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Project • By disc architectsApartments

Ferdowsi Residential Complex

Since 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has caused various problems in economic, social, and housing sectors. Due to the fact that in quarantine period, most of the people were spending their whole time in their apartments, being locked down, they were bothered by lack or loss of open and social spaces. This led to a paradigm shift in living space and its relationship with public space. This project tries to develop open, social and interactive spaces to redefine user’s living area. As a vertical neighborhood, it brings back yards to homes by applying a critical approach to the current urban structure. Caption In this regard, the project is divided into three main parts; first part (ground level) is allocated to the service zone, the midd... More

Project • By GenproOffices

Workki — Coworking Center

Workki Coworking Center is a new business-class space in Moscow for work, business meetings and events, the largest separate building of similar format in Russia. The reconstructed building is rectangular in terms of structure, with radial curvature of the end facades inscribed in the elongated rectangle. Caption The reconstructed building is located in a knot at the intersection of transport routes, which became the basis for the  architectural image and a facade solution creation. The idea was to create a visual perception of the object in motion. The composition of the facade by architectural bureau SPEECH is formed by a rhythmic alternation of horizontal color strips of warm tones, supplemented by plastic volume and larg... More

Project • By Studio LocomotivePrivate Houses

Prim House

“REDEFINING A SUFFICIENT HOME FOR YOUNG HOMEOWNERS”   Prim House is a humble pet-and-plant-welcome home of a Phuket native homeowner in her mid-twenties planning to put down roots in her pricey hometown, the fourth most expensive city to live in South East Asia, by not getting into any debt.   Prim House represents a result of the empathic solution design to redefine and ratiocinate ‘a sufficient home’ of millennial homeowners: practical, manageable, and enjoyable.   Refashioned customary materials and technicalities, such as raw steel products, prefabricated air vents, and exposed structure, were chosen to prevent costly complexity and errors. The provident design thinking towards the sequential... More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments

BVM house

With the simple demolition of two walls, it was possible to completely review the internal distribution. The design choices in fact aimed to make all the rooms, originally dark and not very spacious, brighter and optically larger. The rounded shapes make the passage areas more fluid and the four materials used - brass, lacquered, quartz and oak - follow a compositional rhythm and precise geometric relationships to achieve harmony. Virginia Lorello Virginia Lorello Virginia Lorello More

Product • By MZPAThe Planet for Two

The Planet for Two

We are glad to announce our product - the meeting room “The Planet for Two”.  We would like to widespread the idea of using The Planet for Two in office spaces, as a place for communication. We made The Planet to manage open-plan offices and create ONE place comprising meeting room, lounge zone, and working space. Communication is a very important thing in business formation. The wise boss knows that every issue should be discussed. Just imagine an ordinary office space with hundreds of people, buzzing around like bees, how can you focus on work in such an environment? Should you just shout over all co-workers while talking to your business partner? We are proposing a wonderful solution for such problems, that is our &ld... More

Project • By Architekten Tillner & Willinger ZT GmbHMasterplans

Urban Loritz Platz

The Urban Loritz Platz on the Gürtel is a centrally located public space and a major public transportation hub, where several street cars and subways connect. Transforming the formerly unappealing and entangled traffic hub into an attractive, contemporary urban space, the new design for the Urban Loritz Platz heralds the revitalization of the entire Gürtel region. The design reorganized the traffic patterns of streetcars, cyclists and pedestrians to achieve a clearly ordered public space. A light and airy steel structure with a membrane roof shelters the main paths and waiting areas. The overarching cover not only protects the square from the elements, but also emphasizes a sense of general unity and urban orientation. At night th... More

Project • By ellement architectsOffices

Pilana Karbid Company Building

The manufacturing and administrative building for a rapidly growing family company. The construction with a green roof and transparent spaces support contact and communication within the company. The new building complies with the strict norms of manufacturing.  Pilana Karbid is a young family company manufacturing carbide tools. The company is settled in an industrial area near Hulín with 85 year-long tradition of manufacturing cutting tools. In eight years of their existence, there was a development of production and today the firm employs 45 people. Thanks to the development a need to build a new factory building arose. Therefore, a new manufacturing hall and an administrative building were built in two phases. Despite t... More

