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Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioMasterplans

FEM Stadium

The Stadium of the North is a renovation project that will rebuild the Mariano Marcos Stadium, locate beside the Mariano Marcos  State University. The current stadium has a total area of 43,820 sqm and a capacity of 2,000 people. It is open to the public at set hours and is the go-to place for running and exercise of the Laoageños.   The complex houses the Ilocos Norte Development Office (INYDO) and Sports Development Office (INSDO) and was once the venue for the first Ilocos Norte Youth Games and Ilocos Norte Children’s Games. The site is situated between residential and institutional developments. The redevelopment of the stadium will not only boost the development of the talents and skills of student-athletes in... More

Project • By AGRA Anzellini Garcia-Reyes ArquitectosAuditoriums

POLI_Polivalente “El Otoño“

In 2009, the Escuela Colombiana de Ingenería Julio Garavito (an Engineering School), whose campus is located in the northern outskirts of Bogotá, identifies the need to build a multipurpose building to offer students and faculty members a space for cultural events as well as a sports center. The building, named “El Otoño” (in English, The Autumn) is a versatile design and responds to the premise that the School – which seeks to offer an integral education – requires a building that is in accordance with the wide range of activities for this particular university community.In order to achieve the previous principle, AGRA conceives this project as a dual environment, where different technical and s... More
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Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame - Interiors

Project • By Urban FrameSports Centres

Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

The birth of the idea to initiate a centre for sports excellence by the promotor, was to create a facility wherein an athlete receives ample opportunities to excel in the sports they choose. It was always about interdisciplinary learning, about understanding your body and mind better, and enhance the sports ecosystem from the aspect of the facility, coaching, sports science,  sports management and leadership.   Celebrating India's accelerated growth in Sports, CSE promotes the approach of sports for all. Having Football, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Shooting, and Athletics, along with sports science, kinesiology, physiotherapy and hostels in one campus.    A pivotal aspect of the plann... More

Project • By GEC ArchitectureCommunity Centres

Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge

Nestled in the rolling foothills of northwest Calgary, Canada, the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge (Shane Homes YMCA) is one of the largest YMCA’s in the world and provides the region with essential wellness amenities. This facility serves as the regional hub for community gathering, cultural programs, recreational facilities, and child care services. The extensive glazing and unifying curved timber roof that links each space creates an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, engaging passersby and heightening curiosity.    The Shane Homes YMCA takes inspiration from the rolling hills and layered horizons. Its park-like site allows natural recreation uses; pathways curve through the site connecting users to the reconstructed wet... More

Project • By mado architectsSports Centres

Fes Aqua Park Complex

Fes Aquapark Complex is located in a 10000 square meter site near thermal bath fountains in Fes, Morocco. In the programming phase, we studied Fes vernacular architecture, climate, politics, history, and culture. We focused on the fundamental components of Fes and tried to design by using its characteristic elements. One of the most significant concepts derived out from Fes was the Maze, which refers to the chaotic infra-structure of the city. Another concept which contributed most to the design process was the hybrid character of the Morocco architecture affected by different cultures like Barbarians, Spain and Islamic countries. Consequently, Fes Aquapark Complex defined as a Hybrid Maze to celebrate its context cultural attributes.Head A... More

Project • By B&B ItaliaHotels

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Originally founded in 1992, Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa located in the heart of an 800-year-old lava plain on the Reykjanes Peninsula. It is the most popular destination in Iceland, named one of the wonders of the world by National Geographic Traveller. The B&B Italia group collaborated with Blue Lagoon as a global contractor in furnishing of the first five-star luxury destination in Iceland.   The experience, interiors and product design of the Retreat are by Design Group Italia, and the architecture by Basalt Architects, who also collaborated on the interiors. The interiors take its cues from the unique surroundings of the Blue Lagoon, aiming at a harmonious unity between the nature and the man-made.   B&B Italia Contract... More

Project • By GAP AssociatesSports Centres

CAI Athletic Pavilion

The building houses indoor athletic activities such as 100m race or long jump modalities, and is used mostly to develop specific trainings for high performance athletes and to supply a heated space to warm up and reduce injuries.​The shape of the building is defined by the footprint of the plot where is located, on one of the edges of the stadium, adjoining the athletics track on one side and aligned the streetwalk on the other side, while entrances are located on both short sides.​The structure and the envelope mainly define the design. The metal structure is designed with Fink trusses and metal columns painted in white, that help optimizing structural elements, to cover the whole space, varying from 10 to 19 meters long.​The in-situ concr... More

