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Project • By Cristina La Porta StudioPrivate Houses

Organic Villas in the Desert

Embark on a journey through the timeless elegance of white and beige clay villas, set against the sandy hues and soft contours of the desert landscape.  Visualization by Cristina La Porta This design project, crafted using advanced artificial intelligence and computer-generated imagery (CGI), delivers an extraordinary visual experience. Visualization by Cristina La Porta Detailed visualizations capture the seamless integration of sophisticated architecture with the surrounding nature, creating an unparalleled haven of relaxation in the heart of the desert. Visualization by Cristina La Porta More

Project • By Storm ArchitectsIndividual Buildings

Haus Am Flusswald - Exclusive waterfront villa

Brief Our task was to create an exceptional home for a family, located in a tranquil pine forest along the river. The modern and minimalist house utilizes natural materials that harmonize with the surroundings. Storm Architects Storm Architects ConceptThe architectural vision revolves around two large volumes connected by a light-filled living space and a canopy. This canopy not only provides a visually appealing profile but also serves practical purposes, offering shade on the ground floor and privacy for the bedrooms upstairs. Abundant glazing facilitates a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. Small, deep windows on the ground floor emphasize solidity, while larger windows on the upper floor create a lighter atmo... More

Project • By C'est ici DesignApartments

Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo takes inspiration from the dynamic Brazilian city. The focus was transforming all the interior finishes with a careful curation of furnishings and artwork, creating a family-centered space that is both serene and timeless. This was achieved by incorporating natural and organic colors, tones, and textures, such as light tones of natural stone, oak, and linen, and pairing them with darker and richer accents for a dramatic touch. DUA Photography Studio DUA Photography Studio The Brief “We want to feel home with an elevated feel”. The villa had a 360 turn around for the structural part involving extensions, beholding wide doors, and opening of the space. The clients were specific about the overall aesthetic to... More
Villa PANORAMAH by ARK - Manuel Ruiz Moriche
Villa PANORAMAH by ARK - Manuel Ruiz Moriche
Villa PANORAMAH by ARK - Manuel Ruiz Moriche
Villa PANORAMAH by ARK - Manuel Ruiz Moriche
Villa PANORAMAH by ARK - Manuel Ruiz Moriche

Project • By ARK ArchitectsPrivate Houses


Welcome to a light and pure look villa in La Reserva, inspired by the vibrant mediterranean nature that surrounds us and designed to meet all your hopes and dreams for life. With excellent craftsmanship, durable materials and tailor-made design. Caption A masterpiece by Manuel Ruiz Moriche, the architect who has won the hearts of international clients. Villa Panoramah has the best panoramic views of Sotogrande, Gibraltar, Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.A villa designed to be enjoyed at any time of the year.With natural materials of the highest standard, modern sophistication makes its appearance in every corner of the Villa. Caption Caption Living in a luxurious villaWith an area of 1.400 SQM which is expandable it is th... More
Living room
Living room
Living room
Living room
Living room

Project • By Nino Zvarkovskaya Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Millenium Park I

Wellcome to our new interior design of the huge spacious 970 sq.m. villa to be build in 2024. Crafted for a young family with 2 kids, this villa is an embodiment of modern elegance and serene luxury. Caption Caption Caption In this section, we'll delve into the design of the first floor of the villa, and, should it pique your interest, in upcoming posts we will showcase the equally luxurious spa area complete with a pool, hammam, and sauna, as well as the second floor with its opulent bedroom suites and children's rooms. Caption Caption Caption First photos are showacsing the living room wich is designed with a harmonious blend of natural materials and organic shapes, creating an inviting atmosphere. The use... More

Project • By Consul & coPrivate Houses

Villa Ice Conyon - Guest Area.

 The very name of the villa "Ice Conyon", which emerged in the process of searching for the visual appearance of the mansion, speaks eloquently of the bionic "streamlined" aesthetic in the solution of its interior. Personally, as an environmental designer, I see nature as the most perfect architect, both aesthetically and functionally. As well as the main source for inspiration, analysis and meaningful imitation. Gleb Konsulov Therefore, from the very beginning of work on this object, namely the redevelopment of the existing boring typical house, the same processes have been virtually taking place in it as in the centuries-old formation of the cañon, only instead of water and wind, the path was paved by the probable flows... More

