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Project • By JATOShops

Shanghai Lujiazui Gala Mall

Located in LuJiaZui, where used to be the gateway of Shanghai with number of shipyards since 1850s. Key challenge is to revive its historic value and reconnect the new development as a social interchange. Hence, the inspiration was derived from the concept of Shipyard. In order to celebrate the significance of the historic background, the interior of the Gala Mall utilize a lot of familiar feature that can be found in the ship like deck, caban, gangway, and wave. These design features are being revivaled in the interior design and taking the shopping experience to the whole new level. More
Plan Saint Charles

Project • By BÜRO KLKShops

Saint Charles

Cosmothecary in Vienna The Saint Charles Apothecary was founded more than 130 years ago and has its philosophy deeply rooted in the traditional European Medicine. For the first monobrand store for first-class natural cosmetics Saint Charles Cosmothecary in Vienna's first high-rise building, a new exhibition concept was realised laying the focus on the customers' visual, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory experience of the products. Natural materials such as wood and raw steel do justice to the honest look of the brand. The unpretentious design of the products with brown apothecary bottles and white labels pervades the entire product range. In order to show the products in their best light, whitewashed wooden pedestals are arranged again... More

Project • By MIXDShopping Centres


The new gastronomic zone in the Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping center in Wrocław, designed by MIXD, is referred to as "thoroughly Wrocław". The inspiration for her project was Wrocław, its history and iconic places as well as  90s nostalgia. Today, a few months after the opening of Foodstacja, it is already known that Wrocław residents liked it and in accordance with the investor's and designers' vision they treat it as a place of meetings, work, study, spending free time, and not only eating meals. The Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre, which belongs to EPP, is located in the center of Wrocław, at the crossroads of routes that the inhabitants of this city cross every day: teenagers, students, families with children, retirees. It is not s... More

Project • By Graham Baba ArchitectsShops

Dockside Cannabis

When Dockside, a Seattle-based chain of recreational cannabis shops, sought to expand into a rapidly changing neighborhood, the challenge was how to define the brand experience within a growing and shifting cannabis marketplace. The solution was to redefine the typical shopping experience through the creation of a sophisticated and inviting environment—a venue that offers a unique visual identity paired with an educationally focused customer experience.   The project transforms an existing, nondescript one-story building into a 1,930-square-foot shop that retains the footprint and height of the original structure to preserve the neighborhood scale. A new wood trellis and deck define the entry and provide a venue for outdoor gat... More

Project • By Pascall+WatsonHotels

Yas South Integrated Destination Resort

The resort underpins the United Arab Emirates’ aspirations to become a focal point for global tourism.   The Yas South Integrated Destination Resort provides Abu Dhabi with a fantastic new hospitality and leisure complex including an 18,000 seat indoor entertainment arena, a 604 bedroom family hotel, retail, food and beverage offers and a series of carefully landscaped public spaces. The scheme forms part of a much wider masterplan to transform Yas Island in to a one-stop destination for tourism and business.   As part of a multi-disciplinary design team, Pascall+Watson have worked across all of the assets to bring the developer’s vision to life.   The entertainment arena has flexibility at its core; it can... More