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Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsHousing

Hutton Drive 2641

The Site  As hillside design specialists, the Whipple Russell team sometimes finds it necessary to move mountains – or at least part of one, in order to create a spacious yet intimate modern home. To accomplish these goals for our Hutton house, we first cut into the rear hillside to maximize backyard living space and to site the house further from the street in the front. At the back of the property two porcelain stone retaining walls create a balcony lounge area with a fire pit and greenery overlooking the saltwater pool, spa, and the entire property including multiple firepits, and an outdoor kitchen/bar. An Ipe wood walkway bridge leads from this upper seating into the primary suite.  Adam Latham Adam Latham F... More

Project • By Bjella ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Curves and Hues - A Sculpted Modern House in Minnesota

In the heart of Minnesota, where winters paint the landscape in hues of grey and white for months on end, a modern home challenges the monotony of the season. A sculpture for living, the home rises from the earth like a muted yellow, tapered drum, embracing both grace and boldness in its architectural design.Created for an extended family with an adventurous spirit and unafraid of a vibrant palette, this high-tech residence is a reaction to the cold, desolate winters of Minnesota, a winter refuge against the monotony of the grey and white, often dreary landscape. It is a canvas for color therapy, introducing warm reds, oranges, and yellows that fill the interior through stone and tile, rich wood wall panels, and exotic wood cabinets. Tim... More

Project • By HGSE ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Diseño de casa en Venezuela

Home design in Venezuela  Project and construction of a house in Caracas Our design for this house in Venezuela is based on the desire to build a building that takes advantage of the optimal qualities of location, topography and privileged views of the plot over the existing golf courses.Access to the house is through a road layout adapted to the unevenness of the terrain, forming two parking terraces that connect to the entrance atrium through a system that combines stairs and ramps to facilitate accessibility. The program of areas that we were asked to organize corresponds to that of a house for a couple without children. In this sense, the distribution scheme is quite simple:Two groups of rooms are articulated around a large... More


El Encuentro

The exterior materiality was thought as a game between the exposed concrete of the façade and the black sunshades that slides dynamically over the blind front façade. Mechi Fahs A bright central patio links both levels, allowing light to enter and generating ventilation to the most central places of the house, blurring the limits of the interior and exterior. Materiality and landscaping play a fundamental role. Mechi Fahs The black coverings of the social areas provide an elegant and sophisticated climate. The subtle texture of the wood adds detail in the approach to it. Mechi Fahs The shadows of the rods and the plants give permanent movement to the different environments. Mechi Fahs More


Ayres Plaza

Making the most of the diagonally-sided terrain, the Ayres del Pilar house plays with its limits of open and closed angles, generating luminous green triangular spaces as protagonists. In the center of the house, a spiral staircaise integrates the gallery with the upper floor terrace. Mechi Fahs The ground floor contains the social programs. It was designed as a flexible floor plan, which integrates the living room, dining room and kitchen with the gallery, the solarium and the pool, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior. Mechi Fahs The upper floor contains the private programs such as bedrooms, master suite, and studio, connected by a hall that is illuminated and incorporates nature through a green patio an... More


Marinas H

The corner lot where the Marinas H house is located allows a panoramic integration with the environment. Caption The concrete structure frames the views from the living room and gallery towards the river and the sunset, while the reflections on the infinity pool are camouflaged with the nautical channel. The multiple levels of the house allow the social areas to be separated for various uses simultaneously, maintaining the privacy of each one, both inside and outside. Caption The house is made up of noble and timeless materials such as aluminum parasols, natural walnut wood, tundra stone and concrete. Generating continuity and unifying materials, concrete is used in both interior and exterior ceilings. Caption   More



The Martindale House stands on a green natural landscape as a rectangular volume parallel to the street.  On one of its back sides, generating asymmetry, a separate barbecue area with a grill extends to divide different social activities, maintaining greater privacy inside the house.  Daniela Mac Adden The house presents a dichotomy between its front and back façades, inverting the volumes of the ground floor and upper floor.  Daniela Mac Adden On the front, the large semi-covered volume on the ground floor generates privacy for the main access and parking, while on the back, the cantilevered volume on the upper floor is the protagonist.  As for materials, concrete is integrated with wood and black r... More

Project • By WR-APPrivate Houses

Wolpole Road

Envisaged as a modern interpretation of the mass house building aesthetic, set amongst an eclectic street scene in the suburbs of SW London, WR house showcases what is possible on a limited budget and within tight legislative planning constraints. Ben Tynegate Meeting all national space standard requirements, WR house is constituted from one type of contemporary brickwork, formulated in a range of bonding and coursing techniques. Ben Tynegate The fenestration has been lined with a copper shroud to add subtlety to the detailing whilst also offering the property an element of originality that echoes the ornate detailing last seen around residential fenestration openings in the Victorian period. Ben Tynegate The private ameni... More

