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Project • By AMGArchitectsOffices

Clockwork Time

Clockwork Time (CWT) coworking space is located on the premises of former fermentation department ofStepan Razinbrewery in St. Petersburg, Russia. The red-brick building was constructed in 19th century. Interior design project was developed by AMGArchitects architecture bureau.   CWT provision of space varies toincludeseveral openspace areas,private offices for teams up to 13 people, conference rooms, and common areas of different types. There are also chill-out zones and meeting spaces to hold informal discussions in, coffee and tea spots, skype-rooms, a small lecture hall as well as a shared kitchen.   The main idea of the project is to adjust the traditional concept of office space interior to new requirements of today&rsqu... More

Project • By Ronnie Alroy ArchitectsPrivate Houses

U House

The project is located in Tel Aviv, a city that was declared by unescoin 2003 as world heritage.    “The White City of Tel Aviv can be seen as an outstanding example in a large scale of the innovative town-planning ideas of the first part of the 20th century. The architecture is a synthetic representation of some of the most significant trends of Modern Movement in architecture”.   The house with a background of the upcoming tall buildings seeks to remind the heritage of the white city.   The house is a one family urban house which reinvents the idea of the white cube with the ribbon window which is a significant feature of the 30’t and 40’s residential buildings in Tel Aviv.    ... More

Project • By christophe benichou architecturesPrivate Houses

Maison W - The pleated house

The Maison W, or “the pleated house”, is a rental housing project located on the slopes of the Pic de Charance, above Gap in the Hautes Alpes in France. This magnificent region is the link between Provence and the high mountains, and both influences have made a mark on it. The Gap valley therefore enjoys generous sunshine and an almost Mediterranean mildness despite being at a high altitude and having to endure regular snows. North of the city, the abrupt outline of the Pic de Charance signals the entrance to the Ecrins mountain range, as if protecting this wilderness of stern beauty. It becomes its facade, showing its powerful minerality and its bewitching surface folds, like a sign of the telluric activity of another age. The... More

Project • By VAUMM arquitectura y urbanismoSupermarkets

Reform of aircraft carrier building in new port

Constructive memoryIn 1943, the engineer Luis Tolosa built a reinforced concrete structure in the port of Donostia-San Sebastián following the logic of Modern Movement of Architecture. An austere pavilion, barely a large roof, to store the wooden boxes used by the fishing fleet. The large roof in turn, served as platform for repairing, cleaning and drying of fishing nets. This large roof, which flies getting thinner than the load-bearing structure with its beams and pillars, was undoubtedly the most representative element of the building, which made the building popularly known as the Aircraft Carrier.   In 1988, the project underwent a total transformation, using the old structure as support for the building, which would clos... More

Project • By OBRA ArchitectsExhibitions

Perpetual Spring

NATIONAL MUSEUM OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART MMCA SEOUL ARCHITECTURE AND HERITAGE: UNEARTHING FUTURE That a revolution prefers fair weather is an assertion that can be historically attested first with The Spring of Nations of 1848, with The Prague Spring of 1968 and, more recently, with The Arab Spring of 2010. Perpetual Spring is an installation that aspires to artificially perpetuate, into the fall and winter, the climatic conditions propitious to progressive social change, artificially creating the kind of weather that invites to human interaction, community organization and the debate of ideas: clear skies, pleasant temperatures and abundant flowering greenery. Perpetual Spring is a work of optimism, posing that the current weather c... More

Project • By Weber ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa H

The project of this house is located in a residential neighborhood in the suburbs of the city. The land has generous views of a large ravine behind which the silhouette of Mexico City can be seen. The architectural proposal takes up the language of the modern movement that emerged in Europe in the first half of the last century, an effective architecture and geometric shapes where functionality is the main factor of the design: straight lines and monochromatic tones whose only contrast is the warmth of the wood, achieve a relaxed and perfect atmosphere to appreciate the environment.   The purity of the design gives it a timeless character that stands out against the most ornate surrounding buildings of the 80s. The distribution of th... More

Project • By Vudafieri Saverino PartnersRestaurants

SPICA Restaurant

Spica: the new restaurant of the celebrity chefs Ritu Dalmia and Viviana Varese opens in MilanDesigned by the Italian Studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, the restaurant tells the story of the chefs’ journey around the world. The concept combines Asian influences with references to the great Milanese design, creating a vibrant, multicultural and colorful atmosphere.Internationality, research and conviviality: these are the ingredients that characterize Spica, the new restaurant in the heart of the Milanese district of Porta Venezia. The two celebrity chefs, Indian Ritu Dalmia and Italian Viviana Varese, share a common passion for world cuisines: hence a restaurant that embraces diversity, offering a gastronomic journey through four geographi... More

