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Project • By Cubo Arkitekter A/SSecondary Schools

Mercantec - Business and Technical College

The new ‘Mercantec - Midtbyens Gymnasium’, a business and technical college, emphasizes the city's ambitious visions for urban development. Here, 1,200 students and 130 employees unfold and thrive in innovative and inspiring settings that support learning, development and social life within the building and the surrounding urban environment.  The project completes the overall urban development project that Cubo Arkitekter has been part of, which also includes a 2 bridges along The Ancient Road ‘Hærvejsbroen’. The Ancient Road runs from Northern Germany to the very top of Denmark. The bridges are the city's new central connection, that connects the city center to the new urban development area, 'Viborg Ban... More

Project • By AARTOffices

Hoff X

Hoff X is a modern office building located by one of the radial roads leading into the district of Skøyen in Oslo. The building is located a short distance from the district’s green areas and traffic junctions and has been mainly built from high-quality wood and brick materials. Caption Offers a lot of flexibilityThe office building is four storeys high and contains 5,500 sqm of flexible office space with shops on the ground floor. The building has also been designed and laid out to make future expansion projects possible with an addition consisting of residences, thereby fulfilling the vision of the Skøyen urban development plan. Caption Opens towards the cityThe shops on the ground floor face out towards Ho... More

Project • By AARTExhibition Centres

Film City Aarhus

The extension does not only transform Film City Aarhus to Denmark's largest cluster of digital, visual companies. It also completely turns the Film City on its head and creates an urban space on an international scale - shaped by the digital opportunities of tomorrow. Caption Playing with urban spacePlay with the urban space and create a building with space for innovation and inspiration for digital and visual businesses. That is the vision behind the extension of Film City Aarhus situated on the South Harbour in Aarhus where a new buildings adds 4,400 sqm to the existing Film City, while a new urban space turns the district on its head as an invitation for play and learning, movement and immersion - all in the setting of tomorrow's d... More

Project • By AARTOffices


Pakhusene (in English 'the Warehouses') brings the sharing economy into the development of residential and office buildings. The result is a sustainable building based on community, benefiting businesses, locals and the city in general. Kontraframe Teeming with life from early morning to late into the eveningPakhusene is a striking and innovative construction project in eastern Aarhus; striking by virtue of its stringent lines, tactile brick facades and 40,000 square metres, and innovative by virtue of its focus on harnessing the many possibilities of the sharing economy, making it a sustainable powerhouse focused on community. It is a powerhouse that is teeming with life from early morning to late into the evening, and it is also the... More

Project • By AARTOffices

The House in the Square

The new office and community centre, The House in the Square, is a vital part of the transformation of the district Viby Syd in Aarhus, Denmark, from a disadvantaged to a mixed district. Many visions have already been realised as part of the development of Viby Syd. And now, as a wooden building with the environment and the individual in mind, the new office and community centre is created to give the district a sustainability boost that will turn it into a healthier and more socially stimulating place to live, work, and to live everyday life. Caption Firstly, the square…With space not only suited for recreation and everyday living, but also for events such as market days and town fairs, the square will transform into a natural... More

NewsNews • 9 Feb 2021

Zieglers Nest responds to site with a tall and slender form

Sheltered from westerly winds while boasting warm south-facing living areas, Ziegler’s Nest by Rever & Drage offers a variety of dynamic spaces for a family of five over several floors. To provide a moderate footprint on a steep and small site, and thus limit the use of concrete foundations, the building takes on a tall and slender form. Tom Auger The uninsulated ground level comprises entry and parking uses as well as storage and technical rooms. Gaps along the west and east façades draw in light. The innermost part of the ground floor opens up to a five-meter high utility room for trampoline and ball games. Floodlighting ensures the area is well-lit into the evening and throughout the winter.  When it rains, wa... More

NewsNews • 9 Dec 2020

Civic building for a new Arctic municipality draws from the landscape of a mining region

North of the Arctic Circle, the two centres of Gällivare and neighbouring Malmberget have been merged into a world-class Arctic town focused on mining development. Kunskapshuset by Liljewall Architects is a new institution for the municipality that accommodates upper secondary school and adult education within a building reflective of the region’s working landscape. Anders Bobert Drawing from the landscape of the mine and the natural contours that surround, the school tells the story of a region. At six storeys, the asymmetry breaks down the building’s scale. Distinctive wooden profiles, used on the exterior and interior, highlight a design tradition and enforce a sense of craftsmanship. Anders Bobert The wooden... More