Project • By BLA Design GroupPrivate Houses

Yeats House

The Yeats House is a spacious modern barnhouse which takes advantage of an irregular lot and a large rear yard. The clients came to BLA Design Group asking for their dream house; a modern yet comfortable home for their growing family. The home needed to serve a young family well; providing a central gathering space that encourages time spent together. Andrew Latreille The irregular site located at the end of a cul-de-sac required a thoughtful approach to the massing and layout of the Yeats House. There are two main building forms connected by a glass hallway; a form for the garage and another for the house. The shape of the site consists of a narrow wedge providing access from the road; this wedge holds the garage form. A large rectan... More

Project • By BLA Design GroupPrivate Houses

Feng House

The Feng House brings together an eclectic mix of West Coast modern living and traditional Chinese decorative elements. Located on a corner lot near Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver, the home exists as a quiet retreat for a Chinese-Canadian family. The house, designed by BLA Design Group, is the result of a long and intimate collaboration with the client. The primary intent for this project was to create a space which balances aesthetics and function, while utilizing aspects from both traditional Chinese culture and modern West Coast living. This was accomplished all whilst solving the unique needs of the family resulting from their present lifestyles and past memories. Ema Peter Ema Peter The Pacific Northwest’s climate an... More

Project • By Qiarq . arquitectura + designApartments

Casa Gueli

The starting point was an apartment with excellent sun exposure, intended to be practical and versatile, capable of changing according to specific client needs and situations. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia The interior wooden shutters are the main elements of this house, capable of responding to these changes. Allows have the kitchen open to the living room, as well as hiding it. Shows an office space integrated into the living room, but it also allows to hide it at the end of the day when you want to relax without thinking about work. As well, creating a privacy barrier against the curious eyes of someone unknown who knocks the door. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia Nat... More

Project • By Leonardo MarchesiRural

House in Colares

The project of the house in Colares stared with a topographical research in mind, finding the most dramatic cliff between Cascais and Cabo da Roca, for a weekend house, on the west coast of Portugal, at the closest point to the Americas on European land. The site is located in the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais, just between the famous Lighthouse of Cabo da Roca and the nearby Santuário da Peninha, it is part of a territory which is constellated by windmills and local production of wine. The plot itself has first been spotted on Google Maps and has been further investigated for planning permissions to the local authorities, it is located at the very end of the Rua das Piroletas in the one and the only land left unbuilt since the... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsApartments

7:37' House & Studio

Project Name:   7:37' House & Studio Category:   Interior Design Completion Date:   June 02, 2015 Project Area:   122 m2    Country :   Iran Company Name: AshariArchitects Design : AmirHossein Ashari Design co - worker : Zahra Jafari - Mostafa Yektarzade Construction: Saeed Jamali - Nima Asadi - Aida Bazoobandi 3D modeling : Mostafa Yektarzade - saleh banisefat Photography: Aida Bazoobandi - Zahra Jafari Accessory : Sahar Gharaei   A different house for a different family The approach for this project was initially started from the time when a family from the U.A.E was willing to spend their holiday by purchasing a property in Shi... More

Project • By YounghanChung ArchitectsResidential Landscape


Facing a reservoir built to store agricultural water, the site is recovering its primitive landscape day by day and trying to resemble a natural lake. This place might have formed a natural boundary with waters along a slope. But one day, humans hands found the place, and they cut paths through it and laid out stone walls along these paths to impose a hierarchy on the land. Inevitably, however, a development rush that can be commonly found in any suburb areas came in. Such a situation requested to establish a new relationship between architecture and land as well as architecture and architecture.  The plots given to three architects share borders with each other, but their different hierarchical position is forming a clear boundar... More

Project • By WALAPrivate Houses

Downside Up House

Nestled in a diverse neighbourhood pocket in Albert Park, the original building was a dilapidated double-fronted Victorian house book-ended by a double-storey terrace house on its south side. The house is located on a corner allotment that is pinched in by the main street and a laneway which gives it its irregular, triangular "pizza" shape that tapers towards the rear. As a heritage listed building, it was imperative to rescue the front of house which was in a severe state of disrepair. The homeowner and his family of 4 presented us a brief that started off with the basic functional premise of maintaining a 3-bedroom house at the very minimum, and making use of the neighbour's double-height boundary wall to introduce a second storey vo... More