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Project • By Ark4lab of architecturePrivate Houses

legea villas

The “Legea” residential complex designed for Novalis Terra properties  is developed in the Kallirachi village of Thassos, on a land parcel outside urban planning zone, which is part of a special natural landscape, with a steep slope and dense vegetation. The project consists of three houses, two of which are identical and developed on two levels. On the ground floor there is an open plan living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, while on the first floor there are two more bedrooms and a bathroom. The third house is differentiated, as it is ground floor, with an attic and a basement. The ground floor consists of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, while in the attic there is another bedroom with a bathroom. The most impo... More

Project • By Roxy Russell DesignCultural Centres

Aquarium La Rochelle

Jellyfish are perhaps the best example of environmental adaptation in the ocean. They are composed of 95 percent water.Unparalleled in diaphanous luminosity, they are also a natural inspiration for lighting elements. More

Project • By TAPO Tomioka Architectural Planning OfficePrivate Houses

Horizon House

This house is located on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.In order to enjoy unobstructed sea views, we placed a 21 meter x 8 meter 2-story building volume on the sea side of the site and placed it parallel to the coastline. Especially on the 2nd floor with a nice view the private area such as living, dining and bedroom. On the first floor there is an entrance, study, closet and a separate Japanese-style room for guest accommodation.On the second floor, on the sea side, there is a living dining area with a size of about 75m2 that can enjoy the sea view, a kitchen that overlooks the sea and the living, a terrace that can be used from both the living and the bathroom. There is a bathroom where you can enjoy the sea view to the fullest, and... More

Project • By Perkins and WillApartments

Bambu Atmosfera

The Biophilia concept points to our inborn connection with nature and its impacts on our physical and mental health. Based in this idea, Biophilic Design incorporates natural elements into constructions in order to reinstate contact between man and nature as a tool for well-being. Perkins+Will used these principals to conceptualize Bambu Atmosfera, a residential edifice in Praia Grande Ubatuba, privileged beach area in São Paulo’s coastline. The project’s main feature is the predominant presence of the bamboo, which integrates the building to its surroundings, representing the possibility of a harmonic, respectful coexistence between nature and constructions.Clad in vertical bamboo poles, the facade can be redesigned by the movement of... More

Project • By CERAMICHE CAESARPrivate Houses


With its sunny beaches, breathtaking turquoise and crystal clear sea and picturesque villages huddled on the mountains overlooking the Riviera, the Côte d’Azur is the ideal place for lovers of the sea, the sun, beach life and having fun. As setting of unexpected routes and exceptional art galleries of the masters of Impressionism, who drew inspiration from the bright colours of nature, the landscapes appear as if painted and the rocks as if sculpted by the wind. Beauty and charm blend in perfect harmony in a location that the entire world envies. In this evocative context, Ceramiche Caesar contributed to the development of a luxury private residence, completed in 2016, by providing its nature-inspired ceramic collections... More

Project • By M-ARCHHotels


Concept of an Apart-hotel complex More


AIR Apartment

This project was developed for one of the real estate agencies to represent the interior concept for possible future clients. More

Project • By Laura Ortín ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Beach house on the heights

Located in the Mediterranean coast, this property is the result of the family need to expand the holiday residence.We are placed in a coastal town, once a fishermen’s village that, with the arrival of tourists, it has become a tourist destination where to spend one’s holidays.The project takes up the flat cover of the house below. This can be found in a sequence of row blocks which once were identical, making up a simple urbanization of “beach houses”. Today, the same that once happened to the fishermen’s dwellings has happened here. There is no sign of what they used to be. The area’s planning does not imply other architectural resources beyond the urban restraints regarding height, occupancy and boundaries. That is why the neighbors have... More

Project • By AR Design StudioHousing

The Crows Nest

AR Design Studio was approached by the clients who were looking to extend their holiday home on a cliff top on the South Coast. During the planning process, and following the unprecedented rainfall during the winter of 2014, there was subsidence close to the house and the decision was made to replace it entirely.   AR Design Studio was then tasked with designing a completely new home; the idea of movement and fracturing formed the backbone of the concept. Working closely with engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan, an imaginative structural solution was proposed to prevent future failure. A concrete slab was built into the ground, a series of strategically placed dwarf walls were then built on top of it. A floating structural frame wa... More

Project • By Bossley ArchitectsApartments

Thorne Bay House

A three bedroom house designed for a small and near-impossible site! Five well established pohutukawa inhabit the site, with intertwined limbs spread across the seaward half of the available building zone. A tight access lane drops from Minnehaha Ave at a very steep 1:3 slope. Much of the site is volcanic rock. The desire not to damage the trees or their extensive root systems, combined with the steep slope and limited turning circle for cars, the rock outcrops, and the restrictions of height-to-boundary controls necessitated a process of complex analysis to formulate the actual possibilities for building. The result is an innovative building which and is squeezed under, around and between the limbs of the trees, and still manages to ta... More