Phat Soles

Phat Soles

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Giorgos Sfakianakis

Phat Soles, Athens

Interior Design Laboratorium as Interior Architects

Phat Soles, 2017

The space looks more like a theater stage than an ordinary sneaker store. Intense scenic details give a mysterious feeling in an environment where the special, colorful designs of the sneakers star.

Theatrical lighting and strategically placed mirrors were key elements of the design, with the result that the images were constantly changing. Cash registers, rehearsal rooms, secret rooms with limited sneakers designs are changing, revealing new spaces behind the strict metal grid, which functions as the stage of a show.

Specially designed columns of black sandblasted fir wood are placed in the heart of the store, allowing the sneakers to change position depending on the mood and the different events. At the same time, the old theater chairs act as seats for customers who want to try a design, playing the role of a silent spectator in a space where street culture is combined with boutique luxury. All materials are carefully selected to have an aging that contrasts with the strict modern design.

A lifting ramp, made of building boards and with tassel marks, is the dominant street used element that wedges in the center of the strict space. The upset comes pleasantly with the natural elements that emerge in a perfectly clean design. Wild greenery "grows" through the ceilings and a strange black rock completes the scene.

Published by: Interior Design Laboratorium

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