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NewsNews • 5 Nov 2020

Snøhetta's Powerhouse Telemark project embodies sustainability in form

Scandinavian sustainability leaders Snøhetta have completed Powerhouse Telemark, the 4th energy positive building in the Powerhouse series. The Powerhouse concept is the result of a diverse collaboration between Snøhetta and property company Entra, entrepreneur Skanska, environmental organization ZERO, and consulants Asplan Viak, who joined together to combine their expertise in research, design, and engineering to create ‘energy positive’ or ‘Powerhouse’ buildings, which produce more energy than they use as measured across their lifespan. Energy use is measured through energy costs embedded in design, construction, operation, and demolition, as well as the embodied energy held within construction mater... More

Project • By Hewitt Studios LLPShowrooms

Morgan Experience Centre

Hewitt Studios were invited by the Morgan Motor Company to reimagine their ageing Cafe, Museum and Showroom spaces as an exciting new visitor Experience Centre.   The Morgan Motor Company has been making cars on the same site in Malvern England since 1914, employing generations of local craftsman to construct their cars from three reusable and recyclable core elements: ash timber, aluminium and leather. Crucially, Morgan cars are some of the longest living cars on the planet - on request the factory will still produce certain parts for cars dating far back into the first half of previous century!   Consistent with a brand that prides itself on ethical sourcing, natural materials, local craftsmanship and a long-lived legacy, He... More
Cedars Youth and Community Centre entrance
Cedars Youth and Community Centre
Community space
Sports Hall

Project • By LOM architecture and designCommunity Centres

Cedars Youth and Community Centre

Working in partnership, Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust, Harrow Council and LOM secured government funding and planning permission for the £4.2m community and youth centre in 2008. The centre provides a sports hall, gym, café, social space, all-weather pitch and play area. Inspired by its context within a public park, it features green roofs, timber louvres and stone gabion walls. The energy-efficient design features a solar wall and rainwater harvesting system. The project won two LABC Building Excellence Awards in 2013 for Best Community Building and Best Sustainable Project.  The centre has been a huge community success, and so the Trust reappointed LOM to add an extension that was... More

Project • By Clayton KortePrivate Houses

Keala Ranch

The designs for two houses at Keala Ranch located in Kauai’s North Shore are directly influenced by the Hawaiian landscape, reflecting their place with pragmatic vernacular building systems partnered with the unique characteristics of each location. The houses are thoughtful of their presence within their natural context and neighboring developments, sitting lightly on the land to nestle into the environment, minimizing impact upon the existing greater landscape.  Utilizing innovative and sustainable building systems allows a high degree of craft while using minimal energy. Most importantly, buildings are oriented to celebrate the mild Hawaii climate with a one room wide approach to capture the prevailing breeze and facilitate c... More

Project • By NDAStudioIndividual Buildings

BioCell Skyscraper

Unbalanced development of cities due to the lack of consideration of environmental issues and sustainable development, along with mismanagement, causing serious environmental issues such as excessive carbon emissions, pollutions, heat islands, destroying natural ecosystems. In order to meet the needs of the increasing population of cities, future development is inevitable and among it, the process of environmental degradation and growth of urban ecological footprint will be continued. Continuing this kind of development will be follow by environmental crises such as climate change and global warming. Building industry has an important factor in engender and intensification of these crises. Biological Urban Cell (BioCell) is the solution for... More

Product • By SoundtectCeleste


Fluid and intriguing with its deep undulating curves and dips, Wave brings movement and life to walls, making it a true feature in any room. The depth of panel is designed to give it a high absorption of sound resulting in a super-efficient 1.00 NRC.Made from 100% polyester, with over 70% recycled content. The panels can also be recycled making them an incredible environmentally friendly product.A better way to transform open, sound-challenged spaces into more comfortable environments.Soundtect acoustic panels offer design options that are unusual and stand out, giving designers more choice and flexibility for acoustic applications.The panels are easily wall mounted and can be used to create floating ceilings that absorb sound and enhance s... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturHousing


WAN Future Projects Residential Award, 1st prize.Stadshagen, StockholmIn Stadshagen, close to one of the highest points in Stockholm, the existing built environment is to be supplemented and a new district developed. The new district ends in a steep slope down towards Karlbergskanalen. At the edge of this slope we have designed two buildings for Folkhem, which in many respects exists on the boundary between city and nature.The buildings are clearly divided into two parts, with a base of light concrete and an upper massive wooden volume. Along the new street, the buildings stand in an urban context. In the buildings' ground floors the concrete plinth is modeled and creates generous storefronts that open onto small square formations, which be... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturPrivate Houses


