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Project • By SA labShowrooms

Crane Design showroom

CRANE DESIGN showroom is a flexible space open for constant transformations with a remarkable architectural idea, corresponding to the spirit of the company. Architects explored modern galleries to find a balance between static and dynamic elements of the space. Visiting a gallery is a journey to an artistic world, where everyone finds his or her own points of interest. There are parts of interiors that attract attention and there are parts that dissolve in the background to show exhibited pieces of art. In the showroom there are also constant elements - white walls and black ceiling, and dynamic elements - exhibited products. The visitor of the showroom is not just a buyer, but an explorer of the space.   The showroom consists of 3... More

Project • By mado architectsExhibition Centres

Nur Commercial Building

Nur commercial project is located on a 790-square-meter land near the main road of Noor city between the sea and the Sisangan jungle. Considering the accessibility and landscape The land has special situation. The client request was to establish a recreational/commercial hub on this land. According to the subject of the project, the typology of Iranian BAZAR was studied. In these studies, the design team emphasized on two issues. The first issue was Iranian traditional bazar program and the other one was Iranian bazaar voids/in between spaces. By studying the Iranian traditional bazar, we find that the Iranian bazaar was not merely a trading place but had all the major program of a city such as religious (mosque), social (school, carvansara... More

Project • By BY SEOG BE SEOGShowrooms

Royal Lounge

The Double-Sidedness with Inside and Outside    Things that are visually very clean contain something other than the appearance behind them or renew things beyond their appearance. That’s the case with faucets and ceramics we use in the bathroom. By appearance, they are clean pure white or glittering silver. Contrary to their appearance, however, they are tools for receiving the impurities from the human body or let out water to ensure a new and clean start by wiping off the impurities.  'Royal & Co.', which has focused on research and production of such ceramics and faucets since its days as ‘Royal Toto’, is a company that doesn’t settle for the production of products but lays great store on th... More

Project • By LWK + PARTNERSShowrooms


Designed by LWK + PARTNERS, The LOOP is the sales gallery for Shun Shan Fu, a low-density residential development composed of various luxurious villas and houses. Conceived as a brilliant gem hovering on top of the magnificent landscape of Zhaomu Mountain, the gallery represents power and style but with a softer side that embraces the shapes of nature.   The LOOP features two showrooms linked by a crescent-shaped glass-bottomed bridge named The Skywalk, which is aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic in function.With the use of full steel frame structure and an onion-ring-like cladding system, the undulating forms of The LOOP echo and integrate with the dynamic contours of the site, while The Skywalk grants visitors an unobstructed vie... More
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand
LA HABANA - Hua Hin, Thailand

Project • By Openbox ArchitectsShowrooms

La Habana : Sale Gallery

La Habana, a new resort-like condominium is only 250 meters from the ocean and nearby the Cicada and Tamarind night markets. La Habana design inspired by “Eclectic design” of Classic Spanish Colonial architecture and the vibrant colors of Havana City in Cuba.The unique identity makes the project a “Remarkable” low-rise condominium in the Heart of Hua Hin. The first approach of La Habana is a Havana cafe style lobby, while the “Rusted steel Arch Colonnades” is used to represent the “Rustic European” architecture concept of the country rich history. La Habana design concept demonstrated the Havana city atmosphere by the overall European façade elements with colorful tinted. The resort-like condominium starts from breaking the buildi... More

Project • By Modular Lighting InstrumentsShowrooms

Mercedes-Benz Tokyo

Modular Lighting Instruments was involved in creating this beautifully crafted showroom in the center of Tokyo Japan for luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz. This multiple floor-complex is divided into a showroom downstairs which features Modular's Lotis Tubed. While upstairs there is a luxurious lounge made for customers who want to enjoy a drink.   Products used: MP78 Bolster Smart cake Lotis Tubed   More

Project • By ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic)Offices

Office of Lee & Son Leather

ASWA (Architectural Studio of Work - Aholic) determines the Office of Lee & Son Leather by metaphor the black curved facade with the physicality of leather in their new office in Bangkok, Thailand.   Lee & Son Leather is a well-known leather provider for sub-dealer whose experience in the industry for more than 20 years Thailand. Their Headquarters design was realized from the conceptual product’s image and identity. The concept of the physicality of leather applied to the form of the building.   The 2,000 m2 project consists of 4 floors, where the first level is occupied by parking lots. On the second floor, space is used for leather showcases with the office. A third floor is divided for living units with 3 bed... More

