Office and Coworking Tiovivo Creativo

Office and Coworking Tiovivo Creativo

Calle del Pintor Gisbert, 8, Valencia, Spain | View Map
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Tiovivo Creativo as Interior Architects

Tiovivo creativo, an interior architecture and design studio from Valencia (Spain), has designed its new office on Ruzafa´s neighborhood with its most personal stamp based on a classic postmodernist environment with a certain tendency to eclecticism.

These office is conceptualized to create a functional and multipurpose space, where all of the details have been created looking for the maximum optimization of the space, considering that additionally to the design studio purpose, these offices are also offered as a coworking space. The characteristics of the premises allowed the creation of a working ecosystem with a special connection with nature, where the division of the different working areas are dynamically projected, joining together to an inner courtyard that provides serenity and the feeling of being working outdoors.

An interior design project in which all furniture, except for the chairs, are fully in-house designs. Much of it is inspired by the Memphis milano movement, with its inexhaustible graphic combinations of black and white, geometric figures, intense colours and in some cases, midway between the useful object and the artwork.

A long table crosses from end to end the space, like a backbone, providing functionality to the space dimensions. From this table stand out the golden details and the calacatta marble, which work as common factor, giving unity and packing to the table. The same thing happens with the tailored closet and the use of marble, being a decorative resource, functional and conceptual, since it is used as shooter for the closet, and besides the zigzag marble drawings represent the swinging of the horses, simulating typical carousel movement.

Inside of this closet, camouflaged between all the doors, we find the toilet. The toilet is endowed with a strong conceptual design, as if it were a white canvas, a luminous sign was installed with the slogan "caca culo pedo pis" (poo, ass, fart, pee), which reminds us to the way of thinking of a child, the child we carry inside, with its immense creativity and its simple vision of things. The label is accompanied by the toilet, which keeps going with the geometric language of the studio, and the handwash, interpreted by Mr. Rigoberto, always ready to serve you with a small dose of melon soap, and a towel for the subsequent drying of hands.

As the epicenter of the space we find the interior courtyard that, despite its reduced dimensions, is home of a vertical garden, a pond, and an orange tree, about which all the distribution of the office revolves. The natural light of the workstations, the freshness and nice aromas of the vertical garden, together with the relaxing sound of the water droping from the fountain, makes this discovered space, the best ally to transport you to the outside world.

The fact is that the lighting was key and a fundamental aspect of the project. By day, natural light bathes every corner of the office, thanks to the reflection caused by the predominant white on the continuous pavement and walls. While at night, led strips, carefully integrated into the furniture, are responsible for lighting in the working areas, and indirect light is the protagonist of the rest of the space.

Finally, at the end of the studio there is the office and the meeting room, that since these are outside, it was required to create a metal structure with glass enclosures to help conditions these spaces. This enclosure consisting of sliding doors, allows opening completely to the garden both areas. In fact, the kitchen has been projected as an extension of the garden, with continuous vegetable references such as the paper or the applique of Tommaso Barbi, purchased in an antiquarian in Madrid.

The meeting room has a versatile enclosure consistent in some acoustic curtains that, besides giving the space a theatrical character, these provide the possibility to completely isolate the meeting table to achieve a major privacy, and in turn, hide or discover a large blackboard.

A workspace with the tiovivo creative’s characteristic stamp, which has all the technological comforts to create an electric but quiet environment, where the tiovivers can carry out the collaborative projects in a unique environment.

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