Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
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YEATION platinum store

Shanghai Bumie Technology Co.,Ltd as Interior Architects

YEATION is an e-commerce site operated by Netease, a major Chinese tech industry.

They are developing their own lifestyle brands.

They started offline business last year, opened stores mainly in Hangzhou, and also opened in Shanghai.

This store is positioned as the first platinum store in Japan. It will be a base for information transmission of brands. Therefore, it was required to create a store that emphasized the experience.

The background of this brand is the “Chinese youth lifestyle”.

In China, cashlessness is progressing, technology is beginning to merge with everyday life, and the boundaries of entertainment, life and work are disappearing.

Young people use mobile tools. Meeting with customers by chat while playing with friends. While working, buy food at the e-commerce site and prepare meals. This is the daily life of Chinese youth.

This border will fade further.

I wanted to express the lifestyle of young people who lived without such boundaries in the store.

The 40m counter passes through the entertainment, living and work product areas. This counter is named as an experience counter.

The experience counter has functions of experience space, cafe counter, and event space.

You can experience the world of the brand and experience the life of Chinese youth by experiencing the main line along this counter and experiencing a selection of products that are carefully selected by NetEase.

In addition, because it is a lifestyle brand, it has a natural texture, but it uses the motif [Network] [Line] [Cloud], which looks like a tech company.

The motifs appear on the wall and ceiling creations, creating a unique lifestyle brand created by tech companies.

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