Project • By OTTOSTUMM SAExhibition Centres

Palazzo del Mezzogiorno

The restoration of the Palazzo del Mezzogiorno, carried out in 1951 within the Bari Fiera del Levante on a project by the architect Piero Mario Favia, provides for the recovery of the original features of one of the testimonies of the Modern Movement in Bari, and its re-use in order to host the museum, exhibition and educational spaces of the Apulia Film House, a new “Cinema house”. The planners have formulated a restoration proposal aimed at restoring the distinctive features of this "modern monument" - the multi-functionality and transparency - today strongly altered despite the fact that the building has been restricted since 2008. The large glass and steel openings, with thermal break technology, fully respect the original aestheti... More

Project • By François Noël ArchitectesApartments

Logements Rue Riquet – PARIS 19°

The 44 accommodations building built by François Noël, constitues an hyphen between the different templates from diversified architectures of the XIXth arrondissement of Paris. The work on the orientations and the play on volumes funds the urban print of the edifice. Compact by nature, the general volume is chiseled by elements as balconies, « retour de voile », folding, reversals. The tigerish composition of the last four flours allows to clear wide terraces which give generous outdoor extensions to the pleased/happy occupants. Located at 19, rue Riquet, the building succeeds its urban insertion with a subtile composition full of strength and expressivity. The building inserts itself in a « dent creuse » taking the spot of a service statio... More

Project • By ATELIERDACOSTAHospitals

Dental Clinic Gaia

A bank to be transformed into a dental clinic. The given program suggested the need of compartmentalize the space, dealing only with the perimeter walls and the building's structure. Following the client's vision, in this clinic, each man should have an unique and personalized treatment, but every doctor's office should have similar conditions for this to happen. The similarity allows the uniqueness to be framed. The same clinic, the same doctors should create many unique treatments every day. Regarding this, the main request was the presence of natural light in each of the five doctor's offices. But not every office could face directly an exterior facade regarding the space width. In addiction, the doctors alerted us about claustrophobia p... More

Project • By Anna & Eugeni Bach, architectsPavilions

Mies Missing Materiality

Dressing the Mies van derRohe Pavilion to strip it of its materiality.This simple act turns the Pavilion into a representation of itself that opens the door to multiple interpretations about aspects like the value of the original, the role of the white surface as an image of modernity and the importance of materiality in the perception of space.The Pavilion in Barcelona upon which we act is a reconstruction, a replica so faithful to the original that it is often difficult to remember its true nature. A building that should have been temporary was immortalised first by the written account of the modern movement and later by its own reconstruction.Turning the Pavilion into the image of itself, with all the surfaces restricted to the same mate... More

Project • By A6A - atelier 6 architectureHousing


"To build is to shelter. Raising walls to protect, and put a roof over, make shade." Pierre Lajus. Building a detached house nowadays, and particularly in the Royan region, a territory marked by the arrival of the modern movement during the 1950s, represents an architectural exercise in its own right. The interest is not to bend to an aesthetic or a dogma, but rather to take advantage of this opportunity to better understand its vocabulary and codes. They go well beyond a façade work, and very often push the drawing towards a great intelligence in plan and a strong flexibility in the ways of appropriating it. We wanted to work an architecture that opens with measure, controlling the light, in the ways of Palazuelo’s engravin... More

Project • By Garcia Torrente arquitectosPrivate Houses

Rehabilitation Of Corral De La Encarnación and Casa Tapón

The changes that time introduces in the living space of a dwelling constitute a challenge that architectures have to overcome. Time molds the buildings and forces them to adapt to the mutations and evolutions or condemns them to disappear. Time and its distressed effect on objects, transforms the architectural elements and revalidates them, sometimes harshly and only those who are capable of adapting to the new circumstances can survive. We should not forget that buildings last usually much longer than their inhabitants. The idea of comfort, furniture, coatings, appearance, objects of consumption, fragmentation or spatial specialization, functionality, the way of appropriation of the public space, light, textures, color, ... will inevita... More

Project • By TEAL Architects+PlannersPrivate Houses

Webster Terrace

PASSION FOR ZERO Webster Terrace was a distinguished modern movement house built in three stages. It had an open plan living/dining/kitchen with a distinctive sloped ceiling extending into a mono slope cantilevered roof. The Client wished to open the main floor as much as possible and build a second storey with two bedrooms, each with a bathroom. The main challenges were to 1. add a second storey while keeping the house weather proof 2. give even more presence to the spatial qualities of the large sloped ceiling plane 3. insert new heating, cooling, power, plumbing, communications and entertainment systems 4. improve the energy performance of the envelope and systems 5. use contemporary, high performance materials with zero edge d... More

Project • By Garcia Torrente arquitectosStreets

Casa Zayas

Every action in the city, also the architectural one, inevitably has a double dimension: public and private, which will be more or less intertwined depending on the degree of permeability of the same. A simple walk through the low Albayzín allows venturing that relationship is no longer the same as could be supposed in previous centuries (also variable). It occurs equally in nearby cities such as Malaga or Seville, where past life habits have largely been lost within the historic precinct, now inhabited almost entirely by very different social and cultural classes, moving to the peripheries and slums to a A population that keeps alive a way of life although certainly conditioned by the spaces that now have to live. In this sense, and althou... More