Project • By Virginia LorelloApartments

home in Valtournenche

Valtournenche, at 1500 meters above sea level, is famous for its skiing facilities that connect to Cervinia. The typical local house is very low, extremely small in size, completely covered in wood and with warm and feeble lightings. Externally it is possible to find the typical combination of gray stone and wood, of which the local vernacular architecture "rascard" is an exemplary case. The project, instead of enclosing itself in a wooden cocoon, brings into the interior this strong relationship of splitted stone and honey wood. Light colors on the walls, new windows with reduced frames and the open-space kitchen, favor the entry of the snowy landscapes and their lights.  The grey color, applied to some walls and fabric elements, is... More

Project • By Trzop ArchitekciOffices


The Trzop Architekci studio created an elegant, open space for Ogilvy’s team, a workspace enabling free interpersonal communication, leaving employees a sense of intimacy at the same time. When advertising agency Ogilvy decided to relocate their team, it was clear that the future space must support the creative way of thinking. The former vodka factory “Koneser” now houses under its roof a clear, concentration conducive office – an aspect that is particularly important in the creative industry. Architects decided to put in the project very subtle elements in the flagship red color of the agency – ceiling installations in the conference room, an armchair placed in the central point of the office, and a large la... More

Project • By Helen Koss InteriorsOffices

Playtech Bulgaria

INSPIRATION: The new work space had to reflect the company’s worldwide standards as well as their culture and maintain the same level of modern and progressive corporate design. Inspired by magnificent and unspoiled nature of Bulgaria, the snowy mountains, endless freshwater streams and the most colorful flowers.UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Most of the office was demolished in order to accommodate open work space which allows 360 degrees view over Sofia and the mountains surrounding it.The entrance area are located in front of the open space so that no guest will be overlooked. With impressive bespoke reception desk and waiting area.Various types of meeting and lounge areas were created all across the office.PRODUCTION / REALIZA... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsApartments

Loft in Paris

In this apartment in center of Paris, walls gave way to light. The living room and kitchen became one, emphasizing the contemporary art of living. The colorful elements highlight the decor. Our desire was to create a peaceful place in the heart of the French capital.        More

Project • By Kennerly Architecture & PlanningRestaurants

“M” Building, 660 Indiana Street

The 660-690 Indiana Street project transforms a block along the neighborhood’s western edge with two unique mixed-use residential buildings set above a destination Arts Café and weaves a series of new courtyards and gardens into the urban fabric. The entire Project consists of 116 new apartments including 16 on-site BMR units. Set kitty-corner from Esprit Park, the design proposes the future Dogpatch Arts Plaza at the stub-end of 19th Street, designed by CMG landscape architects. Each of the two buildings are designed by a separate architect. Kennerly is the Architect for the 61-unit “M” Building, extending down Indiana to 18th Street with vertical bars of glass & Corten steel, rolling wave-form roofs, and finished off by a crisp white... More

Project • By NAT OFFICE - christian gasparini architectPrivate Houses

HHCR | househut

A country house is anchored to the horizon line, where the bank of the Tresinaro torrent stands as background and scene of the environmental field. The house reinterprets an historical countryside typology space named porta morta in contemporary terms, defining a hollow space that becomes the fulcrum of architecture.Two side wings help to ground the house in the plot: they slide on each other by a transparent double height passing through which links and connects the spaces of the bedrooms / studio on the first floor through an hanging balcony.The porch as a solar diaphragm and jasmine canopy configures the open-air extension of the living room, while the first floor rooms extend the house towards the landscape.&nbs... More

Project • By manuarino architettura design comunicazioneApartments

Casa Ci_Ro

This 110 square meter apartment is characterized by a series of large openings that give excellent lighting to the rooms.Upon entering you are greeted by a wooden wall that diagonally invites you to turn your gaze to the unique environment consisting of kitchen, dining area and living room. The element that mainly characterizes the space is the large custom-made wall made of natural oak that performs multiple functions: wall, TV wall, bookcase, and storage cabinet with openings sometimes facing the living room, sometimes towards the hallway.The block of wood appears as a single element without joints but also very light thanks to the careful composition of full and empty volumes.The kitchen has been recovered from the old house of the custo... More

Project • By YOOLOPP architecture&designOffices

Marketing offices for Alum Eshet Ltd

ProgrammeAlum Eshet Ltd. is a company that develops and manufactures aluminum profile systems for over 30 years. because of a significant rise of staff, the company decided to relocate its marketing department to a new office compound, which will be used as the company's new official representative head office.Another central requirement for this space was to accommodate a sizeable boardroom which would be large enough to host seminars that the company runs occasionally for professionals in the field, and would also accommodate the day to day board meetings.The project's goal for us, was to create a space which, although physically separated from the current factory, would be representative and act as the company's 'face' to visitors a... More