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Project • By Coenen Sättele ArchitectenSocial Housing

Kerkveld, Vaals

Close to the German border in Vaals a social housing project of the early sixties wasn’t up to date anymore. Most residents left the houses before the housing cooperation decided to tear down the 47 small houses. The demolition is done in a way to keep as much material as possible reusable. Coenen Sättele Coenen Sättele The question was to give the area a new, modern architecture look and to realize an ecological and social friendly project. The development of the Vaals Kerkveld project offers four types of social houses for different target groups and a collective garden in the middle, which is connected with the public space by semipublic paths. On the street side of the houses trees and hedges guarantee the int... More

Project • By AbodoHousing

Heron House

The homeowner’s brief was for a small, fun, carefully crafted home. Additionally, it had to be materially interesting and cost effective. For the home’s exterior, Architects Pac Studio chose Abodo Vulcan vertical timber cladding alongside Zincalume® alloy. Combining these elements gives the building the feeling like it has been there forever - a found object, or vernacular shed, weathered by a life well lived. Caption Caption While the Vulcan timber cladding was chosen for its durability, stability and eco credentials (being sourced locally from FSC® certified forests), the Sioo:x Natural Wood Coating was chosen for its muted, weathered finish. Read more about this project here. Caption   More

Project • By Mirko FerrariOffices

e-Frame: Modular Prefabricated Construction in AR

e-FRAME is based on the very simple idea of an innovative structural node and rods that can be combined together at will to create buildings of varied complexity. The system is assembled with dry construction techniques, thus making it suitable for very quick and effective setup of buildings under different climatic conditions and at different latitudes. We have built an immersive experience to let users explore a simple prefabricated housing unit typology in 1:1 scale. The immersive experience has both a VR and an AR component. The VR experience is accessed via a standalone application for Oculus Rift S and allows users to virtually explore the building as a virtual environment More

Project • By AbodoHousing

Te Toka

Designed to withstand the elements including all manner of natural disaster, Te Toka in Queenstown provides a safe and resilient bolthole for its overseas owner. With Abodo Vulcan timber screening in Silicate finish, the house maintains an understated aesthetic that contributes to its desired longevity. The natural Silicate timber finish ages gracefully with exposure to the elements, providing a low-profile and understated silvered look that requires only very minimal refinishing. Read more about this project here. Caption Caption Caption   More

Project • By AbodoHousing

SRG House

Many architects have contributed to the history of this Sydney home, from its original owner and namesake Sir Roy Grounds to the architect who conceived of it in 1972, Stuart Whitelaw, and finally current homeowner and architect Conrad Johnston of Fox Johnston, who has given the home a new lease on life using Abodo eco timbers and an extended floor plan. Choosing Abodo Vulcan WB10 145x20 vertical boards with a Protector Oil Walnut stain in the place of cedar meant creating a similar look to the original cladding but without the pitfalls of stability issues and frequent maintenance. Vulcan Cladding is created using thermally modified New Zealand-grown timber, which along with its patented vertical grain construction gives an enhanced level... More

Project • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversities

Kashmir University Career Planning, Main Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. Suryan//Dang Design FeaturesBuilding designed for formal and informal coaching, mentoring and training to civil service aspirants. Building designed around an all weather atrium space.  Informal interaction and activity planned around the atrium, the first building on campus to have a student centric all weather space. Suryan//Dang Passive Heating & LightingAtrium used as a passive heating device for the building.Windows designed strateg... More

Project • By MC-AOffices

BOOL Headquarters

The challenge presented to MC-A consisted in designing the headquarters of a forward-thinking, custom software development, and consultancy company, that has the motto: “We bring the future into the present”.  Caption This project was envisioned to accommodate a team of IT professionals committed to overcome its clients’ biggest challenges, with innovative and disruptive solutions.  Specifically, the requirements included a work area for 20 workstations, a venue for conferences, formation and team building moments that seated at least 30 individuals, a pantry, and a chill out zone.  Caption Having sorted out the location, in one of the most environmentally friendly buildings of Lisbon, Portugal,... More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsOffices

Tour Saint-Gobain

The Saint Gobain Tower is located in the La Défense business district of Paris. Designed by architects Valode & Pistre, the Tower was designed around the intangible energy source: light. Like the Saint Gobain company, the Tower aims to be sustainable and has been awarded three ecological labels: HQE, BREEAM and LEED. All elements that make up the building have been designed to reduce the environmental impact of the Tower, such as: customised control of light and temperature, natural ventilation ensuring A+ indoor air quality and green balconies for heat protection. The terraces and greenery planters are covered with MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® Decking. Two boards widths are combined, 178 and 137 mm and the use of both smooth an... More

