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Project • By studio millionyearsShops


‘Dukkeobi’ project (means ‘toad’ in Korean)   <Hey toad> Hey toad, hey toad, I'll give you an old house, give me a new house. Hey toad, hey toad, get me some water, I'll build your house. Hey toad, hey toad, your house is on fire, bring your chains and come around.   『 <Hey toad]> is a traditional Korean children's song that has been handed down for a long time. If you hum the lyrics that start with "Hey toad, hey toad, I'll give you an old house, give me a new house." the contents of the lyrics are not easily understood. There are several theories about the meaning of this song. One of them is that it contains the following metaphorical meanings. For example, "old house" means "mother" a... More

Project • By Chenin StudioShops


Microtel is an effort to create a flexible build that allows the user to present their different reading from the space. The spatial organization of the  project is based on the dual "visible" and "hidden" and the definition of different uses of the space in this dual is looking for an economic solution to reduce expenses and speed up the process of implementation. At the same time, the project tries to minimize its borders with the city (only one glass facade) and inform it’s user free of uproars, advertise and turbulence the urban walls. The project has a quiet presence on the urban wall and presents itself to the city only with a brief sign that extends from the roof to cover the installation parts. In this duality, the stor... More

Project • By Interior Design LaboratoriumShops

Phat Soles

Phat Soles, 2017 The space looks more like a theater stage than an ordinary sneaker store. Intense scenic details give a mysterious feeling in an environment where the special, colorful designs of the sneakers star. Theatrical lighting and strategically placed mirrors were key elements of the design, with the result that the images were constantly changing. Cash registers, rehearsal rooms, secret rooms with limited sneakers designs are changing, revealing new spaces behind the strict metal grid, which functions as the stage of a show. Specially designed columns of black sandblasted fir wood are placed in the heart of the store, allowing the sneakers to change position depending on the mood and the different events. At the same time, the... More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal® and shop interiors

VeroMetal® and shop interiors

Unlimited formability and unique designVeroMetal® finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs. Every design takes on the authentic characteristics of metal.   All elements with a real metal finish Exclusive finishing touch to your luxurious shop interior. Facades, walls, floors, furniture or other shop interior elements with a genuine metal appearance. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. VeroMetal® makes it happen.   VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyRestaurants

Peet's Coffee Donghu Road

The first Peet’s store outside of the Unites States. The designer Kokaistudios choose to follow the coffee and make its journey from bean to final product the central experience of the space all the while keeping the California vibe.  The 340 sq.m flagship is located on the ground-floor of a reconverted office tower on a leafy beautiful street in Shanghai and features both indoor and outdoor seating linked by a series of swing-up windows that create a strong al-fresco feel. The interiors are designed to create an immersive coffee experience and the space revolves around the large semi-circular main bar counter where customers can get an up-close view of the baristas at work backed by the open-view roaster area housing the large... More

Project • By Barovier&TosoShops


The Bvlgari Il Cioccolato store, described as “a jewel in the crown of Dubai'sglamorous lifestyle scene”, is a great choice for a plush respite from a day ofshopping. It is designed by the Japanese architecture firm Design Fresco and has also involved Barovier&Toso for decorative lighting. More

Project • By Shanghai Bumie Technology Co.,LtdShops


YEATION is an e-commerce site operated by Netease, a major Chinese tech industry. They are developing their own lifestyle brands. They started offline business last year, opened stores mainly in Hangzhou, and also opened in Shanghai. This store is positioned as the first platinum store in Japan. It will be a base for information transmission of brands. Therefore, it was required to create a store that emphasized the experience. The background of this brand is the “Chinese youth lifestyle”. In China, cashlessness is progressing, technology is beginning to merge with everyday life, and the boundaries of entertainment, life and work are disappearing. Young people use mobile tools. Meeting with customers by chat while playing... More

