The Nakamoto Zourin group is the largest siding mill in Japan and the largest manufacturer of yakisugi (shou sugi ban) in the world. We have managed sugi and hinoki forest in Hiroshima for over 100 years, and have four main mills in Hiroshima and Tokushima prefectures that mill siding and flooring from sugi, hinoki, pine, oak, cherry, cedar, spruce, larch, and other species. 


Nakamoto Zourin Nakamoto Forestry North America distributes jobsite-direct throughout North America from a stocking warehouse and prefinish shop in Portland, Oregon. Nakamoto Forestry Europe distributes throughout the European region from a stocking warehouse in Duesseldorf, Germany.


We are PEFC certified, a chain of custody sustainable forestry compliance standard. Worldwide we mill and ship 650,000~810,000 square feet (60,000~75,000m2) of yakisugi every month, and have a surge capacity double these numbers. We can handle any size project you would like to specify our products for.


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