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NewsNews • 22 Apr 2023

UNStudio unveils plans for Nanjing’s new mixed-use hub: sustainability, innovation & work at one-stop

Dutch architectural practice UNStudio visualises a new K.Wah G72 mixed-use development in Nanjing as a people-centric destination where culture and sustainability play a central role in the everyday lives of residents and visitors alike. The proposed design concept is conceived as a dynamic riverfront community with a lush and low-density work-live environment that will add a fresh vibrancy to the city while presenting itself as a focal point for culture, innovation, and finance. UNStudio A Green Corridor The new project, divided into four plots by the main river and the planned road, is set along the central urban and economic development axes in the Hexi New District and linked to the Metro Rail Transit to the north and the coas... More

NewsNews • 11 Apr 2023

UNStudio completes an innovatory and future-proof interfaculty teaching building for TU Delft

Echo is an innovatory interfaculty teaching building completed by UNStudio for TU Delft, the oldest and largest technical university in the Netherlands. A fresh and gleaming structure, the Echo building prizes energy efficiency, flexible teaching, movement, and collaboration as part of a future-proof concept. For TU Delft, the new building has the best energy balance on its campus: generating more energy than is uses, Echo is a key part of the university’s ambition to be fully sustainable by 2030. Evabloem Design that is flexible and engaging The design for Echo arises from TU Delft’s growing student population and the need for additional educational facilities. Promoting a flexible approach to teaching, the new build... More

NewsNews • 8 Apr 2022

UNStudio completes the new HQ for the creators of K-Pop

YG Entertainment, the producers of K-Pop, engaged UNStudio to design their brand new headquarter building in Seoul, which since its completion has become a hub for fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the latest K-Pop stars. Rohspace The new HQ is located on a site that borders two very different conditions. To one side is a  low-density housing area, while on the other side the HQ faces a dense network of highways and bridges and overlooks a large green park with a river. This positioning largely informs the design with the building orientation and interior organization arranged to maximize views. The seven office levels are oriented to take best advantage of natural light as well as views over the park.  Meeting and collabor... More

NewsNews • 21 Dec 2021

UNStudio completes the Shanghai Jiuguang Center

Situated in the middle of a bustling Shanghai neighbourhood, the recently completed Shanghai Jiuguang Center offers an advanced commercial ecosystem with a customer-friendly atmosphere. The center was conceived as an all-in-one destination for social gathering and a space where culture and commerce merge.  Aaron & Rex The project is a collaboration between UNStudio and Nihon Sekkei with Nihon Sekkei developing the retail center’s outer shell and UNStudio adding their expertise in developing the mall as a placemaking destination for customers and the wider community.  Aaron & Rex Central to UNStudio’s task was the creation of a curated shopping experience for different users. The result is a synergy... More

Project • By UNStudioPassenger Terminals

Blagoveshchensk Cable Car Terminal Station

Connecting Russia and China with the first ever cross border cable car - UNStudio’s design selected for the Blagoveshchensk Cable Car.   Following the completion of cable car designs forthe cities of Gothenburg and Amsterdam, UNStudio was recently selected as the winner in the competition for the first ever cross border cable car, which will carry passengers across the Amur River to connect Russia and China.   Following a vision round involving 12 practices in the invited competition managed by Strelka KB, UNStudio and Coop Himmelb(l)au were selected to submit design proposals for the Blagoveshchensk Terminal Station in Russia for the second phase.Strelka KB were also responsible for the economic and functional model of the Cable Car Termin... More

Project • By UNStudioMasterplans

Karle Town Centre Masterplan

According to economists, we are currently living in the ‘Indian Century’, and Bangalore - with its moniker as the Silicon Valley of India, due to the large number of information technology companies based in the city - finds itself at the epicenter of this rapid growth.Within this thriving Tech Hub, UNStudio has designed the new Karle Town Centre (KTC), while UNSense - the arch tech company founded by UNStudio - is collaborating with Karle Infra to curate the use of sensorial technologies throughout the masterplan. KTC is a development that aims to define Bangalore locally and inspire the whole of India to ‘lead by example’ when designing future urban destinations.Karle Town Centre, which is currently under construction, enjoys a direct con... More

Project • By Intos Interior SolutionsOffices


In December of 2018 INTOS Interior Solutions has produced the interior of the refurbished lobby of the UNStudio Tower on the South Axis in Amsterdam. A unique project that was realized in close collaboration with the architects of UNStudio.Customer inquiry In 2017 the owner of the multi-tenant building, Union Investment, decided to modernize the lobby. UNStudio, also the architect of the building itself, won the design assignment for the lobby. The design was very complex and unique and required a lot of technical expertise. Therefore they asked INTOS to be involved in the realization of the design.The project consists of a large chandelier, a veneered three-dimensional reception desk, veneered seating elements, planters made of Corian... More

