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Project • By WTA Architecture and Design StudioOffices

Garden City Cavite

The Garden City conceptualizes the use of open areas as gardens with vertically-stacked residential units with greenery hanging vertically through architectural elements. The idea is to return the area occupied by the residential towers in the form of elevated green spaces and pocket green spaces, which creates sightlines and softens edges of the buildings. This allows the development to achieve a high percentage in open or green spaces. The strategic placement of towers between each other allows cross ventilation and promotes passive cooling. Mandarin orchards along the eastern and western wind paths serve as breaks. With varying levels of elevations and open spaces that maximize the vista, the garden city creates a refreshing atmosphere n... More

NewsNews • 5 Nov 2020

Snøhetta's Powerhouse Telemark project embodies sustainability in form

Scandinavian sustainability leaders Snøhetta have completed Powerhouse Telemark, the 4th energy positive building in the Powerhouse series. The Powerhouse concept is the result of a diverse collaboration between Snøhetta and property company Entra, entrepreneur Skanska, environmental organization ZERO, and consulants Asplan Viak, who joined together to combine their expertise in research, design, and engineering to create ‘energy positive’ or ‘Powerhouse’ buildings, which produce more energy than they use as measured across their lifespan. Energy use is measured through energy costs embedded in design, construction, operation, and demolition, as well as the embodied energy held within construction mater... More

Project • By Hewitt Studios LLPShowrooms

Morgan Experience Centre

Hewitt Studios were invited by the Morgan Motor Company to reimagine their ageing Cafe, Museum and Showroom spaces as an exciting new visitor Experience Centre.   The Morgan Motor Company has been making cars on the same site in Malvern England since 1914, employing generations of local craftsman to construct their cars from three reusable and recyclable core elements: ash timber, aluminium and leather. Crucially, Morgan cars are some of the longest living cars on the planet - on request the factory will still produce certain parts for cars dating far back into the first half of previous century!   Consistent with a brand that prides itself on ethical sourcing, natural materials, local craftsmanship and a long-lived legacy, He... More

Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

Ketchum House

Nicknamed “The Old/New House” this was a custom build by David Hennessy of Hennessy Company, design by Chip Maguire of Modern.Organic.Dwelling.Environments.   Product: Pika-Pika 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: BLACKApplication: Residential – ExteriorSF: 2900SFDesigner: M.O.D.E.Builder: Hennessy CompanyDate: November 2019Location: Ketchum, ID   More

Project • By Landon Bone Baker ArchitectsApartments

Tierra Linda

LBBA has been working with Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA) for over 25 years to transform empty lots and rundown buildings into safe, decent housing close to schools, parks, and other services. Together, we have built and renovated over 175 units of affordable housing in Humboldt Park. Tierra Linda, a scattered-site housing project located near the Bloomingdale Trail, has been developed to nurture health and healthy living. In July 2014, LUCHA led an interactive eco-charrette to generate and target sustainability goals for its new wellness-centered housing development. The kick-off event, which brought together members of the design team with the maintenance staff, tenants, and neighbors of the future development, intr... More

Project • By HUBOffices

iok headquarter

The construction of a new head office for the Intercommunity Development Company for the Kempen is part of a master plan for the development of an office and business park at the front of a future science park which borders the ring road around Geel.The master plan is structured around an ensemble of simple buildings that are nonetheless rich in character. The specific formal ratios and mutual positioning of these buildings generate a spatial transition from a vertical and dense construction at the intersection of the ring – the main access route to the city centre – and a horizontal construction adjacent to the agrarian landscape which surrounds the city of Geel.The new head office adopts a prominent position on the site. It is a simple vo... More

Project • By Fiction FactoryOffices


Wikkelhouse is a unique modular concept. Individual standard segments can be simply interlinked with hidden connections to form a (holiday) home or office. Fiction Factory, a creative and innovative company in Amsterdam, can make a Wikkelhouse in any desired style.The base of Wikkelhouse is virgin fiber cardboard, which is made from Scandinavian trees. This top-quality cardboard is wrapped around a unique patented house-shaped mould, while environmentally friendly glue is added. This results in a robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities and structural strength. After wrapping the cardboard each segment is covered with a waterproof but breathable foil. This foil makes sure the cardboard doesn’t get drenched during rain whi... More

Project • By ArchitectureLIVEPrivate Houses

New Build Retirement Property

This backland site was part of a generous 4 bedroomed property that benefits from a mature garden, including listed trees and well established, mature boundary hedging. The site for the new property was chosen by our client for its minimal impact on the existing property. The result is a narrow, east-west orientated building plot, partially encroached by tree root protection zones and existing planting which is to be retained. The building plot also forms a stop-end to an existing 1970s mews, which is a dominant yet incomplete development pattern.Early stage 3D modelling highlighted three key amenity areas with optimum light throughout the day and the seasons. The building design concept was then developed to provide hard edges to avoid imp... More

Project • By BiodomesResidential Landscape

Dome House Biodome

The CETI Dome House is a one-of-a-kind design that combines the modern look of a glass dome with the practicality of a passive house that results in a sustainable eco-friendly home.This 140 square meter dome house is made by merging two domes, one of 10 meters in diameter and one of 5 meters in diameter. The large dome has a mezzanine of 45 sqm of floor space and the smaller dome is a very spacious 18 square meters of bathroom.The building of this dome house is scheduled for the beginning of 2019, with a turn-key budget of 375k euros.The dome is made with a steel frame and triple glazing laminated security Smart Glass which at a push of a button switches back and forth between a clear window panel and a non-transparent opaque panel.The glas... More

Project • By Atelier PRO architektenOffices

Town hall Quarter Deventer

Atelier PRO architects have been selected out of 4 submissions to create the interior design for the new Town Hall Quarter in Deventer. The Deventer municipality has opted for flexibility, sustainability, cooperation and interaction as the major basic principles for this interior. The Town Hall Quarter is situated between the Grote Kerkhof, Polstraat, Burseplein and Assenstraat. The plan partly entails new build (about 15,500 m² Gross Floor Area (GFA)) and partly renovation, restoration and preservation of existing national monuments (about 3,500 m² GFA). The striking new build, according to the design by Neutelings Riedijk architects, respectfully conforms to the existing historic buildings. The municipality aims to set a good example... More
A Place Building
A Place Building

Project • By ASYA DesignOffices

A Place

Manila-based architectural firm ASYA Design has moved in to their 12-storey office building in MOA Complex, a reclaimed developing town located south of Manila. Fittingly named as “A Place”, after its inception from the landscape and seascape ripple forms – an ode to the natural setting before the project was realized. The 23-year old architectural firm is putting their focus on the green market and proving that building green is attainable. ASYA Design’s office headquarters is intended to be a one-stop-shop for the green building market in the Philippines, thus devoting a whole floor to tenants retailing green and sustainable products. The building adapts a “core and shell” concept in its design – a simple but direct approach that... More