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NewsNews • 29 Jun 2022

Izar Houses in Mexico celebrate the natural landscape, light, and rainfall

On a steep site in Mexico, Izar Houses by Taller ADG Alonso de Garay pay exceptional attention to energy in terms of their approach to natural light and rainfall. Green roofing, use of local stone, and a façade lattice made of specially-treated wooden slats contribute to the integration of house and landscape. Onnis Luque Entry to the houses is located through an access plaza where the inclusion of water and vegetation fosters a sense of connection with the natural environment. Once inside, private areas are located on the lower level with more public and social areas upstairs. A skylight made of locally-sourced stone and vegetation connects the two floors. Onnis Luque The lobby acts as a type of distributing space to he... More

Project • By HOLLEGHA arquitectosApartments

15th Floor

Three adjacently located apartments in a building of the 1950ies were turned into a 6000ft2 flat. The spacious, light-flooded rooms are connected through a central corridor, while the 1700ft2 living and dining area occupies the whole west part, giving view to the Madrid skyline on three sides. Two of the big openings have been converted in huge eye-catching panels of fixed glazing that impressively display the view on the city. Pablo Casares Walls and ceilings are painted all white, emphasizing the effect of changing lightbeams coming from six skylights. Floors and bathrooms are covered with sandstone. Pablo Casares Clear lines, light colours and well-shaped proportions create a neutral, timeless and elegant space to be brought... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2022

Raul Sanchez Architects strips slender house down to exposed brick facades and inserts modern interior

Raul Sanchez Architects stripped a 19th century property in a ruinous state, located in Barcelona’s Borne district, down to its facades, dividing walls and roof. What was left is a 15 meter high void revealing a composition of all kinds of bricks and stones arranged without apparent order or composition. Inside this void, Raul Sanchez Architects inserted a modern interior. José Hevia Three new floors are organized by a spiral staircase that runs the entire height of the property without touching its walls at any time. The stairs are painted white in search of a certain material  abstraction. White lacquered wood ceilings further enhance this. José Hevia The floors are supported by beams that run between... More

NewsNews • 29 Dec 2021

K-Thengono transforms narrow Jakarta row house into light filled tech startup

K-Thengono transformed a Roku, a typical mixed-use Jakarta row house, into a tech startup office. The intent was to create a healthy and playful workplace. Mario Wibowo The narrow 4 by 15 meters plot poses challenges for sufficient natural light and ventilation. To overcome this challenge K-Thengono punctured a whole from the roof all the way down through the three floors. Mario Wibowo An oval shaped skylight floods the stairwell with natural light. A glazed floor continues this punctuation to the lower floor forming a light well. Mario Wibowo The stairwell acts as a stack ventilation to improve air circulation. The chimney effect lets out warm air at the top and draws in cooler air without the need for mechanical aid.... More

Project • By StudiohuertaPrivate Houses

Casa Escondida

Located off the desert coast of Los Cabos, Casa Escondida is a project of multiplicities. Mediating between complex and competing demands imposed by climate, program, and neighborhood regulations, the design overlays strategies of disguise and duality to construct the concept of a house within a house. Roland Halbe Roland Halbe Roland Halbe The discreet exterior displays a compliant structure, conforming to the requisite roof type, limited apertures, and stone cladding stipulated by community guidelines, while inside, architectural freedoms of form and materiality unfold. Carved out of the house’s conceptual massing, a composition of voids creates a second, protected exterior space; a courtyard covered by skylights tha... More

Project • By Whipple Russell ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Georgina Avenue

William MacCollum   What first greets the visitor to this Santa Monica, CA house is the generous front setback and landscape design by Z Freedman Landscape Architecture. A lighted series of steps lead up around a soft bed of fescue grass, and mature sycamore tree, past a stand of saplings. John Fox   Black textured Basalt stone tile from Norstone USA frames the entrance. William MacCollum William MacCollum   This project was an opportunity for our client and Marc Whipple to enter into a true collaborative adventure. Julie Cantor had in mind for years a modern take on a NYC loft space with an open volume, skylights, and very little strict division between rooms. A friend thought that sounded like a hou... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Dena Villa

Dena villa project, actually built 20 years ago. It had a complicated and closed plan, the owner of which wanted to make fundamental changes and general reconstruction, due to the age of himself and his wife. We have followed two main goals for the improvement and reconstruction of this villa: 1-     Using the maximum natural light For using the maximum light, in order to create visual transparency and connecting the interior spaces to the yard, we increased the number and area of the windows. Also by using some skylights, where there was the possibility of construction, we illuminated the dark spaces.  2-     Integrating the separate spaces in order to create spatial flexibility while maintaining the character... More

