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Product • By ImprontaMAXIMA 80


MAXIMA 80 is a laminated wooden window that combines tradition and refined design. An excellent light transmission and an appreciated insulation enhance this wooden window which is available in the different essences of fir, larch, red grandis and oak. The resistant hardware and the standard tilt and turn sash complete this solution, adding practicality to the aesthetics. More

Product • By ImprontaMAXIMA 70


MAXIMA 70 is the Impronta wooden window with traditional yet modern character. A solution available in different finishes that offer considerable potential for use in architecture, helping to create warm and welcoming environments. Like others Impronta proposals, Maxima 70 effectively balances maximum safety and comfort, giving the possibility to choose between different types of wood – fir, larch, red grandis and oak – and four glazing bead profiles.   More

Project • By AbodoPrivate Houses

Cantilever House

Originally built in 1976, this Washington DC home was redesigned with large scale windows and cantilevered forms to capitalise on sunlight and views of the tree-lined property. When it came to cladding, Abodo Vulcan in a Teak coating was specified to further blend the home with its natural setting.Designed by architect Patrick Brian Jones, this home’s most prominent feature is the glazed living area, which floats over the garden, bringing the branches of the established surrounding trees almost within touching distance.This welcoming of the outside in is furthered by the use of clear vertical grained timber cladding, finished in a rich Teak tone that echoes the colours of the trees. Made from FSC® certified, thermally modified Ne... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNApartments


Size: 1400 sq.ft The Half Arc House, located in one of the most opulent skyscrapers in the heart of South Bombay, is rewarded with a stunning uninterrupted view of the Arabian sea on one end and the city on the other. The tower, complete with a lavish swimming pool and gym, captures the essence of luxury living. The Half Arc House is mindfully designed to magnify the luxury living experience.The Half Arc House gets its moniker from the many quarter -circles that exist in it. The first—a textured and painted arc—is seen right where the entrance meets the main L-shaped living area, and frames that room.In the guest bedroom, the arc presents itself within the teak wood and all black, back painted glass cupboards. And the bow appe... More

Project • By SHROFFLEóNHousing


Size: 6000 sq. ft. Located in a picturesque Parsigated community, in the suburbs of Mumbai, the House of two Courtyards is enveloped by green open space, a luxury available to but a selected few in the city. Surrounded primarily by single storey bungalows and open grounds, the house is rewarded with uninterrupted views of perennial verdant landscape.   The 6000 sq ft house, home to a young couple and their children, sits abutting the already existing home inhabited by the couple’s parents with only a common garden separating the 2 structures. Taking advantage of this uniquely advantageous site condition, the house orients itself, rather unconventionally, not to the front facing the communal greens but rather to the existing fa... More

Project • By e.Re studioPrivate Houses

PRV A131 house

Challenging task to create a contemporary house in an long east facing land parcel. The idea is to have most of the rooms on ground floor with blocks of garden to be infused with natural light & ventilation. Using some of the finest teak material available in the island of Java, Indonesia, the interior space creates a warm & contrast ambience from its cold unmarked modern geometric exterior shape.   Material Used :1. Legrand – electrical 2. Philips - lighting3. Toto – sanitary wares4. Hansgrohe – sanitary fittings5. Niro – granitile  More

Project • By OnionHotels

Baan Pomphet

The inspirations for Baan Pomphet’s exterior design come from the quality of the site and its surrounding, namely an ancient monument “Pom Phet”. By “quality of the site”, it is meant the best location that overlooks a scenery where the “Pa Sak River” meets the “Chao Phraya River”. Water hyacinth normally float up and down these rivers and cover the entire surface of the water in summer mornings. What is special about this movement is the whirlpool where the two rivers meet. It is rare to find such scenery elsewhere. When we compose the layout of the buildings and all the decks including the riverfront deck, we are concerned about the view for all guests: how to share the best view as mu... More

Project • By Studio Piet BoonPrivate Houses

Beach Residence Bonaire

Situated on a steep plot between the street and the sea on the island of Bonaire, the design for this villa uses the natural level difference in the plot as part of the design identity. Along the street side a modest one-story structure opens up to expose two stories opening to the sea. The two-floor home is designed with a mix of a traditional and modern touches, with a wooden sloping roof for the main volume and sleek and straight shapes with flat roofs that reach out to the outdoor spaces. The terraces are for the most part covered and under the same roof as the interior, so that inside and outside are strongly connected. Wooden decks connect the house with the pier extending the connection to the sea.   Material Used: 1. Local s... More

