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Product • By DARKSIDEWOODCharred wood cladding

Charred wood cladding

Product variations: - Charred wood cladding - authentic Yakisugi technique. Natural wood surface protection and remarkable look.  - charred brushed wood cladding - modern variation of Yakisugi. Silky smooth brushed surface of various color shades.  Wood species: larch, spruce, Accoya and thermo ash.  Rectangular, rhombus and shiplap profiles. Non-standard profiles, dimensions and wood species are available on a special request.  More

NewsNews • 20 Oct 2023

Loader Monteith designs an Office and Two Houses in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish architectural studio Loader Monteith has completed phase one of a mixed-use brownfield development in the Scottish Highlands. The headquarters of an international mountain bike tour operator, the development comprises a two-story office building and bike store alongside the first of two private residences. Sited on a slim, sloping 5,600-square-meter (60,278-square-feet) plot of land, the dark timber-framed buildings provide a pleasing contrast with the verdant landscape. Henry Woide Loader Monteith The project aligns closely with Loader Monteith’s keen interest in the revitalization of rural communities through the creation of remote co-working and community hubs. Matt Loader, Co-founder and Director at Loa... More

NewsNews • 21 Sep 2023

Coldefy designs a house-like, bioclimatic leather goods factory for Hermès

Coldefy has designed a leather goods factory in the Ardennes for French design house and heritage brand Hermès. The “Maroquinerie de la Sormonne” is the second such factory in the region for Hermès, its considered design one that revisits the archetypal leather atelier. Coldefy conceived a building whose design would promote the well-being of the artisan, fit sensitively within the surrounding natural landscape, and create a high environmental performance. Gautier Deblonde Gautier Deblonde   The factory as a house In revisiting the archetypal production workshop, Coldefy’s challenge lay in addressing the conventions imposed by process and production logistics. To create both a welcom... More

Project • By florent pasquier architectePrivate Houses


Following a sudden change in family situation, this photographer, father of a 3-year-old daughter, and owner of a single-storey house on a large plot of land in Lège (Gironde) decided to divide the land on which he had decided to split his family and sell the existing house. maxime gautier His project ? keep land and build a new wooden cabin-type house in the spirit of the Arcachon basin while remaining contemporary in its finishes and the layout of the interior spaces. Anxious to respect the identity of the place, Mr. wants wood outside, inside, everywhere,... with black cladding. The area must not exceed 110 m², have an outbuilding for its photo studio and a “small” swimming pool. A new project for a new begi... More

Project • By WYK ArchitectureHousing

Taylor House

This extension was designed to add a third bedroom, bathroom, ensuite and WIR to the Master Bedroom. The raked internal ceilings elevate the internal spaces and the central courtyard provides filtered light to the bedrooms and bathroom. It's also an exercise in zoning, providing a private retreat for 2 growing teenage boys. This house demonstrates that you don't need a large house for a growing family, just well thought out spaces and planning.  Dave Kulezsa This compact addition is defined externally by a pitch roof using the charred timber cladding (Shou Sugi Ban) and the internal courtyard is expressed in a natural timber finish which extends to the interior finishes using timber framed windows and timber floors. Via the bedro... More

NewsSpecification • 11 Apr 2023

10 houses with beautiful wooden cladding

A decorative, warm, and inviting material, wooden cladding is naturally beautiful. A great choice for highly contemporary houses, wooden cladding offers various possibilities for distinctive and characterful design. Durable, hard-wearing, and lightweight, wood has remarkable environmental credentials. A renewable resource with a low, even negative, carbon footprint, wood makes a good exterior cladding solution. Wooden cladding is available in many styles and wood species. Softwood species such as European or Siberian larch and Douglas fir do not require preservative treatments to resist rot and weather conditions. Hardwood species such as American white oak and European oak are also naturally resistant. Natural methods of wood preservation... More

Project • By Anna Maria Sokolowska Interior DesignPrivate Houses


The project consisted of the conversion of an existing farm building dating from 1940. The farm building with a living room was located on a plot surrounded by greenery and old fruit trees in Rumia, in the Szmelta district, which is a remnant of a former village.The current form of the building and the finishing of the façade with black tan board is a reference to the old wooden barns, of which there are still several preserved in the area. Respect for the history of the site initiated analysis, collecting photographs and archive maps of the area in order to create a building that would be a link between the tradition and the present day. Once you have a clear outline into which you fit new functions... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Light Atelier

