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Project • By Clear LightingParks/Gardens

Wild Twister in Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park situated in the Southern District of Hong Kong. In the WILD TWISTER area of the park, the shining architecture under the wild twister logo hardly goes unnoticed. The credit goes to Flexglo™ F15 LED lights that are recessed in the idiosyncratic architecture.  Caption The flexible linear lights are embedded discreetly all the way around the slightly wavy edge, masterfully outlining the curved line. The concrete columns down there rise at slightly different heights to create an undulating topography. In response, F15 luminaires are mounted up in the coves of the pillars, producing indirect lighting to underline the mushroom shape and adding a... More
Before Reconstruction
Renovation of the historical centre of Zaraysk
A renovated brick water tower
One of the main attractions of the city
Contrasting coating

Project • By Basis architectural bureauHeritages

Zaraysk Renovation project

The project for the renovation of the historical city centre It was important for the architects of the bureau not only to create a comfortableenvironment for locals and tourists but also to emphasize the historical significance of the city, to show its uniqueness. Zaraysk is a small ancient city that still retains the comfort and warmth of bygone eras. Daniel Annenkov Daniel Annenkov Daniel Annenkov The city is associated with the names of the governor Pozharsky, the merchantsBakhrushins, Yartsevs, and Sholokhovs; Feodor Dostoevsky was born here. Despitethe fact that over the past years the cultural and merchant heritage has noticeablydeteriorated, Zaraysk is not very different from the city that Dostoevsky experienced - a... More

Project • By Cowper Griffith Architects LLPParks

Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre

Carlton Marshes lie in the Waveney Valley at the southern tip of the Norfolk Broads and is part of the Suffolk Broads. It comprises a jigsaw of grazing marsh, fens, peat pools, short fen meadow, tall fen (called 'tall litter fen'), dykes, pools and scrub. Mostly man-made, these habitats have developed over hundreds of years of traditional management and now host specialised wildlife. © Peter Cook In 2019, the National Lottery Heritage Fund invested over £4 million in the Trust’s vision to create 1,000 acres of wildness, match-funded by Suffolk Wildlife Trust donors and supporters.Cowper Griffith Architects were appointed by the client to develop proposals for high quality flagship visitor facilities in the unique Broa... More

NewsNews • 28 May 2021

Heatherwick turns derelict pier into urban oasis from hectic New York City life

Heatherwick Studio set the original brief to create a pavilion on an enlarged waterfront jetty aside for the opportunity to rethink what a pier could be. On top of the stumps remains of a former pier the studio realized a completely new park as an oasis away from busy city life. Timothy Schenck Typical pier structures are flat, but Heatherwick lifts the surface to create an exciting height difference. The elevation allows for new sightlines to the park and lookout points over the river. At the same time the lifted corner lets direct sunlight reach the marine habitat that formed over time in between the piles. Timothy Schenck   “We had the idea to make an entirely new type of pier as a lush rectangular garden island... More

Project • By Vittorio Grassi ArchitectsRestaurants

Koà - Zambon Company Restaurant

The canteen designed for Zambon Group is the first intervention for the development of the so-called “Open Zone - Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Technology”, in the Municipality of Bresso inside the Parco Nord Milano. The restaurant spreads over one floor raised above the ground level, houses 220 seats and serves up to 600 meals per day. The building is developed on a square plan of 30 m per side for a total height of 6 m above ground level. The north, east and west façades are made of extra-white double glazing mounted on slender steel frames, to allow lightness and transparency of the building and to ensure continuous open views towards the park. The envelope of the kitchen block facing South are made of a do... More

Project • By GEC ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Nestled in the rolling foothills of northwest Calgary, Canada, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge (Shane Homes YMCA) is one of the largest YMCA’s in the world and provides the region with essential wellness amenities. This facility serves as the regional hub for community gathering, cultural programs, recreational facilities, and child care services. The extensive glazing and unifying curved timber roof that links each space creates an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, engaging passersby and heightening curiosity.    The Shane Homes YMCA takes inspiration from the rolling hills and layered horizons. Its park-like site allows natural recreation uses; pathways curve through the site connecting users to the reconstructed wet... More
"Waterway" Plinth

Project • By Atelier MjKMasterplans

Southern Avenue Rain Garden and Plinth

As a part of a larger multi-phase project and masterplan of a suburban stripmall, Atelier MjK designed and built the "Waterway" plinth and playground in partnership with KaBOOM! as well as a 2,000 square foot raingarden sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Trust.  More

Project • By archislužba.czParks/Gardens

Youth Park, Litomyšl

One of the most important public parks in the town of Litomyšl. The Youth Park is in a good sense everyday, ordinary. The enormous potential of the park is the proximity to elementary schools and to residential districts. Children and other residents really enjoy the Youth Park every day - despite the fact that maintenance of the Park has long been really minimal. Our proposal understands the Youth Park as a place to spend free time of all generations of inhabitants. We take the park as a versatile platform under the trees, with easy walking links to the neighboring city structure and the nearby free countryside. Concept of park adaptation respects as much as possible the existing greenery and the existing path network in the park.&nbs... More