Project • By Mert Uslu MimarlıkPrivate Houses

Koray Arslan House

The building, located in the 934 m2 plot in Yelki (Güzelbahçe), shows itself with a linear plan between the ancient pine and olive forests surrounding it. The building, which lies on the parcel with a 240 cm elevation difference on the east-west axis, creates different spatial perceptions in the interior with its two and three-storey gallery spaces, and gives clues about the traces of the daily flow in the house. At this point, the structure turns into a scene integrated with nature, which is added to the daily life of its user.   The stage is extremely permeable and bright in common areas. Transparent glass facades in the large span continue along the two-storey gallery in the hall. The consoles of 4.5 meters on the sout... More

Project • By Champalimaud DesignPrivate Houses

Naples Residence

When Champalimaud Design was invited to renovate the Naples Residence, a Florida vacation home, the primary goal was to create an elevated and inviting retreat for their client. Built a few years prior by the client themselves, the previous iteration of the home was overwhelmed with a colour palette that worked against itself. Whilst the property contained priceless objet and character filled architectural elements, it lacked an overall harmony. This inspired the studio to create a unified and singular narrative and design a secondary home that felt just as formal and refined as their main residence, yet functional for their coastal lifestyle.   With Mediterranean-inspired architecture, the oceanside Florida vacation home features un... More

Project • By Ming ArchitectsHousing

Sunset House

The site for this bungalow house lies at a busy road junction in western Singapore with a long view axis towards the main road. An L-shaped building layout plan creates a private garden at the rear corner of the site. The architectural concept of the building lies in its linear mass which cradles this inner sanctuary, with views from the living and kitchen spaces on the ground storey centred towards the green landscaping. Studio Periphery The intersection of building volumes also create view openings, and covered outdoor areas on the first storey as extensions of the living spaces. As part of tropical living in the local climate, air, natural light and greenery are allowed to penetrate the house through the use of large openings and s... More

Project • By SAV Architecture + DesignPrivate Houses

MOON House

Inspired from the sinuous curved forms and raw texture of the lunar landscape, the Moon House is part of a trilogy of three houses located in the northern tropical seaside state Goa in western India.   The design for the Moon House was inspired to bridge the feel of Tropical Modernist like Bawa with the fluid and dynamic lines like of ZahaHadid, so that the architecture of the house is constantly shifting and shaping between nature and space allowing it to blend seamlessly with its surroundings.   Formed around a louvered courtyard of existing trees, the Moon House is defined by its subtle curved entrance and its black grey textured facade of local black slate stone. The fluid in-situ concrete steps contrast with the warmth of... More

Project • By 932 Design ConsultantsPrivate Houses


The interior space challenges the unequaled potential of dark hues and the dramatic effect it can bring forward with the contrast of warm wood texture. Strong use of black profile and natural wood tone amplifies the language of masculinity, rawness and simplicity to mute the plain volume, soft lighting form create drama within the interior ‘shell. The hue of symmetrical black colour feature further defines different part of the space with visual interest.   Material Used :1. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Top Portion -10mm Diameter Solid oak woodFeature profile. 2. Customized Bedhead Feature carpentry – Bottom Portion - Panaplast brand Ash white anti finger print laminate for lower bedhead panel. 3... More

Project • By EnvisagePrivate Houses


Often when individuals see the contemporary homes of today, homeowners are mesmerized by the aesthetic, functional designs of the residence, and the latest trends. Yet there is an inkling that something that isn’t whole. Designers and their clientele often glance over the importance of staying grounded and being touch with one’s roots.   Traditional methods, materials, and design elements are often ignored to achieve a modern look.  However, Anubhuti, a residence designed by Envisage, takes the traditional designs, elements, textures and augments them in a modern residence for a South Indian family. The brief of this residence was to design a residence for a family of Kerala Iyers, and to create a space which would b... More

Project • By Salagnac ArquitectosPrivate Houses

Casa Guayacán

Casa Guayacán is located in the mountainous foothills of Nosara. The property is surrounded by primary tropical forests and presents a splendid ocean view.   This house was designed by a couple of architects (Evangelina Quesada and Lucca Spendlingwimmer), who decided to move to the mountain with their two daughters to enjoy the tranquility that the mountain offers.   Casa Guayacán was conceived under a deep process of discussion between both architects, with different ideas and tastes at times, but with the advantage that both architects are lovers of contemporary tropical architecture and in this respect they agreed and were able to capture the concepts they have developed in common throughout their professional... More