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Project • By Binst Architects nvStudent Housing


A new building at the end of the new 'Belle-Vue' park between the railway line and Kessel-Lo. A kink in the building creates an elegant shard shaped volume, to which the rhythmically staggered façade elements add their own playful aspect. Indo... More

Project • By Matern ArchitektenOffices


Human life paths are dynamic and subject to cycles. It is therefore desirable to create forms of housing that can react flexibly to the needs of people and life situations. The "Grünebaumstraße" project, with a gross floor area of 4,700 m&... More

Project • By Alumil S.ACasinos

Crown Sydney

The impressive project "Crown Sydney", whose construction started at 2016, will adorn Sydney from 2021 and on. The 75-storey skyscraper will be Sydney’s highest building with a height reaching 271 meters, offering an undoubtedly irresistible view of... More
Televisa Anexo San Angel - Eskema Arquitectos
Televisa Anexo San Angel - Eskema Arquitectos
Televisa Anexo San Angel - Eskema Arquitectos

Project • By Eskema ArquitectosCar Parks

Televisa Anexo San Angel

Televisa Anexo San Angel in Mexico by Eskema Arquitectos More

Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)TPS- Tower Parking System

TPS- Tower Parking System

The Tower Parking System allows to park up to 70 vehicles in the space of three. The TPS is definitely the most efficient system when it comes to saving horizontal space and taking advantage of vertical space. The Tower is able to multiply the e... More

Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)RPS-Rotary Parking System

RPS-Rotary Parking System

Highly functional and efficient in the use of vertical space.The simplicity of a classic. Safe, reliable and easy to install.Increase parking capacity four (4) to eight (8) times! Rotary Parking Systems are able to accommodate up to sixteen (16) vehi... More

Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)BDP- Bidirectional Parking System

BDP- Bidirectional Parking System

The versatility of the Bidirectional or “Puzzle” Parking System lies in its modular nature and its capability to expand in all directions (horizontally, vertically and even underground).Depending on the geometry, height restrictions and other charact... More

Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)7K4S- Stacker Parking System

7K4S- Stacker Parking System

From compacts to SUVs the stacker is the most cost-effective way to park or store four vehicles (or three if using our 7K3S model) in the space of one.This ideal configuration works perfect for those commercial operations needing to store medium to h... More

Product • By Automated Parking Corp. (APC)7k2- Two Post Vehicle Lift

7k2- Two Post Vehicle Lift

The “Shared-Column” feature offered by the 7K2 makes of this car lift one of the most versatile parking and vehicle storage solutions in the market, fitting both residential and commercial operations.The “shared-column” feature increases the system’s... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignOffices

17-Floor Commercial Business Center Design

Commercial buildings always tend to have very bold exteriors and highly flexible interiors, which is why this 17 floor commercial business center in the heart of Dammam, Saudi Arabia is such a qualitative success. The lobby and two stores on the grou... More

Project • By Móz DesignsCar Parks

A.F. Gilmore Company Parking Garage

Featured Móz Products: Perforated Dividers with Digital Imagery Located in a historic neighborhood in Los Angeles, the architects behind A.F. Gilmore Company Parking Garage wanted to incorporate the rich history of the city into the design to enh... More

Project • By Banker WireOffices

801 West Lafayette Blvd. Parking Garage

Banker Wire recently collaborated with architects in Detroit to deliver a custom metal mesh solution for the renovation and historical preservation of a more than 90-year-old parking garage in the heart of the city. Originally built in 1924, the p... More

Project • By TengbomParks/Gardens

Public Parklet

Tengbom transformed a parking space on Katarinavägen in Stockholm into a neighbourhood node, public meeting place and surface water management during June 2015. The project is an example of green retrofits - strategies for refurbishing grey infrastru... More

Project • By Girimun ArchitectsOffices

Breeze Walk

Project : Breeze Walk Location: Rio de Janiero, Brazil Type: Retail & Offices Size: 64,000 m2 Client: CR2 Empreeendimentos Design: Girimun Ltd 2008 Architect: Mauro Resnitzky Opening : n/a Collaborating firm: BLAC Arquitetura e Cidade T... More

Project • By Girimun ArchitectsShopping Centres

Mega Box

Project : Mega Box Location: Hong Kong Type: Retail centre renovation Size: 110,000 sqm Client: Kerry Properties Design: Girimun Ltd 2013 Opening: n/a MegaBox is a shopping, dining and entertainment destination in East Kowloon, Hong Kong. Th... More