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NewsNews • 31 Dec 2022

Masquespacio conceives a vibrant utopia for Lynk & Co in Barcelona

Spanish design studio, Masquespacio unveils the design for mobility brand Lynk & Co's first club in Spain. The project explores unconventionality, presenting the brand as a choice for the new generations looking for a sustainable lifestyle full of unique experiences. Luis Beltran The Barcelona club offers a unique experience that not only reimagines mobility but also offers a stimulating and sustainable gathering spot. The studio creates a world of utopias, linking the various locations within Barcelona, renowned for their creativity and acclaimed throughout the world for artistic disciplines like music, design, and art. Luis Beltran The existing interiors have been retained with their brutalist look, serving as the... More

NewsSpecification • 24 Dec 2022

10 commercial spaces featuring dramatic pendant lights

Commercial lighting refers to all the light sources used to illuminate the space and draw attention to specific items or spots in your store. Nothing enlivens a commercial space like a pendant light.    Available in a myriad of sizes, shapes and designs, pendant lights serve as a sculptural element in addition to being a great source of lighting. Capturing focus within a space, these fixtures can be used for making a statement or direct lighting.    From streamlined bronze finish frames to glass pendants in the shape of water droplets, the following list is a selection of ten such pendant lights that will help you present a fine first impression.   1. Calm Spa Thailand ango Calm Spa, the minimal luxury r... More

Project • By BrigadaOffices

Brigada Office

Brigada is a Zagreb-based agency specialising in retail and office design. The idea to create the agency’s new office space as a hybrid of a store and a workspace within a shopping mall was a somewhat unexpected yet natural move. Domagoj Blažević Driven by innovation, experimentation, and sustainability, which are the backbone of the agency’s work, Brigada designed a multifunctional space consisting of a showroom, workspace, meeting rooms, and a terrace with an urban garden. Submerged in nature, the office is filled with natural light that seeps into the workspace through a large glass wall, reducing energy consumption. Domagoj Blažević The front part of the office opens towards the shopping mall and consists of an e... More

Project • By Studio Marco PivaShowrooms

Calligaris Group flagship store Milano

The 7th of April 2022 saw the opening in the heart of the Brera district of the Calligaris Group’s new showroom, designed by Studio Marco Piva. Andrea Martiradonna On the ground floor of the prestigious 19th-century building known as the "Cortile della Seta", recently refurbished by Savills Investment Management SGR and for many years the headquarters of the Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria, the new Flagship Store showcases collections by Calligaris, Ditre Italia and Luceplan. Andrea Martiradonna The client’s brief was for a new strategic point of reference in which to present the brands' iconic collections and products, as well as to host events and public relations activities, offering the clientele an "immersi... More

Project • By A I MShowrooms

Light up

A I M collaborated with UAO for the architectural renovation of a historic industrial building located in the heart of Milan which will be used to host three prestigious showrooms.The project aimed to restore the genetic codes of the place emphasizing its most valuable elements.The concept was defined starting from a look at the building’s importance and historical an essential continuity between past and future. Caption The particularity of the architecture and its hidden location, give the space a special atmosphere, a unique industrial soul lost over time, a reference to a Milan that has now disappeared.The desire to preserve the charm of this timeless space became the starting point for the development of the p... More

Project • By Pure Mess DesignShowrooms

Tudor Tailor showroom

Tudor. Personal Tailor is a fashion label dedicated to men of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship and reinvented to the needs of the present. The brand experience translates into the delight of wearing a unique suit executed by the highest standards and using quality garments. Caption We wanted to enhance the same experience through interior design and transmit the need to wear a suit as a part of a lifestyle, an attitude, and pleasure. More than a showroom. We started from the values ​​of Tudor. Personal Tailor and continued to turn them into reality so that this project becomes a space that mirrors the brand. The Pure-Mess team outlined a premium showroom in Iasi, having in mind craftsmanship and elegance of the details... More

Project • By Ângela Roldão ArquiteturaShops

Micheliny Martins Móveis

Micheliny Martins is one of the most complete, modern and traditional furniture store in Belo Horizonte. Located on a small street of a upscale neighborhood, the first store was designed on the foundations of an old house, demolished, from 2016 to 2017.A metal shed was then build with stairs and walls using cyclopean concrete.  Caption We created a constrast between the well done finishes of the walls and ceilings with the white ceramic cobogós (hollow bricks) on the facade, used to contain the incidence of the setting sun and also for it’s beauty!  The existing steps in the old foundation were enlarged and transformed into an excelent stand to serve as furniture display. Now and then, they also serve the... More