Project • By MecanooUrban Green Spaces

Mondorf-les-Bains Velodrome and Sports Complex

Situated in the rolling countryside of Luxembourg on the edge of Mondorf-les-Bains, the new Velodrome and Sports Complex designed by Mecanoo and Metaform is set to reinforce the community, known for its thermal baths, as a destination for recreation. The facilities combine the new national velodrome with an aquatic centre, multisport hall and climbing wall, creating a sporting destination capable of hosting national and international cycling events while simultaneously creating a sporting hub for the community and future international school, proposed adjacent to the site.The prescribed re-naturalization of the sloping agricultural site combined with the restrictions of both the site and a limited budget informed the compact design app... More

Project • By Ozer \ Urger ArchitectsSports Centres

Buyukcekmece Sport Complex

The project designed for Buyukcekmece Municipality's Kumburgaz district is as a small-scale sports complex serving the neighbourhood in an 11.000m2 site. The land lies at the transition point between the green area to the north and west and the residential areas to the south and east. Ozer \ Urger Architects’ efforts to bring different public usages together has been a starting point for this project as it was in recent years’ projects.The sloping site allows to squeeze only a FIFA standard-sized football field of 90m in length and has a 15m level difference between the two short sides. The green area in the north and west of the area behind the goal net meet with the field and the tribune to increase the use of public space in different wa... More

Project • By NOZ ArquitecturaSports Centres

PUMP Nações

PUMP gyms fit into the "smart cost" category. The challenge is to create spaces with architectural quality investing in design and modern feel, keeping constant the premise of finding more economic ways to do so. The original design / concept was fully developed by NOZ.The PUMP Gyms' identity is strengthened by the intuitive, functional and simple way of organizing the space layout. The Nações gym has two levels, the ground level, with a double height space, operates as reception area in direct contact with the street and the upper level for most of the activity areas. The element of connection - the stairs - becomes the main actor of this space, revealing the young and daring identity and the dynamics of the activity of a gym.The colour pa... More

Project • By Hamonic+Masson & AssociésOffices


The city of Angers initiated our reflection on this exceptional site.This project will be emblematic of the city’s ambition that animates all national and European cities. Innovation is a conception tool that transforms unknown places and territories. Innovation in urban landscape is about finding new ways of living in harmony with the public space.Innovation is a tool for attractivity. This research provides new programme, technical and spatial solutions, which allow the project to become a strong signal.Our project is a synthesis that will implant itself in the site and become a new typology. We are going to create adventure, surprise and emotions alongside our willingness to conceive a project that represents the city’s ambitions.The con... More

Project • By Gonye Project & DesignBars


The Club is exclusively designed for a residential complex. The aim in design was to create a pleasent atmosphere that the residents of all age and gender could use for different activities. More

Project • By AR Design StudioCommunity Centres

The Pavillion

Planning consent has been awarded to The Pavilion Project; a milestone which gives the go ahead to construct a new pavilion at North Walls Recreation Ground in Winchester. The new building, designed by local award-winning architects AR Design Studio, will replace the current dilapidated pavilion and scoring huts with one modern, sustainable, community oriented facility that is compliant with England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) guidelines. It was also stated that the Pavilion should provide facilities for the wider community and other sporting groups.The Pavilion Project, a not-for–profit, community-led organisation, was set up just over two years ago by a group of local people. After approaching Winchester City Council to discuss the prop... More

Project • By Kraaijvanger Sports Centres

Zwemcentrum Rotterdam

Swimming in an office? In the middle of the city? Between shops, city hall, restaurants and wellness? As of Friday 23rd of February 2018 this is officially possible. At 12am city council member Visser opened Swimming Venue Rotterdam. Kraaijvanger Architects designed the plan for this unique sustainable transformation from office to swimming pool in commission of Consortium Hart van Zuid (Ballast Nedam & Heijmans). Children, adults and top athletes are welcome for swimming lessons, sport – and recreational swimming and - with the 50-meter pool - for official international competitions. The exterior of the building remains recognizable for the neighborhood, because the design consists out of characteristic parts that remain intact between... More

Product • By REGUPOL BSW GmbHRegupol® Running Tracks

Regupol® Running Tracks

Regupol® athletic tracks maintain a top position among synthetic floors, which are of prime importance for many of the world's athletes. They are manufactured in accordance with the IAAF quality criteria and the DIN 18035-0 directives for synthetic surfaces in outdoor sports grounds.Regupol® running tracks are suitable for both international professional sports as well as for school and company sports. Their material composition was developed in accordance with physical sports requirements and incorporates a balance between speed, non-slip qualities and shock absorption exactly turned for athletes physical constitutions. Regupol® synthetic tracks create the ideal conditions for training and competition for athletes around the w... More