Project • By FlosShops

Victoria Beckham Store

The Victoria Beckham flagship store is located within a three-storey Georgian townhouse on Dover Street in London’s Mayfair and was designed by the architect Farshid Moussavi. Modelled on the typology of a gallery, it has a simple frameless glass frontage without a window display, encouraging views of a dramatic, three-storey interior. The design aims to provide the sense of transience, unpredictability and exploration that underpins fashion itself. A concrete door, cast as a negative of one of the windows of the Georgian façade above, slides open to give access to three floors within. Responding to the growth of online shopping, which allows fashion brands to provide customers with choice, the spatial experience of the Victo... More

Project • By FlosShops


The Lardini Brand is situated in Milan (Italy) and the project architect is Architetti Gaia Guarino Miguel Casal Ribeiro. The shop offers a totally different experience; singular shaped display boards illuminated by the following Flos' luminaires: String Lights, Juncos, Light Cut and Toio.  Images: © Max Rommel More

Project • By AesopShops

Aesop Piccadilly Arcade

An impetus for unionAesop Piccadilly Arcade, designed with Studio Luca Guadagnino, is poised at the Piccadilly entrance of the historic locale in a curved corner store. Within the rounded windows, stucco panels become mock Tudor cabinets from the street and form a portal that heralds a change in atmosphere. A dialogue of languorous corporeality is held between two storeys, which are united by a light well piercing the first floor’s slab.Once inside, two boulders interlock to form a central basin where the store’s knowledgeable consultants can help customers explore products best suited to their needs. Stone tiles radiate geometrically from the basin in a nod to the architectural heritage of Greenwich. A singular sink nestles into the expose... More

Project • By agellOffices

Ottica Ciurlia

The project is part of a historic building with star-shaped vaults and cocciopesto floors brought to light and recovered. The furnishings harmoniously integrate enhancing the architectural structures. The use of glossy and opaque white lacquers and the inclusion of the illumination aims to enhance the products displayed as well as the historical environment. More

Project • By depaolidefranceschibaldan architettiShops

Ottica Adriano

The project is influenced by the strong historical connotation of the building located in the historic center of Padua. The superfluous volumes have been removed to let speak only the pure volumes of arches and vaults.   In this architectural envelope, a strong sign has been inserted to emphasize the perspectival directions dictated by the nature of the place. A multi-purpose element that crosses and cuts spaces through the various environments.   A longitudinal element is inserted within this architectural archetype to emphasize the perspective of the exhibition space. More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Conex Café

Architect: Ashari ArchitectsDesigner: Amir Hossein AshariDesign contributors: Zahra JafariExecution: Mohammad MoazeniConex CaféLimited pre-purchased materials on the site. The challenge has been already begun for the designer team to create a unique form from the remaining materials of the complex construction. The project is located at one the most memorable buildings of Iranian contemporary architecture “Shiraz national library”. By utilizing the previous temporary concierge Conex and reviving it, the design team revealed a hidden potential of the redundant Conex. The steps and vertical lightning are considered as the two complementary elements which acts as a lighthouse to find the café on the site at night.Providing a pause and gatherin... More

Project • By IMA InteriorsShops

Boutique Swind

The architectural design of the flagship store, of the French brand of swimming suits “Swind”, is an invitation into the story of an imaginative submarine world. Located in Disney’s new ecological park near Paris, this new retail space embodies the natural spirit of the park by providing customers with a unique experience in an underwater scenery. Here, the materials become the independent tools and customer become an experimenter of the suggestive space.The essence of this store is to combine the retail function with a unique experience of bio-design. In this deeply immersive atmosphere customers navigate through a space where the connection to natureis expressed by the organic shapes of the furniture and the use of mineral materials.... More

Project • By Ramūnas ManikasOffices

Interior design: Ramūnas ManikasSignage design: Ramūnas ManikasLocation: Birutės g. 22-314, Klaipėda, LithuaniaArea: 79,82m²Project year: 2015Photography: Ramūnas Manikas The store of manicure care tools “” was set up in a new building after dividing the area into two parts. There is the store in one part, and office, kitchen, warehouse and toilet in the other. The areas are divided by sliding glass partition. The store’s emphasis is glued timber strips ceiling installed sideward to the walls. Laminate flooring is installed the same way sideward. The goods shelves are designed with a certain arranged rhythm, of different levels, with up and downs. All these optical solutions are aimed at creating an impression of exclusive and d... More