Project • By Sergio RojoShowrooms

Estilo Showroom

With a hybrid purpose of accommodate different uses under a new architectural topography, the Intermodal Station of Logroño is erected in the south of the city (Finalist of FAD awards in its 2012 edition). We are facing this time a new micro-city -identified as mega form by Kenneth Frampton- that responds to an intense research that Ábalos - Sentkiewicz studio has been developing for years, on the entropy of urban landscaping and the appropriateness of tall buildings. The irruption of this new urban topography is materialized through a large hill-shaped roof that supports a urban garden on its top and shelter all the uses of the program under its underside: train and bus station, parking, cafeteria, retail, garden, etc.The commission t... More

Project • By AxolightShowrooms

Mercedes International Automobil Ausstellung

At the Internationale Automobil Ausstellung in Frankfurt in 2013, lighting design provider TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH aimed to accentuate the high quality presentations of their client, the Daimler AG. At the Mercedes-Benz exhibition´s cafeteria, TLD defined a comfortable, soft lighting situation with Axo Light´s Skin Suspended model. Varying several dimensions and delicate colouring of Axo Light´s Skin hanging lamps, TLD worked out a deliberate free arrangement that implemented Axo Light´s indirect lighting components, to frame a distinctive spatial experience. The Axo Light´s noble material impression matched the valuable interior (Architecture: Kauffmann Theilig & Partner, Communication Design: Atelier Markgraph). More

Project • By Arper SPAExhibitions


Arper participated in the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 4 to 9 April 2017. Our collections were presented in two different exhibition spaces: in the area dedicated to design and in the office section. Pavilion 22 (D20 D24) hosted the biennial event that focused on workspace: Workplace3.0/Salone Ufficio with the exhibition “A Joyful Sense at Work” curated by Cristiana Cutrona. Arper’s 200 square meters stand was dedicated to those collections that best interpret the way we experience workplaces and the interaction between home and the workplace. More

Project • By Arper SPAExhibitions

Salone del Mobile Pavilion 16

Arper participated in the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 4 to 9 April 2017. Our collections were presented in two different exhibition spaces: in the area dedicated to design and in the office section. Pavilion 16 (C29 D30), traditionally reserved to furniture and design companies, saw Arper reaffirm the centrality of its presence. On display, there was a selection of the company's collections, from iconic products to new designs, over an area of 880 square metres. More

Project • By SEFARShowrooms

Steinway Hall and Showroom

The new location brings together Steinway's storied heritage with new musical and SEFAR® Architecture Fabrics technological innovations in a contemporary setting. Inside Steinway Hall, guests find well lit and glare free light difused through Sefar Fabrics. Also, the space is acoustically improved due to these fabrics benefits to also reduce reverberation time. Steinway Hall to recital hall and showroom is drastically improved from the visual and acoustical features of SEFAR® Architecture Fabrics. More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalShowrooms

Subaru, Al Khoory Automobiles

The presented mock-ups convinced the architect and the customer that a nonstandard undulating ceiling was the right choice to highlight the cars in this showroom in a proper manner. More information about Wide Panel are on the Hunter Douglas website. (see link below) More

Project • By SOMA architectsShowrooms


With 20 meters of frontage but only 4 meters of depth, the existing ground floor space provided a unique opportunity for a commercial street front fit for a lighting showroom. The client, Unilux Group - the largest supplier of high end light fixtures in Lebanon, requested a unique space in which to exhibit the products sold by the company. Due to the shallow depth of the existing main space, a conscious decision was made to envision the space as larger than its confines of the walls in order to visually appear larger as well as draw pedestrians into the store. What started as a simple two dimensional system evolves into a sophisticated matrix that guides the design process throughout the space. By envisioning the space as a solid mass, w... More

Project • By Hunter Douglas ArchitecturalShowrooms

Borusan Turkey

A Borusan Group company, Otomax was established in 2001 as Turkey's first internet-based multi branded second hand car buying and selling services. Techstyle acoustical ceiling is used in this project. For more information about the product visite the Hunter Douglas website. (see links below) More