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Project • By KrageljOffices

Medis Workplace

In early 2017 Medis recognized the need to upgrade their existing facilities into a more efficient and innovative work environment. They wanted high-performance workplace which will help the company attract and retain top talents in the region. Medis hired Kragelj to develop a tailor-made workplace design strategy to reach these goals and prepare their multi-building properties for future expansion.The goal was to provide more space for employees and give them several options for focused work and teamwork. To improve the overall user experience we studied the important aspects of a modern workplace in our initial research and focused on creating a flexible layout with a lot of natural light. By making the changes to the floorplan, we m... More

Project • By TarkettShowrooms

L'Atelier Tarkett

Dedicated to architects and designers, l’Atelier Tarkett Paris is a warm and unique place to collaborate and co-create. The concept emerged from the collaboration between Tarkett, a flooring solution manufacturer and “studio 5.5”. The place has been designed to reveal the creative potential of the flooring solutions designed by Tarkett.With this new address located in central Paris, the brand offers architects, decorators, and designers a new inspirational working space. From the very beginning, their purpose was to design a space that would be an extension of the architects’ office, where they would enjoy working, coming back, and spending some time not only to get samples, but also to be inspired, to boost their creativity and to use floo... More

Project • By CAPEXUSOffices

Dáme jídlo: food as the main feature

The year 2017 was one of change for Dáme jídlo. In autumn, the company, which is part of the global Delivery Hero group, changed its visual identity and offices, and we were called upon to help with the latter. In view of the youthful nature of the company, we designed the interior to be ready for employees who shun a permanent desk and prefer to find a different place to work at every opportunity.The variable workplace trend is one we have also pursued in other companies. In addition to an assigned workspace, each employee can also take advantage of informal meeting points, focus zones, telephone booths and an open space (the so-called work lounge). The employees at Dáme jídlo trust each other, and so can work from anywhere.A place to conc... More

Project • By CAPEXUSOffices

Siemens offices in Plzeň

In latest commission, design firm CAPEXUS overhauled the offices of Siemens in Plzeň, the Czech Republic. The CAPEXUS architect, Tereza Bradová, chosed to replace often used basic colours with bright and saturated gradients of green, blue and red. Forming patterns on floors and vivifying the overall appearance of each room, the colours make bold statement:: offices should be fun! CAPEXUS architect designed and built two floors for Siemens.„Sitting at the top of the building, employees have a stunning view of the city. Nevertheless, the premises used to be dark because of the low clear height of corridors. That posed a challenge as it was something that could not be changed,“ says Tereza Bradová, the architect. She therefore chose... More

Project • By CAPEXUSOffices


SPORTISIMO is a leading Czech retailer of sporting goods and sport is the key element throughout the company's entire new HQ, which CAPEXUS both designed and built. The company's work environment was designed to be as flexible as possible. Employees can work in offices from anywhere."It's important that offices adapt to the needs of upcoming generations," said Daniel Matula, the co-founder of CAPEXUS, which designed and built the office for SPORTISIMO. "One third of employees today are millennials, and employees under 30 definitely prefer workplaces that can be changed easily, rather than strictly divided offices and meeting rooms."CAPEXUS architects therefore emphasized the variability of the workplace. The new headquarters of the sporting... More

Project • By 3ARQUITECTOSBanks

Banco Solidario

Located in the center of the financial district in Quito, Ecuador Solidario Bank has a structure built in the 80's. The internal space of this floor had never remodeled, so the configuration was not very flexible, and the spaces were dark and very partitioned.We decided to tear apart all the interior walls, and create a very open and collaborative space, where the work positions were organized in an open plan.We left the original ceilings of the building untouched in some areas, and painted them in a light corporate color, and used contrast with plain white ceilings to mark off the working spacesSome private offices and meeting rooms were closed with glass partitions, not interrupting the visual communication between the spaces and the conc... More

Project • By 3ARQUITECTOSOffices

EF - Education First Offices - Quito - Ecuador

The office is located in the heart of the financial district in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The floor is divided in 2 areas, one for the faculty and workers, meeting rooms and conference rooms, and the other half for classrooms and student areas.In the center the reception area welcomes the visitors, with a lounge where staff, visitors and students can rest or wait for their next class. Since the ceilings were not that high, we decided to play with them in different ways. In most areas we took them completely away and painted them in black to make them “disappear”. In the classrooms, where more lighting, sound and projection was needed, we used lower ceilings to cover all the installations.Most of the office concept is open space, and wh... More

