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NewsNews • 9 Jun 2021

Hanging House integrates country retreat with the local ecosystem

Elevated from the natural ground level, Hanging House by Casa Container Marilia is raised from the natural ground level of its site in the Sao Paulo state in Brazil. Surrounded by native trees, windows are at the level of the treetops and balconies blend in with the branches. The earth remains largely untouched, preserving drainage and root dynamics, which were not harmed due to the minimal use of concrete foundations.   Celso Mellani The concept is that of a country house integrated with the local ecosystem, placing sustainability and recyclability at the fore. A construction system of recycled maritime containers was thus adopted. In total 80% of materials used in the build come from recycled sources. Celso Mellani Common... More

Project • By Romero Vallejo Senior Housing

Vitápolis. Senior cohousing

Over several years, Romero Vallejo has been designing an apartment complex to be a retirement community. Our society is getting older and that is forcing us to find housing solutions for the elderly. Places where they can find community and maintain their dignity, privacy, and independence. We advised our clients to come together as a cooperative and decided to call the group Vitápolis. We are building an apartment complex with 35 units and  1.500m2 of common area. On the ground floor, there will be living rooms, a gym, a bar, restaurants, and more. On the roof there will be several urban gardens and a swimming pool. Our purpose is to create apartments with soul, homes that will care for the people who are going to live in th... More

Project • By ASAS arkitekturResidential Landscape

Notodden Housing

asas arkitektur, Atsite and Fragment (formerly Eriksen Skajaa architects) were prequalified for the planning and design competition for the development of a headland at the Tinnelven outlet into the Heddal water. Previously site for Tinfoss ironworks in Notodden. The task was to outline a residential area and a building with eight interconnected apartments for disabled children.The main grip is a step-by-step transition through neighborhoods to the landscape room and the water via good lines of sight and varied typology from point houses, slats to terraced houses. The odds are flood exposed, the sketch facilitated public flexible public spaces at the lower level below the flood level that caters to the footpath along the headland, whic... More

Project • By Mirck ArchitectureResidential Landscape

daylighthouse 2

The site of Daylighthouse 2 is next to the huge lake IJsselmeer. In between the lake and the house is a beautiful swamp for birds. Almere planned row houses on this location and the town house is the end of a row facing south west. Mirck Architecture translated the wishes of the client into a wooden cube of 9 by 9 by 9 meter. The facade, inner space and climate are influenced by sunlight and daylight. The particular structure of the cube is shown everywhere and continued in the plot wall and the shed.The ground floor living space is fully glazed to the south and west side. The sun protection is created by the cantilevered bedroom volume above. To the north, a split level opens the inner space, creating voids. In the voids special shiny roun... More

Project • By Studio Arthur CasasHousing


The Syshaus House comes to the market bringing a new concept to live with quality, practicality and sustainability - not only ideals, but effective practices. The structural system is composed of standardized types of pillar, beam, joint node and screw, which when combined result in different configurations of plants and programs, within a limit of up to three floors, either in a flat or sloped terrain. The external and internal coverings, such as floors, walls and linings, are also conceived as part of a docking system. In this way, the residence is entirely assembled in the lot, without generating waste or consuming natural resources such as water - abundantly wasted in conventional construction.Baptized as ‘ecosystemic’, the construction... More