Project • By SELIM SENINPrivate Houses

Villa R

The master bedroom was designed to integrate with the dressing area. Fireplaces were continued on the ceiling and opposite wall and emphasized in the space. Linear lights with 45 degree angles on the ceiling were continued as triangular movements on the wall in the dining room. The room design for 2 boys' rooms was achieved with a divider wall element designed in the middle of the room so that each child would protect their own privacy. Project Team Selim Senin Alev Doru Rahman Kebic Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By uc21 architectsPrivate Houses


The Project is located in Mosha, Damavand, 60 Km from Tehran at 2400 meters altitude and we have very strong winter. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh The land area is about 600 m2 with dimensions of 30 x 20 meters and a slope of 20%. According to the following expression we confronted with such a difficult circumstance and trying to do our best to get the advantage of available spaces and land in order to meet the client demands. Due to this description, we decided to divide the land in 3 parts: the biggest one located in the north of the land for locate the building in where there is the relevant road. The second part is used for the outdoor entertainment activities and the third part will be the green area of the lot.  Mohammad Hass... More

Project • By CCHEPrivate Houses

Villa de Maître

The transformation of this mansion has been carried out in full respect of its existing architecture. Contemporarily renovated, the interior surfaces have been reorganized around the reception hall, the true heart of the house. Thomas Jantscher The addition of a terrace on the 1st floor has allowed the creation of a winter garden on the ground floor. Entirely glazed, it offers an unobstructed view of a huge garden laid out according to a project by Julian Dowle, an English landscape gardener, as well as of the lake. Thomas Jantscher Everything in this house has been imagined to allow a different use of the premises according to the day's programme. From the gym and swimming pool, to the formal reception, to family life and serva... More

Project • By CCHEPrivate Houses

Villa individuelle à Buchillon

The offset of the elongated volumes that make up the building, as well as the treatment of the openings and the articulation of the rooms, allow the creation of a multitude of intimate spaces with diverse ambiances, linked together by magnificent through views, the result of a transparency that constantly connects the interiors with the environment. Thomas Jantscher The purity of the lines, a very calm palette of materials and very elaborate details give the house its style, elegant and contemporary at the same time, hiding the latest generation technologies. Thomas Jantscher Thomas Jantscher Thomas Jantscher More

NewsNews • 27 May 2021

SAOTA translates their South-African modernistic sensibilities into a Russian context for the Silver Pine villa

In a unique pocket of natural pine forest close to the Moscow historic center, SAOTA realized a contemporary home with an outward orientation. The volume contrasts a more closed off gray exterior with a warm colorful interior. Sergey Ananiev   Advanced glazing systems provide insulation during the extreme Russian winters and floods the interiors with as much natural light as possible in these dark months. The architects opted for silver grey metal cladding to enhance the green of the surrounding trees. Sergey Ananiev   On the monolithic street facade side a backlit bronze entrance signals the warmth of the interiors. The designers conceptualized the villa as a geode that reveals a shimmering crystal interior. Sergey... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSResidential Landscape

Sheltered Villas

Blending into a 12,000 sqm site in Karpathos, on a secluded area on the outwards of Menetes village, three villas make their appearance in the most humble way.   With a 23% site slope, the villas emerge from the landscape in a linear arrangement parallel to the view, respecting the natural topography. Placed amphitheatrically, the three villas have unobstructed views to the Aegean Sea while offering privacy and seclusion to their guests. A true relationship between indoor and outdoor, integrates the buildings to its surrounding. Built partially underground, the geometry and materiality reflect the site’s original textures and the buildings blend with the rough context. White, clean ribbons become retaining walls creating the on... More

Project • By ARBA Architecture OfficePrivate Houses

two friends project

Two Friends Project Two friends Project has been designed and implemented in the north of Iran on a land with 2000 square meters land area. This project started its work by designing two adjacent blocks  “A” and “B”. The relative distance of these two blocks has been changed from 20 meters to 4 meters during design process. Therefore, thanks to this unique design feature, both blocks can enjoy adequate sunlight, great visibility, and natural ventilation (from sea during the day and from forest at night). Adjacency of these two villas is one of the most important features of the project architecture. L-design of the second villa has created more voids between these two blocks. The movement of these two blocks... More

Project • By Alberto Rubio ProjectsPrivate Houses

Blue Eye

Bird House in Mallorca. Private residence, that creates an intimate space between the lines of the structure, overlooking the sea.  More

Project • By Alberto Rubio ProjectsPrivate Houses

Los Pájaros

Birdhouse residential project by the coastline of Mallorca. Published by: Alberto Rubio More