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Project • By SpacelabOffices

Ted Baker Headquarters

Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, Ted Baker on Cleveland is the new UK headquarters for Ted Baker's people, partners and guests. Cleveland Street captivated everyone's imagination; a blank canvas waiting to be brought to life. Nine would-be retail spaces were dynamically connected with new staircases to create an underpass through the lower ground floor, which is the heart of their workspace - a Town Hall for Ted Baker’s community. The workspace is maximised on the ground floor by the introduction of a complex arrangement of new mezzanines so that direct natural light can be prioritised for desk and focus based work settings. The space now flows seamlessly as if it has always been one. Matt Clayton Photography With key activiti... More


Swissotel Resort and Residences Çeşme

Swissotel Resort and Residences Çeşme is a transformation project that upcycled the existing 11-storey hotel, which was originally constructed in 1997. Instead of demolishing the building and starting anew, Dilekci Architects aimed to extend the building’s lifespan by retaining as much of the existing structure as possible, thereby minimizing its carbon footprint. By adding a new residential function to the hotel, the project serves as an example of adaptive reuse in architecture, transforming the building not only in the environmental context but also in the urban and social. Thomas Mayer Thomas Mayer Thomas Mayer The existing building, Sheraton Çeşme Hotel, was coming to the end of its lifespan since it... More

Project • By INI Design StudioCultural Centres

Aquatic Gallery at Science City, Ahmedabad

Project introduction: In this emerging environment of knowledge-driven economic growth, it is imperative to inculcate a scientific temper in the community. The Gujarat Council of Science City, established by the Government of Gujarat, has developed the Aquatic Gallery to realize this vision. This 5th generation facility, part of the sprawling 200 acres Ahmedabad Science city, is India’s largest and first planned public inland aquarium, catering to the vision of edutainment. Attracting more than 1 million people annually, the Gallery is designed to bridge the gap between formal science education and the community at large.  Vinay Panjwani, India Concept note: The design of the Aquatic Gallery is inspired by the intricate a... More

Project • By BÖWEOffices

Linklaters Office

Discover the design concept by Bowe for the Linkaters branch in KAFD, Saudi Arabia, inspired by the country’s rich natural landscapes and cultural heritage. This visionary, sustainable workspace is intended to enhance social interactions and learning. The concept features serene cove lighting and elegant furniture set against gracefully curved walls, all in a palette of earthy tones that mirror the surrounding environment. Caption Every aspect of the proposed design for Linkaters reflects a blend of sophistication and sustainability. Lush greenery complements spaces adorned with metro glossy tiles and floors with a concrete look. A bespoke “piece of art” reception counter embodies the theme, while materials like wood... More

Project • By AbodoOffices

Dunlop Hub

Designed by Pac Studio with thermal modelling overseen by VIA Architecture, the form of the Hub is based on an architectural shed with a design that mixes practicality with beauty, resulting in an artfully finished building that still allows for the hands-on nature of the business.  Dunlop Builders and Chris Lea For a company that leads the way in terms of sustainable building, it was important for Dunlop Builders to practise what they preach when creating their own headquarters - and material choices contributed greatly to their ability to do so. Well versed in the benefits of Abodo timbers, having built the Cardrona Cabin and other projects using cladding and screening, Dunlop used Vulcan timber extensively for their Hub. The... More

Project • By FGMFPrivate Houses

Brisa House

The Terrain, in the interior of São Paulo, had a steep slope towards the back, whose orientation is north. To the south, on the façade of access to the lot there is dense forest of preservation on the other side of the access road, a look that also seemed very interesting to us.  Fran Parente Fran Parente The program requested by the client is quite extensive, and in order to create an organization that would allow deep contact with the land, we chose to create a large plateau one level below the access, such as a “buried” ground floor. This large social plateau at level -1, guarantees privacy to the user in relation to the street and ensures that the rooms, at the level of access has a view of the... More

Project • By XBD CollectivePrivate Houses

Solar House

In the heart of Emirates Hills, Dubai, stands Solar House, seamlessly fusing lavishness and a sustainable approach to modern living. This architectural masterpiece, a collaboration between XBD Collective and a forward-thinking family of five, is not only a home but a beacon of green luxury, powered by solar energy. Forbes acknowledged its exceptional features, including a two-story pool, suspended glass bridge, and a USD 95 million price tag. Charly Simon Photo Harmony of Design and Sustainability Covering an expansive 37,550 sq ft, Solar House is a retreat designed to meet the family's vision of green luxury. As you step inside, the warm embrace of modern elegance welcomes you. With ten bedrooms, outdoor pools cascading across two f... More

Project • By Vilhelm Lauritzen ArchitectsHousing

The Marble CIty

The Marbel City is located on Marbel Pier in Copenhagen Harbour. The properties are located on two islands surrounded by canals and harbour areas. They form a spatial hierarchy expressed in wings with towers. Rasmus Hjortshøj The complex is laid out in relation to central urban spaces, daylight, and views of the harbour environment. The 259 homes are positioned so that they all benefit from the views of the harbour area and the canals. Attractive brick and timber surfaces form the framework for the development while creating gentle transitions between the terraces and the quay. There is a hierarchy of private, semi-private and communal leisure zones. Rasmus Hjortshøj Large balconies make it possible to spend time o... More