Project • By Meyer & Associates Architects, Urban DesignersRural

Botha's Halte Primary School

The project entailed the development of a new Primary School, replacing the dilapidated Botha’s Halte farm school, in the Breede River Valley, for the Bosjes Trust. Although a privately sponsored project, the school is operated by the Western Cape Education Department. The new buildings provide a state-of-the-art facility for 250 rural primary school learners from a predominantly farm worker community. The buildings have been designed around sustainability principles, while respecting the cultural heritage of the area. A didactic design approach was followed, whereby these aspects are demonstrated throughout the complex as part of the teaching and educational processes.   The “Anna Zaal” (circa 1927), the first scho... More

Project • By brg3sCommunity Centres

Youth Villages - Bower Activity Center

The Bower Activities Center (BAC) introduces a light-filled hub of activity and care programs to the pastoral campus of Youth Villages in the city of Bartlett, an outlying suburb of Memphis, TN.  Youth Villages, “a nationally recognized leader in the field of childrens' mental and behavioral health,” provides residential, academic, and developmental services for children and teens with “emotional, mental, and behavioral problems.”  Initially designed to house only the Food With Class program –  an educational class where teens learn to develop teamwork and professional skills in a commercial kitchen setting – and a few other support services, the scope of the design quickly grew as Youth Vi... More

Project • By Space Group ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Fragmented House

This project is one of six projects we have completed on one and the same road. It lies within the Driffield Road Conservation Area of Tower Hamlets in East London. The convoluted Victorian, terraced house required drastic re-shuffling of its functions in order to unlock and add additional space to this home of a family of five.    Driven by budget limitations we decided early on to keep the structural interventions to a minimum. Existing openings acted as a setting out points for the new spaces. Despite that we have managed to add an additional bedroom, a bathroom, a laundry drying room and a new dining area with a multi-functional lounge adjacent. The latter also meant that the existing dining room could be merged with the liv... More

NewsNews • 19 Oct 2020

Crystallized forms generate dynamic spaces at the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum

In China’s coastal city of Xiamen, the Yingliang Stone Natural History Museum by Atelier Alter Architects is a new museum added to an existing headquarter office that showcases a manufacturer’s collection of fossils, which include dinosaur eggs and insect amber. Credit: Atelier Alter Architects Two key design challenges the architects tackled were firstly differentiating between a private office and public museum, and secondly drawing direct sunlight gained at the atrium space and distributing it into the building. Credit: Atelier Alter Architects For the architects, the crystallized forms of the discovered fossils were instrumental in generating the architectural language of the museum space. Three intersecting crys... More

NewsMaterialization • 22 Jul 2020

Office Complex a material realization of colourful factory works

Located in Metoda, India, the Gopal Printpack Solution factory is a leader in delivering customized packaging solutions. The architectural proposal for their new office building, imagined by I-Con Architects and Planners is reflective of the work that is undertaken inside the factory. Credit: Bhavesh Raghavani - Yellow-Frame Photography The process of manufacturing is such that a blank plastic sheet is dipped sequentially into inks of various colours that amalgamate to form the final Printpack. The idea of this amalgamation was abstracted and explored through both the landscape and façade design. Credit: Bhavesh Raghavani - Yellow-Frame Photography Clad in Corten steel, this material was chosen for its inherent weathering... More

NewsMaterialization • 20 Jul 2020

Three Stories North house fosters strong links to its original industrial character

Three Stories North is an untraditional home in Australia that embraces its layered history, including an industrial heritage. Designed by Splinter Society Architecture, the project’s primary objective is to realise its existing potential rather than replace it with something entirely new. Credit: Sharyn Cairns Key to the overarching design objective was revealing the existing masonry construction that gives the home its ‘warehouse feel.’ Other original details such as arched doors and fireplaces were also retained, along with timber ceilings and imperfections in the brick walls. In several locations, glazing is used to fill gaps in the masonry and clearly distinguish what is original from what is new. Credit: Sha... More

Product • By Skyspan AustraliaOpening Skywindow

Opening Skywindow

The Skyspan Fixed Skywindow opens up rooms by bringing the goodness of natural light inside making it feel more open and comfortable. The Opening Skywindows brings the luxurious option of natural ventilation when needed.  More

Project • By WE ArchitectsPrivate Houses


A 25 years old town house, which went under a dramatic makeover. The house was very old fashioned and its interior design was very “busy” and cluttered. The new house owners wanted a fresh clean design to complement the complete renovation it needed. The first very significant change we agreed on was demolishing the walls surrounding the staircase, allowing the space of the entrance floor to become more continuous. That created a much airy, spacious and bright feeling to the whole public area. The built banister was replaced with minimalist metal railing and a string wall separating the kitchen and the stairs to the basement. The staircase itself was covered with parquet and the existing skylight was replaced with a more mod... More