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NewsNews • 19 Jul 2024

Monumental sculptures appear to embrace and support Fragment Apartments in Prague

Prague-based creative studio QARTA Architektura has completed the development of an apartment complex in the Karlín neighborhood of Prague. The visually strong architecture of the new “Fragment Apartments” responds to Karlín’s historical context. A one-time industrial district, Karlín has witnessed a large amount of architectural and social transformation over the past few decades. The project’s inclusion of three monumental sculptures by Czech sculptor David Černý creates a scene that is both striking and surreal. QARTA Architektura BoysPlayNice BoysPlayNice Karlín’s gradual transformation preserved the old area’s original scale — this... More

Project • By URLO StudioShops


OLVIA is located on a plot of special relevance for the neighborhood of Bellavista in Quito, Ecuador since it’s on the main access street and has a prominent slope that helps to enhance the position of the building in its surroundings. JAG Studio The morphological complexity of the terrain and its pronounced topography made the boundary between the building and the public space one of the determining elements in designing the project. To provide a correct solution and avoid the creation of walls as enclosures, the volume that was proposed opens up to the public space as it descends along the perimeter of the property. JAG Studio In this strategy, the pedestrian access was located in the highest point of the lot, and the ac... More

NewsNews • 16 Jul 2024

CEBRA designs Danish housing complex with irregular star plan and sculptural form

Danish architecture and design studio CEBRA has transformed a former steam mill site in the small Danish market town of Malling into a new housing community. Built beside Malling train station, the contemporary housing complex is named “Malling Dampmølle” after the site’s historic 19th century steam mill (dampmølle). Adam Mørk CEBRA designed the housing complex as a variation of the terraced house typology arranged around three courtyards. Viewed from above, the form is both geometric and sculptural: the development’s wings spread out from its center to create an irregular star plan, shaped by the oblique angles of the plot’s perimeter. “The three courtyards form a series of... More

NewsNews • 10 Jul 2024

Resident-financed apartment building in Buenos Aires adds to city’s heterogeneous landscape

Juan Campanini Josefina Sposito is a young architectural studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The studio has completed a small apartment building in a residential neighborhood of the Argentinian capital that was financed by residents. The pleasing utilitarian structure, veiled behind its anodized aluminum cladding, adds to the heterogeneous landscape of the city. Javier Agustín Rojas Javier Agustín Rojas Juan Campanini Josefina Sposito’s (JCJS) apartment building on Virrey Avilés Street in Buenos Aires was developed using a legal tool known as ‘fideicomiso’. This is a kind of fiduciary contract based on trust that gained in popularity after the Argentinian financial crisis of 200... More

NewsNews • 9 Jul 2024

Sunny ParkLife building by Austin Maynard Architects embraces community and sustainability

Australian architectural studio Austin Maynard Architects has designed ParkLife, a sunny apartment building in Brunswick, an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Seeking to transform the approach to high-density urban living, the strikingly poetic building’s design prioritizes social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Tom Ross Tom Ross Austin Maynard Architects acted as both architect and developer for the project. ParkLife is part of the Nightingale Village in Brunswick — The Village is a collection of six neighboring buildings (designed by local architects) that embrace social, environmental, and economic factors. ParkLife comprises thirty-seven one-, two-, and three-bedroom homes as well as... More

NewsNews • 20 Jun 2024

UNStudio completes Munich residential building with versatile plug-in partition and furniture system

International architecture and design practice UNStudio has recently completed the “Van B” residential project in Munich. Challenging conventional wisdom around fixed footprints and square footage, the design promotes flexibility with an architectural strategy that seeks to create a number of different ways in which to reconfigure an apartment. Working in collaboration with Munich-based architectural real estate company Bauwerk, UNStudio has designed a versatile plug-in partition and furniture system “that can make a 40-square-meter apartment feel like a 60-square-meter loft.” Evabloem Evabloem Van B is located on a square next to Munich’s Creative Quarter and Olympiapark (an urban park that... More

NewsNews • 14 Jun 2024

31/44 Architects designs London house filled with architectural character

31/44 Architects designed “Six Columns” as a home for studio co-founder Will Burges. Sited on a previously undeveloped side garden on a residential street in south-east London, the house is imbued with architectural character, twisting and stepping to make best use of its trapezoidal plot. 31/44 Architects Nick Dearden Six Columns (the house has six) draws upon a number of architectural references, including California’s exploratory Case Study Houses and a conversation with English architect Peter Aldington at his 1960s Turn End house in Buckinghamshire, England, that inspired the home’s more informal design. “Six Columns captures the optimistic spirit of post-war American experiments in hous... More

NewsNews • 3 Jun 2024

Multigenerational family home in Rajasthan by Sanjay Puri Architects embraces regional vernacular and natural ventilation

Located in the arid desert region of Nokha in Rajasthan, India, “Narsighar” house is a majestic sandstone edifice whose construction embraces centuries-old regional vernacular and planning principles. Designed by Mumbai-based Sanjay Puri Architects, the house makes use of traditional and natural ventilation techniques, including: courtyards to aid passive cooling, thick stone walls to strive against the exceptional heat, and stone jali screens to provide ventilation while dappling the interior with sunlight. Vinay Panjwani Vinay Panjwani Designed to fulfill the client’s wish to accommodate four generations of family members, this impressive residential dwelling (with a gross floor area of approxi... More