Project • By Vilhelm Lauritzen ArchitectsHousing

Søgården 'From 4 to 1 planet'

A total carbon footprint of less than 2.5 kg/m2! This project is a research and innovation project that will attempt to build housing with as little CO2 as possible. Søgården will house approx. 44 social housing units in a circular 3-storey building with a large unifying courtyard for the residents. The homes located on the ground floor vary in size from 47 m2 to 60 m2, while the homes with first-floor access span two floors and range from 89 to 115 m2.All homes are accessed from the garden side from either a raised wooden deck or a balcony entrance on the first floor. Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects The building will be constructed without new concrete and raised above ground level so that the ground floor is ventilated on... More

NewsNews • 30 Sep 2023

Industria sets a new horizon for light-industrial innovation in the United Kingdom

Haworth Tompkins unveils Industria, a first-of-its-kind, multi-storey light-industrial building in London. Designed for BeFirst, the regeneration company of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, the structure heralds a transformative chapter in the realm of light-industrial architecture in the United Kingdom. Fred Howarth Spanning over 11,400 square meters and distributed across four levels, Industria embodies a dynamic ecosystem meticulously crafted to nurture and support 45 small and medium-sized enterprises. From compact 20-square-meter units to expansive 450-square-meter spaces, the structure is designed to accommodate a diverse range of light industrial uses. Haworth Tompkins   Fred Howarth The... More

Project • By AR Design StudioPrivate Houses

The Woodland House

Woodland House is a private, bespoke replacement dwelling located in East Devoncompleted in late 2022 by award-winning Winchester-based Architects, AR Design Studio. The clients approached AR seeking to relocate from the hustle and bustle of London to the tranquillity of rural Devon. Their children had left home, meaning that they were able to downsize, and so they were presented with the opportunity to pursue their lifelong dream and create their dream contemporary home. Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Martin Gardner Having previously lived in Grade II listed London properties they were keen to create a high quality new build house that was warm, air tight and most importantly, energy efficient. With now grown up children th... More

Project • By Francesca Lo CascioShops

Blue Bear

A Haven of Imagination: Blue Bear, the Sustainable Kids' Bookstore of the Future In an era where sustainability meets creativity, the future of children's bookstores has arrived. Flocdesign designed Blue Bear with the aim of captivating young minds and inspiring a love for literature.  Caption A Sustainable Oasis of Learning and Play Nestled amidst the bustling city streets, this eco-conscious haven invites families to embark on a delightful journey into the world of books. It's not just a store; it's an enchanting oasis where parents and children can bond over stories, creativity, and eco-friendly surroundings. A Breath of Fresh Air Upon entering, you'll be embraced by an abundance of natural light, filtering through large w... More

Project • By STUDIO DLUXPrimary Schools

Manav Village

Designing the Manav Village Academy is to provide new opportunities for theeducation of many children and teenagers, through plural and planned environments that encourage independence and coexistence among students, parents, teachers, and the community.The school project located in the village of Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, wasbrought to us through Manav, an Indian citizen from Delhi who created a Foundation with a mission to improve the conditions of education and the environment where children in some remote villages of the country live. The school’s founder's main idea was to combine open space for outdoor learning with an L-shaped educational block with two floors - enough to house every child who studies there. Stu... More

Project • By AbodoPrivate Houses

Climate Conscious Showcase

With a goal of creating a climate conscious build, Christopher Wood Architects and Selah Homes partnered with Abodo and chose Abodo’s carbon negative Vulcan timbers for this luxury showhome north of Auckland. Jono Parker In total, the Abodo products used in this home add up to a total carbon store of 3500kg - going a long way to realising the goal. Jono Parker Aesthetically, the timbers give the home a highly finished, contemporary country lodge look, with the upper floor of the home using Abodo Vulcan Cladding with a brushed finish in Protector Ebony, with vertical Vulcan Battens laid over top at even intervals to add some visual depth. Jono Parker Inside, Vulcan Panelling lines one of the key interior spaces, which... More

Project • By AVA Design Pvt. Ltd.Hotels

Storii by ITC Hotels Moira Riviera, Goa

The resort is a "More Hotel" that gives you MORE space per room, More peace and quiet and more private spill out space to each room than can be imagined, with a personal pool and garden in 10 rooms! Its laid-back feel is accentuated on the White undulating plastered finish that evokes shades of Goa being India's Mediterranean. Scooped Out Volumes bring in a bright Orange, representing the local Stone of Laterite, into an otherwise serene colour palate. ITC                                       As a practice we followed world renowned architect Bill Benseley, who famously says that boutique hotels need to = Build Respectful... More