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Project • By Archi-TectonicsApartments


TriBeCa’s Vestry Street has a vast variety of facade configurations and building heights. Over the years, the district has evolved from textile trade to artists’ warehouses, and now, residences. Archi-Tectonics’ V33, a high-end residential condominium, unifies the historically varying building-fronts via a pixelated facade. The design team generated numerous pixelation patterns by overlaying Vestry Street’s varying facade levels. The resulting pattern is comprised of translucent stone and glass, which creates variable facade conditions throughout the course of the day. The facade’s translucent stone glows to the inside during the day, and to the street at night. As one of Archi-Tectonics‘ many Smart Skins, the V33 building’s facad... More

Project • By Mojo Stumer AssociatesApartments

One Fifth Avenue Apartment

This Greenwich Village project combined two apartments in a landmark building on 5th Avenue from a prewar Art Deco apartment into a totally modern aesthetic. The program was an open lifestyle concept, yet has a separate kitchen, dining, and living facility, creating an overlapped juxtaposition. The challenges was pulling together two separate apartments into one and relocating the kitchen. Due to the kitchen relocation, we had to design wood cabinetry paneling to hide the air conditioning unit. To accomplish a sense of an open entry that was not too tight or uncomfortable, we designed a display wall that partially blocks the kitchen. This display wall partisan lets you experience part of the open kitchen and living space. The light oak, wh... More

Project • By Mojo Stumer AssociatesApartments

59th Street Penthouse

Anyone in the design industry knows how difficult it can be to deal with clients when their taste level exceeds their budget or when their budget exceeds their taste level. It can be a challenge to meet in the middle in either direction. However, when the stars align, budget and taste are in harmony, c’est magnifique! The team of designers and architects on this residence were incredibly lucky to work with these clients. They had impeccable taste and total trust in their team. The result was sheer perfection.   The footprint of the penthouse left the architect many options in delineating the space. The decision to separate the space in to three distinct areas was made. However, the clients wanted the option to have a “for... More