Op een afgelegen kavel in een veengebied heeft Mirck Architecture een atelier ontworpen. De binnenruimte is heel licht, in tegenstelling tot de donkere verschijning in het landschap. Binnen is het hout blank, buiten is het hout vergrijsd en zwartgebrand. Katja Effting De entree is benadrukt door de enige afschuining van het zadeldak. Het dakschild op het zuidwesten bestaat volledig uit matzwarte PV-panelen. Het dakschild op het noordoosten bestaat uit matzwarte vlakke pannen en een groot daklicht. Katja Effting Katja Effting Het daklicht geeft de atelierruimte veel diffuus licht. Het komt tussen de spanten door de hoge werkruimte in. Voor het uitzicht is de zuidwestgevel volledig te openen. Als het atelier niet in gebruik i... More

Project • By Joris Verhoeven ArchitectuurPrivate Houses

Silky black house

This silky shining dwelling is located in an rural expansion area. At first glance this rustic laid back house does not stand out among the surrounding houses. The burnt wood subtly refers to black barns in this area.  John van Groenedaal The origin of the black-burned facade cladding technique is in Japan, where it is called Shou Sugi Ban. They use this age-old technique to make wood maintenance-free and sustainable. Burning creates a layer of carbon on the wood so that the ingress of moisture and mold is prevented.  John van Groenedaal The chamfering of the charred house follows the border of the plot. It is also oriented to the position of the sun. The entire house forms an asymmetrical sculptural play of mass and o... More

NewsNews • 22 Mar 2022

Arched openings dominate Studio Jayga Architects’ British house extension

The young family of a 1930s semi-detached house in Loughton, Essex, wanted to open up the floorplan and add an extension for a new kitchen with a strong connection to the garden. Marcus Peel Studio Jayga Architects reconfigured the internal spaces and added a split-level extension clad with  shou-sugi-ban timber. Marcus Peel The split-level allowed the kitchen to be on the level with the slightly lower garden. A linear rooflight connects the existing house with the extension.   Marcus Peel A striking pair of arched metal doors combined with a frameless glass box floods the interior with natural daylight. The cantilevered box provides uninterrupted views into the 300 feet garden. Marcus Peel Studio Jayga Ar... More

Project • By Studio ZungPrivate Houses

Montauk Beach House No.2

In this inventive re-envisioning of a 1970’s “upside down” house in Montauk, a serene environment of minimalist detailing, rich materials, and sweeping views of the lush landscape were created. As part of the transformative renovation, new openings were carved for light, the roofline simplified, and the interior spaces re-imagined to provide an open, loft-like feel. The residence’s black exterior featuring Shou Sugi Ban cedar siding, embodies the simplicity and serenity of the interior. courtesy of Studio Zung courtesy of Studio Zung Caption courtesy of Studio Zung   More

Project • By Berd StudioPrivate Houses


Berd Studio presents Atelier, a creative and innovative project that sought to contrast the original architecture of the house with the new proposal. Joaquin Portela Joaquin Portela A space of inspiration and art, Atelier was born as a creative solution to a disused space in the house. Incorporating a modern style, an extension was created where the atelier and a music room are located. Using a dry wood construction system, with natural wood finishes and a Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban (burnt wood), it was possible to generate a contrast between the original house and its extension. Joaquin Portela Joaquin Portela Together with the client, the decision was made to use materials and warm color palettes, as wel... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

McLean Mansion

From The Washington Post: "Developer Ahmad Khreshi of Northern Virginia-based Home Perfection Contracting isn’t afraid to take risks when building a house. He embraces the unexpected, challenging his architect, interior designer and builder to experiment with new techniques. This house in McLean, Va., is his most ambitious project to date.Instead of remodeling an existing house such as the one that was featured as a House of the Week in 2016, Khreshi built an entirely new one. Caption Khreshi worked with architect Peter VanderPoel and designer Karen Bengel to create a modern house that borrows from Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of incorporating the house in the landscape. The house has three distinct masses — garag... More

Project • By ANACAPAPrivate Houses


Located in the hills of Montecito, California, this small residence presented the designers with the challenge of achieving a bold program with a modest budget. Collaborating with the client, the designers developed a unique residential character and focused on orienting design around the property’s surrounding environment, framing views of the Santa Ynez mountains through expansive glass openings on the North facade. This remodel maintained the home’s existing footprint and structure, but Anacapa completely reimagined the interior floor plan, focusing on creating gathering spaces in the central kitchen and living areas. The material palette was redeveloped to highlight natural tones and textures of the surrounding natural envi... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

Strawberry House

From SinglePoint Design Build: “This project consisted of a full exterior removal and replacement of the siding, windows, doors, and roof.  In so, the Architects OXB Studio, re-imagined the look of the home by changing the siding materials, creating privacy for the clients at their front entry, and making the expansive decks more usable.  We added some beautiful cedar ceiling cladding on the interior as well as a full home solar with Tesla batteries. The Shou-sugi-ban siding is our favorite detail. While the modern details were extremely important, waterproofing this home was of upmost importance given its proximity to the San Francisco Bay and the winds in this location.  We used top of the line waterproofing professi... More