Product • By M&TMinimal 2.0

Minimal 2.0

MINIMAL 2.0 WC Integrated▪️minimalist maximalism▪️integrated system for seamless (un)locking▪️hidden keyhole in case of an emergency Minimal 2.0 WC Integrated The comfort WC locking system and the hidden emergency opening at the same time are integrated in an impressive package with clockwork precision and style. The handle is designed and constructed with an invisible flush rosette, interchangeable operating/locking segment, manufactured in massive brass, with a choice of 10 finishes & colours, guaranteed for 3-15 years depending on the type of design and finish chosen, with quality M 2011 mechanics, for use on interior and exterior doors. Minimal 2.0 softly follows M&T's most popular hardware collection - the Minimal/Maximal s... More

Project • By LDA.iMdA architetti associatiShowrooms


poliQemme è uno degli ultimi progetti di recupero di uno spazio interno che abbiamo realizzato, uno spazio polifunzionale per eventi, degustazioni e mostre dell'azienda agricola Querciamatta.Queste sono alcune delle immagini della serie “scende il giallo” che MEDULLA Studio ha realizzato all’interno di poliQemme. MEDULLA studio MEDULLA studio poliQemme is one of the latest projects for the recovery of an internal space that we have created, a multifunctional space for events, tastings and exhibitions of the Querciamatta farm.These are some of the images from the “scende il giallo” series that MEDULLA Studio created within poliQemme. MEDULLA studio MEDULLA studio LDA.iMdA More

Project • By The wall design studioExhibition Centres

Exhibition design for "ANUGA"

In our project we wanted to merge Georgian heritage and modern  design together to show visitors our  point of view  how to keep together heritage sites and modern shapes . We have  minimalistic shapes with white metal frames and historic Georgian house named "Oda" in all 3 stands. Also in Georgia wine has religious and cultural significance. Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world and is considered as the “cradle of wine.”  The inspiration behind the shape of the building comes from Fibonacci’s golden ratio. The universe is built according to “divine proportions” and can be identified in the structure of many organisms. Caption Caption The main challenge of th... More

Project • By Johnson ChouOffices

Global Showroom

The design concept is based on two principles each realized separately on Showroom Floors 2 and 3: to INSPIRE the client or stimulate possibilities through a carefully composed and edited merchandising or display system that shows the products in their best light (Floor 2); and to help one ENVISION it in a parallel office/workspace recreation (Floor 3) – a context that may reflect their own needs. Ben Rahn/A-Frame The forms of the architectural elements and movement through the showrooms are inspired by the angled and curved forms of the original building designed by Moriyama & Teshima Architects. Ben Rahn/A-Frame By utilizing the floor division between the two showrooms, a clearly divergent, yet related, means of pres... More

Project • By MAD ArchitectsOffices

Residential complex Sydney City” Sales office

Architectural bureau MAD Architects has developed a sales office for the new residential complex “Sydney City” on Shenogina street in Moscow. This is one of the main projects of FSK Group, which is one of the largest developers in Russia. Caption Construction of a sales office is the creation of a full-fledged image of the future residential object. In the project of the residential complex "Sydney City" needed to reflect the aesthetics, the unique interior’s, planning and conceptual features of the massive business class quarter, built according to the Well-being philosophy. Caption The organization of the two-storey space allows conducting presentations of the object and negotiations with buyers as efficientl... More

Project • By De VormOffices

De Vorm Office & Showroom

De Vorm's new headquarters celebrates the brand values in an ultimately functional and inviting destination for both employees and visitors. Workplace and showroom under one roofThe newly renovated location combines a showroom and an office in one building, emphasizing how De Vorm collection can blend into practically any context. On one side, it offers a comfortable and spacious workplace for the team. On another side, it's where architects and designers come for inspiration, and are able to explore the design possibilities of products to the fullest. Given that De Vorm offers furniture for both contexts, the design team decided to blur the lines between their workplace and showroom. As a result, many workplace areas received a welcoming... More
Wire façade designed by Tokolo Asao

Project • By Arakawa GripOffices


The concept of TIERS, HQ building of Arakawa & Co., Ltd in Tokyo, is a showroom and gallery space that is not restricted to professionals, but open to the city. It creates an open environment in which people passing through the city can freely visit.TIERS includes a grand staircase leading from the outside city streets to inside the foyer, a terrace on the middle floor, and eventually, the top floor, with a facade of interlinking wire cable patterns, gradually creating a continuous space with the city. On the middle floor, the staircase diverges into a culvert-like terrace, thus connecting the space within as well. More

Project • By Jmarvel Interior DesignShowrooms

Essence of Luxury.Treasured in Nature

This is a model house for a collective housing project, the challenge being there is no clue of owner’s requirements or lifestyle reference. The purpose of this design is to appeal to the virtual owners and potential residents, offering them a realistic snapshot of what it will be like to live here. A visual feast with essence of luxury, the power of design here is both expressive and restrained, with poetic elegance in nature.   The target clientele, in their 40s and 50s, are those who have various life experiences, successful careers, and prioritize quality of life. They no longer yearn for ostentatious luxury and instead have become reserved and practical. A healthy and natural lifestyle is preferred, while their tastes are... More