognized the opportunity for her workplace to facilitate better work life balance by including a place for kids to hang out after school. Sound control was also very important for work... More

Project • By TPG ArchitectureOffices


Established in 1951, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP is a leading international immigration firm that provides services for both corporate and individual clients. For the relocation of their headquarters to Midtown, the firm enlisted to TPG to design a forward-thinking, innovative new legal workspace that promotes their highly collaborative culture while reflecting the quality of their practice – dedicated to helping their clients accomplish their complex immigration goals. The new office elevates the employee experience and transcends the idea of what the landscape of a modern law firm can achieve. The 10th floor serves as the main point of reception and was designed with hospitality touches in mind including a coffee ba... More

Project • By Skyfold Inc.Offices

BCF Avocats d‘affaires

On the 25th floor of an office building in downtown Montreal, a masterclass in design engineering, collaboration and retrofitting took place between Skyfold engineers and architects. THE DESIGN CHALLENGE  HUMÀ design + architecture was tasked with redesigning a multipurpose conference room for law firm BCF. The conference rooms were being used for client meeting spaces and employee training. In both cases, privacy and noise control were top concerns. In the original design concept, HUMÀ was considering traditional movable walls, but limited floor space meant that storage closets on the floor for horizontal panels were out of the question. Instead, HUMÀ, wanted to give their clients a flexible space solution t... More

Project • By MA PROJECTOffices

Pepeliaev Group

MA PROJECT was tasked with a multi-functional space design for headquarters of the law firm Pepeliaev Group, located in Moscow, Russia. Pepeliaev Group is a leading Russian law firm that offers a full range of legal services in all regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad. More than 160 lawyers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Beijing and Shanghai provide legal support to more than 1,500 companies engaged in various sectors of the economy; 50% of them are international corporations carrying out long-term investment projects in Russia. The main goals of the project were to design an office that meets all the internal needs of a large, growing company; to create an open, comfortable, and welcoming w... More

Project • By Dick Clark + AssociatesOffices

C R Office

Through our client’s desire to reinvision an antiquated office building along Shoal Creek, we were able to create a contemporary yet neighborhood-appropriate law office. The design utilized the simplicity of the building’s mid-century form as the backdrop to a vibrant and dynamic design driven from the inside-out. The roof of the existing central courtyard was lifted up off of the building to create a light-filled entryway that highlights the owner’s artwork and allows the central core of the building to receive even natural light. The front corners of the building were wrapped in glass to create daylit conference rooms of differing sizes. Playing off of the new facade and program, steel planters of varying heights soften... More

Project • By thinkspaceOffices

Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH)

When CDH, one of South Africa’s leading law firms approached us to design their client-facing area and training facility on the ground floor of their building in Sandton, we were excited to produce an environment that would be a fitting representation of this illustrious 166-year-old company.   The client lounge is characterised by rich, warm timber, and small touches of mid-century detailing seen in the choice of the statement pendant over the coffee bar. We also included a contemporary take on wall paneling as well as a modern touch in the illuminated glass wall detail. Welcoming and warm, this area promotes a variety of different activities and levels of privacy in one space. The dining room, set in a tapered corner of the a... More

Project • By Perkins&WillOffices

NYU Langone Medical Center

Repurposing a high-rise office tower into a high-tech health center that brings New Yorkersconvenient access to NYU Langone care and wellness.Each floor is organized with awood wall; the geometry inspired by the urban views.   Serenity within each clinical area belies the dense, multi-specialty medical practices thatare in this 25-floor, 221,000 square foot academic medical center outpatient facility.   The refurbishment of a law firm’s former high rise offices into a high-tech center that brings New Yorkers convenient access to health and wellness is the driver for this project. The design interprets NYU Langone’s brand of timeless modernism, along with a superior experience for sophisticated clientele, and create... More

Project • By Perkins&WillOffices

TozziniFreire Advogados Headquarters

Technological development brings daily changes to businesses dynamics, including law firms. Innovations like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning require more dynamic and integrated environments, meeting the rising need for more collaborativeness among business teams. Under this new working dynamic, global architecture and design studio Perkins and Will developed the renovation project for TozziniFreire law firm’s headquarters, located at Vila Mariana, traditional neighborhood of São Paulo. “Our main premise was the paradigm shift”, says Fernando Vidal, architect and Managing Director at Perkins and Will’s São Paulo studio. “We created a softer space, encouraging collaborative work and, a... More

Project • By DZAPOffices

Holla Advocaten Eindhoven

Holla Advocaten is an old acquaintance of us. In ’17 we’ve designed and realised the interior of their office in Den Bosch. This time we were asked to design their location in Eindhoven. This concerns a new office in Eindhoven where Holla Advocaten is going to settle. The interior that we’ve designed for their office in Den Bosch was our guideline. From our architects-café - a brainstorm-session between our customers and our architects -  the following keywords emerged: "modest, stylish and warm."   During the design process, we’ve paid a lot of attention to the routing in the Eindhoven office. This resulted in a logical layout whereby the liveliness takes place at the entrance and, as people move... More

Project • By Bartlett & AssociatesOffices

Lenczner Slaght

Lenczner Slaght is not only Canada’s preeminent litigation practice ­– leading some of the nation’s most high-profile cases – but it’s also its most progressive. The Toronto-based firm is renowned for its initiatives promoting diversity and inclusivity within its own workforce, as well as in the larger legal community. Interior design studio Bartlett & Associates have now reimagined the firm’s public spaces to embody this uncommon approach.  As an enterprise that influences legal rulings affecting everyday people across the country and around the world, Lenczner Slaght required a reception level that expresses the seriousness of its work. Its interiors needed to instill trust, but also make... More