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Half arc house

SHROFFLEóN as Architects

Size: 1400 sq.ft

The Half Arc House, located in one of the most opulent skyscrapers in the heart of South Bombay, is rewarded with a stunning uninterrupted view of the Arabian sea on one end and the city on the other. The tower, complete with a lavish swimming pool and gym, captures the essence of luxury living.

The Half Arc House is mindfully designed to magnify the luxury living experience.The Half Arc House gets its moniker from the many quarter -circles that exist in it. The first—a textured and painted arc—is seen right where the entrance meets the main L-shaped living area, and frames that room.In the guest bedroom, the arc presents itself within the teak wood and all black, back painted glass cupboards. And the bow appears yet again in the master suite within thepink shelving unit behind the bed.However, it isn’t just this idiosyncratic symbol that makes the apartment lavish. Among those reasons is that, at 1,400 sq ft, this city home is intended for the use of just one occupant—which is a luxury in itself. Add to that, as per the client’s wish, the original three bedrooms have been broken down and converted into just two suites with rather generous layouts.

The client's brief was realised by creating an expansive master suite, complete with a master bath, a spacious walk-in wardrobe and a dedicated shoe room. Being the primary residence of a young and single business woman, the apartment has been curated to give a homely, feminine appeal with a quirky look and feel. This was achieved by using certain geometries—the half arc, in particular—as well as a rich yet restrained material palette, that works in contrasting pairs, in both colour and texture.Several sumptuous touches are crafted throughout the abode.

In the primary living area, surrounded by plush accents and accessories, and beside a cosy balcony, is a television set concealed within a primary shelving element. The shelving unit is the feature element of the space, with its bespoke textured brass facade, designed to stand out against the ebony, half arc shelves behind it.With the shelving unit, the homeowner has the freedom to alter the facade of the room as per her requirements.

The selected furniture and furnishings are all sourced from Europe, from the most covetable brands in the world. Think Boca Do Lobo, Tom Dixon, Baxter, Serip and Reflex Angelo, to name a few—all of which are unabashedly luxurious. These global luxury brands have been paired with indigenouslocal 
Select an area to comment on luxury brands including Scarlet Splendor and Jaipur Rugs, and can be seen from the very moment one steps through the front doors.With its lavish spaces, its unique yet refined material palette, and plush furniture, the Half Arc House is designed to offer a luxury living experience like no other.

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