Banco Solidario

Banco Solidario

Av. Río Amazonas 35-89, Quito 170135, Ecuador | View Map
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Solidario Bank Offices

3ARQUITECTOS as Interior Architects

Located in the center of the financial district in Quito, Ecuador Solidario Bank has a structure built in the 80's. The internal space of this floor had never remodeled, so the configuration was not very flexible, and the spaces were dark and very partitioned.

We decided to tear apart all the interior walls, and create a very open and collaborative space, where the work positions were organized in an open plan.

We left the original ceilings of the building untouched in some areas, and painted them in a light corporate color, and used contrast with plain white ceilings to mark off the working spaces

Some private offices and meeting rooms were closed with glass partitions, not interrupting the visual communication between the spaces and the concept of having a diaphanous space.

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