Project • By Simple. ArchitectureIndividual Buildings

Belvedere – Nikola-Lenivets, Russia

Every year Nikola-Lenivets gathers hundreds of international artists who place their installations at the open air art festival in the park. Thus visitors can enjoy both a beautiful walk and an art exhibition. Some time ago the organizers of the festival have decided to complete the experience by building a belvedere which can offer a unique view through the entire exhibition zone. The project proposal represents a giant staircase located on one of the main park alleys and built in weathering steel on concrete foundations. This is a double staircase with an opened and a closed stairway. Thus visitors can climb the closed stairway and discover the sudden surprise of the spectacular view from the top. After, they can go down by the opened sta... More
Images made by 3d Studio Prins.
Images made by 3d Studio Prins.
Images made by 3d Studio Prins.
Images made by 3d Studio Prins.

Project • By MecanooResidential Landscape

Cartesiusdriehoek Blue District

The Cartesiusdriehoek in Utrecht, a former marshalling yard of the Dutch Railways, will be transformed into the first urban blue zone. The masterplan for this new residential neighbourhood with 2,600 homes, a large central park, a school, a supermarket, catering and various other facilities is inspired by a scientific theory about areas around the world where people live longer, healthier and happier lives, the so-called blue zones. The area is set to become the most healthy, well-connected to public transport and bicycle-friendly neighbourhood in the Netherlands.The blue zones are five areas around the world – Okinawa, Nicoya, Loma Linda, Sardinia and Ikaria – where many residents live exceptionally long and healthy lives. These zones attr... More

Project • By HKA - Hermann Kamte & AssociatesParks/Gardens


“Emotion is The Most Powerful Weapon in Architecture and Architecture is the best way to reveal emotion”.Today we are talking about sustainable cities, smart designs knowing that this include using all the scientific and technological progress accumulate by our entire humanity since three millennia. Let’s deeply explore Emotion which is related to Technology Sensitivity and tell why it Call us first as a Human and as an Architect.Emotion is deeply complex because talking about urbanization and cities is talking about how people. Remember, Cities only exist because of people and human reign, when We talk about city; We talk about Human, Humanity and all its system non-limited to architecture or Urbanism because is a philosopher, a thinker. H... More

Project • By Behzad Atabaki StudioApartments

Park Residential

Park Residential | Behzad Atabaki | BonnArq Architects  Our conceptual image of a home is a haven far from the madding urban crowd, away from noise, visual pollution, and a place of retreat from everyday worries where we can rest and rewind. However, what comes first to the mind when thinking of the inner space of "home", is the notion of "protection"- against all above. Standing for such a sense of security would be the "curtain" hanging and dancing, "symbolizing" a home behind.   Creating a shared ground between architecture and the city, in this building as a group of “homes”, the curtains swinging with the breeze, which would call up the image of a warm hearth and home, acting both as a representation of a house... More

Project • By Piotr Krajewski - Architectural PhotographyParks/Gardens

The Health Resort Park in Horyniec Zdrój

The health resort park in Horyniec Zdrój in the south-east part of Poland, just a few kilometers from the board with Ukraine, was originally founded in the 1930s by the Karłowski family and it was destroyed during World War II. In the years 2013 - 2015 the municipality of Horyniec-Zdrój decided to revitalize the park with the help of the architectural office, RYSY Architekci. The whole project was a great challenge for the whole multi-branch team under the leadership of Rafał Sieraczyński, the main designer and the owner of RYSY Architekci. The designers set a goal for themselves to emphasize the health-focused character of the place. For the last years the historical shape of the park with its central axis was lost. It was necessa... More

Project • By ZPZ PartnersExhibitions

Children Park EXPO 2015

The Children’s Park, a linear garden with eight attractions on raised platforms, has giant bobbin- shaped elements in wooden lattice sheltering the exhibits and children’s activities from rain and sun. Fragments of domesticated nature where the natural and artificial coexist, the exhibits were designed to privilege the organic language of nature as opposed to a more formal architectural vocabulary. The project, essentially a nature walk with eight exhibits, offers children playful learning experiences as they interact with various aspects of Expo Milan 2015’s core theme, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. An hour long tour includes each of the eight exhibits, brief interactive games for groups of around 25 children (a typical school cla... More

Project • By Piotr Hardecki ArchitectParks/Gardens


EUROPEAN PRIZE FOR URBAN PUBLIC SPACE 2012 / NOMINATION Goclaw is the largest apartment block complex, built in Warsaw between 1975 and 1990. It is currently inhabited by more than fifty thousand people. In recent years neglected urban area in the central part of the complex was designated for the recreational park. The area was what remained of an old construction site with piles of garbage and concrete waste. The rubble surrounded an artificial water reservoir. It was ironically called “Balaton” by the local residents, as the Balaton lake in Hungary once was an popular holiday destination in Poland. The main goal of this intervention was the creation of an recreational park opened to the public. On all stages of the design a... More