Project • By AbodoHousing

Form 001

Aside from having multiple uses, this pre-fabricated structure by Alberta-based pre-form is designed to fit within many different environments, from a suburban backyard to the depths of a forest, in part due to the subtlety of the Abodo Vulcan Cladding in Nero deep black finish. Vulcan has also been used for the decking for Form 001, giving a cohesive look to the building. Pre-form is looking to expand their offerings with some ideas in the pipeline for larger living spaces and self-contained structures as well as a greenhouse and sauna, all of which will be created using Abodo eco-timber products. Read more about this project here. More

Project • By MOSO Bamboo ProductsApartments

Meier On Rothschild Tower Luxury Apartments

The 'Meier on Rothschild': luxury in Green Building Rothschild – a name that evokes many associations. A main boulevard in Tel Aviv, Israel, also bears this name. The new luxury apartment building, designed by Pritzker award-winner Richard Meier, captures every aspect of the distinctive location. Meier is one of the most celebrated architects and his designs are unique and a benchmark for quality, style and iconic architecture. The Meier on Rothschild Tower is a building of revolutionary architectural design that is redefining the skyline. Not only its appearance, but also its sustainable installation and construction is outstanding: all materials were subject to strict selection criteria. In the outdoor area, around the pools, terra... More

Project • By CCHEWorkshops

Malley Phare

It is the first wood structure tower in French-speaking Switzerland with an active photovoltaic facade.The Malley Viaduct district is labeled Site 2000 watts and the new Malley Phare extension will meet the Minergie-Eco label and comply with the requirements of the SIA 2040 standard. CCHE The project is being executed by Perspectives Construction, in consortium with JPF Ducrest. Through its role as a full service contractor, Perspectives Construction provides turnkey guarantees of on-time and on-budget delivery.Malley Phare, an architectural symbol with a height of 60 meters, is an exemplary object from an energy and socio-cultural point of view. The use of wood from almost exclusively indigenous sources allows us to meet several chal... More

Project • By AARTOffices


Pakhusene (in English 'the Warehouses') brings the sharing economy into the development of residential and office buildings. The result is a sustainable building based on community, benefiting businesses, locals and the city in general. Kontraframe Teeming with life from early morning to late into the eveningPakhusene is a striking and innovative construction project in eastern Aarhus; striking by virtue of its stringent lines, tactile brick facades and 40,000 square metres, and innovative by virtue of its focus on harnessing the many possibilities of the sharing economy, making it a sustainable powerhouse focused on community. It is a powerhouse that is teeming with life from early morning to late into the evening, and it is also the... More

Project • By AARTOffices

The House in the Square

The new office and community centre, The House in the Square, is a vital part of the transformation of the district Viby Syd in Aarhus, Denmark, from a disadvantaged to a mixed district. Many visions have already been realised as part of the development of Viby Syd. And now, as a wooden building with the environment and the individual in mind, the new office and community centre is created to give the district a sustainability boost that will turn it into a healthier and more socially stimulating place to live, work, and to live everyday life. Caption Firstly, the square…With space not only suited for recreation and everyday living, but also for events such as market days and town fairs, the square will transform into a natural... More

Project • By AbodoHousing

Westmere House

With the extension and renovation of a 1940s brick bungalow in Westmere, Jon Smith and the team at Matter Architects have created a low-maintenance, light-filled and spacious home for a family of five. The resulting home fronts the street at three levels with the exterior clad in Abodo Vulcan Cladding in a deep black (Nero finish), creating a contemporary aesthetic that is strikingly juxtaposed against its more traditionally styled neighbours. Abodo Vulcan Screening adds to the clean lines of the home while also ensuring privacy. Read more about this project here. More

Project • By Berrel Kräutler ArchitektenOffices

UVEK Pulverstrasse Ittigen

Since 2006, the administrative centre of the federal authorities in Ittigen has housed agencies of the Swiss Confederation, namely the departments of environment, traffic, energy, and communications. In an open competition for a two-stage expansion by 900 workstations, the jury chose the proposal by Berrel Kräutler Architekten. The existing complex is being extended with logical consistency via a pair of elongated, compact buildings having the same alignment. Emerging is a vibrant campus with rhythmically staggered open areas and pathways. By 2020, the first building was finished, and it is now occupied.   In plan and section, the new seven-story building is clearly structured volumetrically. Configured around a central concrete... More