Project • By USM Modular FurnitureExhibitions

Making Places

Our JourneyWhere is the boundary between home and work today? Over the past year USM and UNStudio have been looking for it. From building absurd domestic rooms for the PlayGround at Salone del Mobile in Milan to building scenarios at the WorkHouse in Berlin, we’ve identified the drivers which are changing the way people work and live today, in order to paint a clearer picture of the future.What surprised us is that few people want to keep home and work separate. Work is more fun when we choose where to carry it out – it gives us freedom and self-determination. As such a third space is emerging between home and work - co-workspaces, cafes, hotel lobbies and libraries - where we work collectively alongside people we don’t know.While diverse i... More

Project • By UNStudioOffices

Brainport Brandevoort Smart District

UNStudio designs a flexible spatial plan for ‘The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World’ – aunique Dutch initiative for future livingUNStudio has designed the urban vision for ‘The Smartest Neighbourhood in the World’, which is currently being developed in Helmond’s Brandevoort District in the Netherlands. Rather than as a pre-determined fixed plan, UNStudio’s urban vision describes a flexible grid that is developed per the users’ demand. The new neighbourhood is planned based on the latest insights and techniques in the areas of ​​circularity, participation of (future) inhabitants, social cohesion and safety, health, data, new transport technologies and independent energy systems. All of these facets will contribute to the creation of a sus... More

Project • By UNStudioMasterplans

Masterplan Eunma Housing Development

Ben van Berkel / UNStudio and Heerim have won the competition for theresident-driven Eunma Housing Development in SeoulUNStudio in collaboration with Heerim have won the competition to design the 32 tower masterplan for the EunmaHousing Development in Daechi-Dong, Seoul.The approach of the residents, which involves the complete redevelopment of their current homes into a new and future orientated eco design, is seen as a blueprint for resident-driven development projects.Ben van Berkel: “Designing a scheme for a resident-driven development is particularly interesting because you are responding directly to the needs of an established community. They know the strengths and requirements of the area and how they want to see their community deve... More

Project • By UNStudioBanks

TBC Forum

The design for the new TBC Forum - located in Tbilisi, Georgia - proposes a transition from the traditional closed and introverted working model previously favoured in the banking industry, to­ward a flexible, open and responsive system. The new TBC Forum proposes a cultural hub that will act as a catalyst for the development of a new area of the city, promoting socio-economic development through the creation of a financial knowledge centre and innovation platform.Destination and JourneyThe location of the new headquarters acts as a key driver for the design. Within the natural setting of the Lisi Lake resort, the TBC Forum merges work, culture and nature and becomes an integrated part of a green journey from the Georgian capital throu... More

Project • By balloon architekten ZT-OGUniversities

Theater im Palais

The campus of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz is located close to the city center in Palais Meran, the former residence of Archduke Johann, dating from 1841. Together with MUMUTH, the university’s house of music and concert hall designed by UNStudio, and the former horse stables, which are now home to Theater im Palais (TIP), it forms a square.In 2011 balloon won a competition aiming at renovating TIP, which is home to the drama department, and redesigning the square linking Palais, MUMUTH and TIP.balloon always try to look at the bigger picture when they start working on a project. Their work is based on a context-sensitive approach towards existing buildings and their surroundings. In this particular case, the urban plann... More

Project • By UNStudioTheaters

The Lyric Theatre Complex

The Lyric Theatre Complex is a celebration of the world of theatre as an integrated and inviting place of performance and social gathering. The Lyric Theatre Complex is located in the West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, an ambitious 40 hectare waterfront cultural quarter which combines open public space with a wide range of cultural venues. Here museums, theatres and concert halls intermingle to create a vibrant district for Hong Kong, where different disciplines within the arts can interact, collaborate, innovate and develop.Alongside the wide variety of cultural offerings, the District also comprises a mixed-use residence, office buildings, and 23 hectares of public space and squares, all of which are connected along a two k... More

Project • By UNStudioTrain stations


From Amsterdam to Frankfurt in 53 minutesUNStudio partners with Hardt Hyperloop and presents its vision for the Station of the Future.The UNStudio Futures Team (UNSFutures) presented its vision for the ‘Station of the Future’ at the first edition of HyperSummit, which took place in Utrecht, the Netherlands and was organised by Hardt Hyperloop. The first edition of the HyperSummit was focused on urgency, research and collaboration, with numerous partners speaking about their contribution to the possibilities for realising the European hyperloop.Special attention was also devoted to the kick-off study of the Hyperloop Implementation Programme (HIP), a study which looks at implementation questions relating to the Amsterdam-Frankfurt project.Ur... More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyOffices

Jing'an Ronghui Plaza

Jing’an Ronghui Plaza consists of two towers, one high-end residential buildings and serviced apartments. The programme is distributed within four individual volumes. The residential and office towers - linked by a ground floor retail layer - are placed across the site to optimise sun orientation and reduce the casting of shadows on the plot, while simultaneously reducing impact on the surrounding buildings. The facade design for Jing’an Ronghui Plaza was developed around two principle elements. The horizontal ribbons that wrap around balconies and facade openings and the vertical shifts in the ribbons towards the main street which add a vertical articulation to the buildings and ground them on the site. Large glass openings a... More