NewsNews • 27 May 2024

Conen Sigl transforms the site of a former Swiss plant nursery into a cooperative housing complex

Switzerland-based architecture studio Conen Sigl has transformed a former plant nursery plot near Zurich into a vibrant cooperative housing project. 'Westhof Dübendorf' is situated in an area that was once an industrial and commercial zone but which has been rezoned for residential use. The project blends historical inspiration with modern ecological design, with the ambitions of fostering a strong sense of community and connectivity among residents and with the greater neighborhood. Roman Keller for Conen Sigl Conen Sigl Conen Sigl Three building volumes enclose a communal courtyard. The ensemble consists of a four-story head building, an angled three-story wing building, and a more prominent nine-story mai... More

NewsNews • 21 May 2024

Surman Weston veils self-build Peckham House in hit-and-miss brickwork

London-based architectural studio Surman Weston has completed its first self-build project in the vibrant south-east London neighborhood of Peckham. The aptly titled “Peckham House” stands apart, its monolithic form softened by the use of hit-and-miss brickwork — the distinctive veil envelops a home that is delicately handcrafted. Jim Stephenson Surman Weston Peckham House is the first self-initiated project by Surman Weston with the studio in the role of client, architect, and contractor. For directors Tom Surman and Percy Weston, it was an opportunity to move beyond the parameters of a typical architectural project — the role of contractor, in particular, stirred a passion for craftsmanship and m... More

NewsNews • 16 May 2024

Knox Bhavan completes energy-efficient and accessible house using prefabricated timber cassette system

London-based architectural practice Knox Bhavan has completed an energy-efficient and accessible house for a client with particular physical requirements. Located on a lane in a village in Hertfordshire, England, “The Little Big House” utilizes a bespoke, prefabricated timber cassette system. Edmund Sumner The client, Henry Fraser, is a mouth artist, author, and motivational speaker. A life-changing accident in 2009 left Henry paralyzed from the shoulders down. In 2015, he taught himself how to paint by holding utensils in his mouth: an iPad stylus to start with and later, as his health improved, pencils and paintbrushes attached to a mouth stick. Henry’s 2017 memoir, The Little Big Things, is now a West End musi... More

NewsNews • 8 May 2024

Studioninedots designs “Octavia Hill” on intricate site in new Hyde Park district, Hoofddorp

Amsterdam-based architecture and urban design practice Studioninedots has designed a building as part of the new Hyde Park district development in Hoofddorp, a town in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands. The studio’s challenge was to create a building that accommodates 124 social housing units (alongside a community cafe and workspaces) in a complex volume and activates the three urban axes around the site. SURREND3R, Studioninedots Studioninedots International architecture and urbanism office MVRDV designed the urban development plan for the new Hyde Park district, part of the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam. The 400,000-square-meter (4,305,564-square-feet) urban development will transform the form... More

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One Athens Apartment

One Athens residential complex at the foot of the Lycabettus hill constitutes a legendary building for Athens and its architecture. The modernist building -designed in 1957, by the prominent Greek architect Constantinos Doxiadis (1913-1975) and fully completed in 1971- served as the Doxiadis Associates headquarters till the late 1990s. The 2014 transformation of the listed office complex to a residential development introduced a new building type and scale to the city dominated by the ‘polykatoikia’ typology. Yiorgis Yerolymbos Yiorgis Yerolymbos Yiorgis Yerolymbos The complete renovation of the double aspect 5th-floor ‘L’-shape apartment aspires to accommodate the contemporary needs for living, by pa... More

NewsNews • 11 Apr 2024

Austin Maynard Architects designs a “pretty” wellness-enhancing home in Melbourne

Australian architectural studio Austin Maynard Architects recently completed a new two-story house in South Yarra, an inner-city suburb in Melbourne. Designed for a family of four (and their dog), the house encapsulates the client’s vision for a “wellness-enhancing home that is architectural and inspirational.” The home is called Lang 靚 which in Mandarin and Cantonese means “pretty”. Built on a small plot, an orderly layout maximizes space and offers a balance of indoor–outdoor living. Tess Kelly Tess Kelly Austin Maynard Architects The clients were especially keen to live in a house without hallways and corridors. They placed an emphasis on having a pragmatic and energy effici... More

NewsNews • 10 Apr 2024

Knox Bhavan reimagines challenging London brownfield site as contemporary low-carbon home

London-based architectural practice Knox Bhavan designed Threefold House, a new residential property in Teddington, south-west London. The low-carbon house is constructed on a brownfield site in a built-up area that was previously occupied by a disused warehouse. The contemporary home includes three courtyards and sits on a challenging 450-square-meter (4,844-square-feet) triangular plot, surrounded by other properties and a small car park. Edmund Sumner Caption The name Threefold House is a reference to the building’s “origami-inspired assemblage of geometrical planes,” explains Knox Bhavan. The site is bounded by a new 2.5-meter-high (8-feet-high) perimeter wall that recalls the former warehouse wall.... More