Siemens offices in Plzeň

Siemens offices in Plzeň

Anglické nábřeží 2434/1, Plzeň 3-Jižní Předměstí, Czechia | View Map
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CAPEXUS makes bold statement with vivid hues in Siemens offices

CAPEXUS as Interior Architects

In latest commission, design firm CAPEXUS overhauled the offices of Siemens in Plzeň, the Czech Republic. The CAPEXUS architect, Tereza Bradová, chosed to replace often used basic colours with bright and saturated gradients of green, blue and red. Forming patterns on floors and vivifying the overall appearance of each room, the colours make bold statement:: offices should be fun!


CAPEXUS architect designed and built two floors for Siemens.

„Sitting at the top of the building, employees have a stunning view of the city. Nevertheless, the premises used to be dark because of the low clear height of corridors. That posed a challenge as it was something that could not be changed,“ says Tereza Bradová, the architect.


She therefore chose the carpets that can flow through the glass partitions and connect corridors and offices. In order to have as much light as possible, the glass partitions feature very light stickers that also support the idea of every room – along with custom wallpapers.

Spiral staircase connects two floors and on the bottom one, the sleek reception and two red Softline Havana armchairs give a warm welcome to guests. The reception incorporates a plexiglass with a LED lighting showing a carved out image of a special module that Siemens engineers developed. Plexiglass thus communicates the company’s culture and goal.


Colours: primary source of inspiration

The colours of green and blue that resemble the logo of Siemens are used on all carpets in two floors CAPEXUS designed and built. Except of offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, lounge room and reception, CAPEXUS also arranged labs where Siemens engineers work on various projects.


Whitewashed walls act as a neutral backdrop for pops of colour that can be seen at furniture, floors and accessories. Especially lounge room – that is located directly opposite to the kitchen and offers employees a needed respite and also a screen to connect with colleagues sitting in Prague – is coloured in deep rich hues.


Directly next to the staircase, there is a supporting pillar that was practically begging for a special re-touch. The architect chose the atypical carpenty that proves that every squre inch can be used. This niche now serves as informal seating next to the reception, while on the other floor, it works as a place to respite. Employees can also use it as a hide-out for focused work.

creativity is enhanced by furniture

Actiu as Furniture

Furniture can become a brand identity, especially if it is related to the company's philosophy and its graphic identity. This was the case for the CAPEXUS project that, with Actiu furniture, has been enhancing the Siemens technology group in the Czech Republic for years.

Always attending to the company's organizational needs, CAPEXUS has equipped different Siemens work environments in recent times using Actiu furniture. A project and pieces of furniture that have managed to provide a warm and stimulating aesthetic capable of inspiring the creativity and talent of team members.

And it has been achieved using product such as Cron chairs and Longo tables for the operational positions and the meeting rooms, as well as Wing chairs and Tabula tables for the eating areas and social spaces.

In the case of the most recent collaboration, in the Siemens offices in Pilsen in the west of the Bohemian region, the interior refurbishment project and its commitment to glass and light has allowed to give prominence to spectacular views, in an environment in which the customized colours of furniture and carpets stand out against the light shades of walls and ceilings.

These offices house 83 operational positions spread over two floors connected by a sinuous wooden staircase. The Cron chairs were manufactured according to the chromatic specifications of this project, which equipped its meeting rooms, in addition, with Longo tables. Capexus has similarly rearranged the reception area and the laboratories where Siemens’ engineers work.

In line with Siemens brightness, colour and freshness requirements, dynamic and playful spaces have been formed for relaxing and socializing. Areas that are used as a meeting point when eating, and where Wing chairs and Tabula tables have been chosen and, even, a few ping pong tables, which provide its team with a break from day-to-day work with moments of fun.

Previously, Actiu also collaborated in the refurbishment of the Siemens 1,000 square metre office in the West City B2 building in Pragueconverted into a unique, bright, modern, spacious and unusual environment with different spaces to work, to encourage relaxation and to host informal meetings.

With a change in the tone of the furniture - from basic colours to bright and saturated green, blue and yellow tones - the facilities breathe freshness and youth, two key features to attract the talent of the younger generations working in this multinational technology company.

This Development Centre required, according to Siemens requirements, qualities that motivate its users, mainly engineers, and their ability to bring their technological innovations to life, based on a multifunctional work environment.

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