Project • By Beyond Design Consultants & ArchitectsOffices

Globant Workplace Design

The inspiration was nature. Since the organization works in a very collaborative way, the theme was then woven with elements which support co-working. The design style adapted was modern yet with a theme of nature interwoven. So right from the moss in the reception, to the “ walk in the woods “ towards the cafeteria or the “ learning tree “ collaborative space to the acrylic birds in the ceiling to the grass floor in café, every space has a touch of this theme. The office is spread across 2 floors with almost 40,000 sft of carpet area on each level. With 1200 nos of 120 degree workstations, it can become a maze to move around and find your path. Hence we divided the entire office in 4 quadrants, each of which has a steel pipe... More

Project • By STUDIO A+HOffices


Managed by Q merges two sides of a business that rarely meet: the high tech IT headquarters with the daily grit of office cleaning and management.The new Managed By Q HQ office is located in SoHo, New York and is designed to reflect the Q brand directly, emphasizing simultaneously hard work and an inclusive and inviting office environment.Designed around two main ideas, the flexible office space and the program specific wall, the new MBQ-HQ creates a balance that caters to core of the MBQ brand: an office that has the ability to evolve and change on a daily basis while still maintaining its core design identity. Throughout the main space, natural materials and an array of flexible and operable objects allow for a light and playful inte... More

Project • By GANA ArquitecturaOffices


Anytime you have to design a place to work, able to communicate its company philosophy and foster its activity development, is an atractive and difficult challenge; but if this office is going to be your new headquarters, this challenge gets huge and powerful.For us, this project for GANA’s new headquarters emerged full of ideas and illusion, based on a place with great location and possibilities. Features as the traditional flooring tiles from the 30’s, views to Santiago’s church, or the access from Alcazabilla street, make of this project a valuable opportunity. Thus, the key of this design is to empower the existing elements, as an oposition to the contemporary elements required for the activity itself.From a perspective of simplicity, t... More

Project • By KrageljOffices


Prva Group is an insurance holding based in Ljubljana, Slovenia which owns and manages five subsidiary companies in the Balkan region. Kragelj was approached by Prva’s representatives to lead a workplace design project for their new headquarters building in Ljubljana. The primary challenge for the project was to design a work environment that promotes connectivity and collaboration within different departments. Therefore, every aspect of this project was carefully planned and executed with the goal to boost the team's morale and productivity. We also needed to design a floor layout that was flexible enough to support the team expansion in the next few years. To execute these wishes we all office spaces on one floor and tore down most of the... More

Project • By Studio Ardete Pvt LtdOffices

Atelier Kirkos

Marked by a presence of strong sculptural elements, Atelier Kirkos, was visualized as an office space that would break stereotypes and defy conventionality. Introducing layers of monochromatic components, Kirkos uses parametric modeling to introduce dynamism to the spaces, bringing fluidity in the visual dimension.Located in Punjab, India, the office was designed for Mr. Ravijeet, a reputed Civil Contractor. His experience in the field and will to experiment allowed him to partake in the execution of the project, which came in useful while designing for the atypical site. With a clear width of 38 feet, the site was a column free space—a feature that was not to be overlooked. Since the office was to primarily host meetings in the future, the... More

Project • By Steven Leach GroupOffices

Office Design - KWAP

When KWAP (the second-largest pension fund in the country) called their tender, all of KL was abuzz about what would be the workplace project of the year and after a highly selective process and six weeks of interviews, clarifications, to-ing and fro-ing, KWAP made the decision to appoint SL&A KL for their new HQ.The outcome, KWAP’s new corporate home, is a design to help propel their organization to new levels of excellence and professionalism.As a point of departure, SL&A landed on the concept of “the Office As Village” and worked the theme into the overall look and feel. Thematic motifs were developed based on traditional Malaysian cultural games and pastimes; these elements Sepak Takraw (Malaysian volleyball), Gasing ( top spinn... More

Project • By Steven Leach GroupOffices

Office Design - Maxis Berhad HQ

As part of its overall business transformation, Maxis Berhad embarked on a project to upgrade all of their workplace facilities from a silo type environment to a completely open plan, with a large component of casual meeting and collaboration areas.Working with the Maxis management team, the Steven Leach Group developed a comprehensive design solution that provided a workplace that dovetails function and look, with the new direction the company has taken and supports the organizational changes currently underway.The resulting design is a vibrant environment in which Maxis employees work in a much more collaborative manner open to ideas and discourse. More

Project • By NONNA designprojectsOffices

Nonna Studio

We recently opened our new studio in the neighborhood of Ruzafa (Valencia, Spain). 100m2 designed with the purest "Nonna Style".We wanted to make it a great place to work and also a showroom for customers. In the studio you can see how we work: custom furniture, construction solutions, materials, ...1 year ago we decided to move our first Studio in Paterna, to our own Studio in Valencia.We were looking for an open space that would allow us to grow. With a common work area and a meeting room.We found the perfect space in the neighborhood of Ruzafa! It was an old warehouse building, spacious and with many possibilities.We designed each piece of furniture: tables, partitions, upholstered cabinets to improve the acousti... More