The magazine ARKITEKTURENS DEBUTANTPRIZE 2007Grimeton, VarbergThe nature reserve of Grimeton is part of Åkulla beech woods area east of the city of Varberg. It is a dramatic nature where the forester’s house and service building are solitarily placed.The forester’s house is quietly functional with its dark and reserved facade where only the entrance breaks the otherwise austere exterior. At the end of the walk along the ridge towards the house, a sight line through the entrance and the building provides a first glimpse of the magnificent view of the woods and the lake, which with its mist creates an almost bewitching atmosphere.The two volumes in tarred wood stand on an open foundation and are refined by details in cast in place concrete, z... More

Project • By Chiangmai Life ArchitectsAuditoriums

Bamboo Sports Hall

Chiangmai Life Architect’s Bamboo Sports Hall for Panyaden International School combines modern organic design, 21st century engineering and complete environmental sustainability through the use of bamboo.  The design was based on the lotus flower which embodies the Buddhist teachings that are at the heart of the School’s vision. The brief was to build a hall that should be big enough to hold the projected capacity of 300 students, but still smoothly integrates with the previous earthen and bamboo buildings of the school as well as the natural hilly landscape of the area. It should provide modern sports facilities and use only bamboo to maintain the low carbon footprint and the “Green School” mission of Panyaden. The hall covers an are... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerResidential Landscape

In der Wiesen Süd

The housing complex In der Wiesen Süd consists of five buildings arranged on the site in order to create a serene environment for the inhabitants. The area opens wide towards the north and closes more densely towards the south, where it allows visual perspectives on the street.The group in the southern area is developed by ARTEC architects, while Dietrich | Untertrifaller designed the three buildings in the northern part. In the green space to the north, these buildings form a central and quiet area for the residents. The two six-storey buildings take the shape of a flattened hexagon around a hollow core. The numerous balconies offer each apartment different views of the park and the city. The rooms on the ground floor and on the garden lev... More

Product • By KOSA bambooBamboo door and window frames

Bamboo door and window frames

Bamboo interior window and door frames.Produced out of bamboo beams. A sustainable way to reduce the usage of hardwood in interior. Highly compressed bamboo strands give these modern frames the look of a high grade dark wood grain. Available in different colors and sizes and well combined with bamboo stairs and flooring. More

Project • By G M MOORE & ASSOCIATESIndividual Buildings

South Downs Eco House

Eco friendly replacement dwelling in South Downs National Park, South East England More

Project • By Kaminsky ArkitekturResidential Landscape

Vallastaden Plus Energy House

In Linköping a new district is built for the 2017 Swedish housing fair, Vallastaden. Here Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture has designed Sweden’s largest residential plus energy house to date. The solution means that the houses produce more energy than they use, the surplus is sold back to the grid. Solar cells on the roof provide the building with electricity. Because the Vallastaden district is brand new, it was natural for us to look to the old city for inspiration.For the apartment building we  looked at the beautiful window framings which are typical of the stone city, and which often varied from floor to floor. Our reinterpretation of the windows resulted in a modern variant with brass coloured frames in expanded metal. The house,... More

Project • By Kaminsky ArkitekturApartments

Kvillebäcken Apartment Building

Östra Kvillebäcken is designed as a dense and vibrant neighbourhood with a strong focus on sustainability. Therefore, it is a Miljöbyggnad Silver certified neighborhood. Our buildings find inspiration in the inner city and its urban qualities. Artistic decoration related to the location and material treatment gives the buildings their own contemporary identity. The Housing estate forms a green oasis with islands of activity. There are natural meeting places with different themes along the pathway that leads visitors through the neighborhood. The communal hall is a place for celebration, overnight stay or meetings. Adjacent to this room is also a communal facility in the yard with l... More

Project • By OIII architecten bvOffices

La Serre Numerique, Valenciennes

In the French northern city of Valenciennes, La Serre Numérique has been completed. The building has a large number of functions for research and education in the field of design and application of “virtual reality”. Three internationally renowned education programs have been brought together here, in addition to research facilities, and a center for starting companies. As a generator of economic development, this project is of large strategic importance to the region.A parade of living paintingsIn the design, the relationship between a virtual world and reality is a central theme, as a connection between form and function. The spatial organization and the appearance of the building are determined by a regular pattern of patios and atria. T... More