Project • By IN-EXPATApartments

Ryokan Modern

Nestled within the lush tropical gardens in the Garden City, the 3,500 sqft residence boasts the elements of a Japanese ryokan. For the homeowners who are passionate admirers of the Japanese culture, the brief was precise at best – to create a modern ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) with a Scandinavian touch. The result is a cohesive space that is complimented by a fluid motion of poetic encounters, each defined by the bespoke feature walls that were skilfully handcrafted by sister company IN-EXPAT. Every feature in this apartment is as meticulous in its detailing as its functions. More

Project • By LINK arkitekturBanks

Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten

Länsförsäkringar Västerbotten has been collaborating closely with LINK arkitekturto develop a new office building with highly set sustainability goals. The office building will be environmentally certified in accordance with the BREEAM Excellent rating and will meet the demands of tomorrow in terms of flexibility, ease of access and personalised customer interaction.The office building is located along Umeå’s high street, Rådhusesplanaden, which is listed as a cultural milieu of national interest. This has imposed stringent demands on the building’s architectural quality, both on the outside and inside. LINK arkitektur has been involved throughout the process, from the initial sketches and detailed planning of the entire district to th... More

Product • By WOODlife FlooringEuropean ash premium multiplank

European ash premium multiplank

European ash premium multiplank consists of two layers. The bottom layer is made from water-resistant birch plywood on which a 4.5 or 6.5 mm solid top layer has been glued with waterproof adhesive. Top layers are carefully cut from wet fresh raw material and dried in a moderate rate to avoid tension and discoloration in the wood. As a result, WOODlife multiplanks are extremely reliable. All floors are finished with high quality finish coatings based on natural oils and waxes. WOODlife’s multiplanks have passed tests for all major European regulations on the presence of VOC’s and Formaldehyde in wooden flooring. More

Project • By Cubo Arkitekter A/SCultural Centres

Landskolonien Jomsborg

Landkolonien Jomsborg is a new facility for girl and boy scouts located near Isefjord, Denmark. For more than a hundred years, Landkolonien Jomsborg has formed the life and activities for the unique community of FDF. The new building contains a central arrival area with an open fireplace, a dining room with attached kitchen, a multifunctional area and a wing of bedrooms. The project is based on the landscape at Jomsborg and desires to create a greater contact both visually and physically between the arrival side and the unique coastline. The sloping roof addresses the large common room towards the sky above the Isefjord.   The new main building of Landkolonien Jomsborg naturally fits the landscape with its scale and materials. The... More

Project • By Henning LarsenCity Halls

Kiruna City Hall - The Crystal

Kiruna’s new town hall gives identity to a community on the move Henning Larsen’s design for “The Crystal” joins civic functionality and social commons, creating a living room for a relocated town   The Swedish town of Kiruna, 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle, sits atop the largest iron ore mine on the planet. The mine birthed Kiruna – And now, it threatens to erase it.   A century of mining operations has begun to destabilize the earth around Kiruna. The ground is breaking, splitting into deep rifts and falling into sinkholes – Within the century, these rifts threaten to swallow the town. In response to this threat, mining firm Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara (LKAB) has proposed a direct solut... More

Project • By oxygen architectsResidential Landscape

aspudden 1.0

Who to build in a nimby neighbourhood? We created a new typology.Here is the cluster-houses in Aspudden 1.0 More

Project • By NOMO studioMuseums

Forest Finns Museum

NOMO studio’s proposal for the Forest Finns Museum draws inspiration from Forest Finn culture itself while highlights and strengthens its unique, material based craftsmanship and architecture.Due to the building’s divided volumes and functions, the sloping ceilings and the wood as the main material, the new museum bear resemblances to the traditional houses and also could be perceived as a small village. Beyond the shared architectural similarities, the building refers to the birch bark craftwork of the Forest Finns as its volumes interweaving into each other.By the weaving design several courtyards have been created where trees – one of the most relevant resources of the Forest Finns – are highlighted. The patios are planted with these tre... More

Project • By AARTPrimary Schools

The Victoria School

Skara Municipality wants to create an interactive learning environment that improves the students’ community spirit and excites their curiosity and desire to learn.” This statement was highlighted by Skara Municipality in the opening of the brief and has formed the basis of the concept development of the new Victoria School (in Swedish ‘Viktoriaskolen’), which includes a 10,000 m2 lower secondary school and a 49 acre green park. In order to develop an interactive learning environment, a wide range of eco-friendly and interactive learning resources are implemented across the school, including touchscreens in the community squares and small weather stations in the park to encourage students to measure the building&rsq... More