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Project • By SsD architecture + urbanismCultural Centres

White Block Gallery

The White Block Gallery is a 1500m2 exhibition and cultural space at the heart of the Heyri Art Valley in South Korea. A matrix of 3 solid gallery volumes carefully positioned creates 7 additional galleries in a compact but open ended configuration. Designed to showcase global contemporary art from super sized sculpture and paintings to multi-media installations, the spaces are unique in proportion and lighting allowing curators to accommodate new future forms of art and media. Integration with the landscape of the prominent lake-front site is also of crucial importance: The result places the intense and controlled experience of art side-by-side with informal social and landscape interactions. Passive heating and ventilation are integrated... More

Project • By I.R.A./international royal architectureHousing

House of ISM

A site is Isumi,Chiba,Japan. It is the area developed on a large scale as resort property of a bubble period near by from the sea. Most of other sites are untouched and the owner of land and right relocation of a site boundary or a road are not certain. This cottage for a client who likes fishing stands to a site like a vast weeds place. Neither the sea nor a mountain nor beautiful green can necessarily be seen from here. The impressive house that has the form of the white arrow was built to the site without an important context. The form which is not recklessly opened outside to a large site, but is opened inside considered that we were suitable. For example, the inner terrace and the deep terrace under the eaves which... More

Project • By Bamboo studioPrivate Houses


Apartment's block short dimensions (400m2) and his perfect rectangular shape gave us the possibility of using pure geometric shapes for the planimetry of the residence which is located in a little country in the province of Brescia. A new primitive volumetric shape comes out, drawn by the context needs and internal spaces functions. Windows seems to be obtained from a sharp cutting: the white surface, conceived as a white paper sheet, lets the natural light comes in throw this new concept of outlet. The same cutting procedure has been used for creating a new volumetric hollow that generates new boundaries between inside and outside: a new kind of lights and colors illuminate the interior spaces of the area. More

Project • By Architrend ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Residenze multiple

The houses are located in Marina di Ragusa at the edge of a panoramic site that slopes towards the sea. It is a complex of 19 units that insist on lots of 500 sqm approx. There are two types of housing: -a duplex with living area on ground floor in direct contact with the garden, and a sleeping area with the bedrooms on the first floor. -the other type involves the entire surface of the accommodation on the ground floor with the living areas in continuity with the garden and sea views. The sloped site has located a terraced arrangement of buildings. Duplex houses along the street are designed as two juxtaposed volumes rotated 90 ° each other and the volume of the first level leaps to the entrance. The succession of thes... More

Project • By n-lab architectsPrivate Houses


No description More

Project • By APOLLO Architects and AssociatesPrivate Houses


Located on Mount Kamakura, this site boasts a stunning view overlooking Sagami Bay. The clients, a husband-and-wife couple who had been living in a high-rise condominium in downtown Tokyo, fell in love with the location at first sight, taking an instant liking to the view and the lush green surroundings, and decided to move here. The husband is a keen architecture buff who went on architectural tours throughout Europe to see buildings while he was working in the UK, and decided to commission a new residence with an attached workshop for his wife. Accordingly, we decided to create a modern piece of architecture whose every detail would convey a uniquely Japanese aesthetic to the international guests who would visit. The house consists of... More

Project • By Artau ArchitecturesOffices

Renovation of the artau offices

The renovation of this ancient adjoining joiner's workshop fulfils mainly two objectives: - Increase the surface that is necessary for our professional activities while keeping the architectural specificities of the existing building and its urban context. - Being an exemplary project for our know-how in the field of buildings with low energy consumption and presenting a reduced ecological footprint. On the ground floor, the desks are organised in an « open space », the workspaces of each activity sector are defined by storage cabinet units of low height. The first floor is foreseen for relaxation (small living room, kitchen) and the production of models. The spatial connection between the renovated ancient joiner's workshop and... More

Project • By [i]da ArquitectosPrivate Houses

DJ House

A central patio divides the house into two parts and organizes the interior spaces: on the west side, an open horizontal space to the garden receives the dining room and the kitchen; on the east side, a vertical space, located at a lower level in relation to the public route to ensure domestic privacy, receives the living room. Large apertures establish the contact between interior and exterior.In the horizontal space the relationship is made by the continuity with the gardenwhile in the vertical space is the blue sky that dominates the entire landscape. The private areas, one suite and two bedrooms, are located in the upper level as well as the access to the roof terrace. The simplicity of the facades contrasts with the complexity of... More

Project • By Quadrante ArquitecturaHousing

Troia Peninsula Housing

To draw a housing where comfort, modernity, functionality and maximization of the space occupation can reign, guaranteeing that it is intensely lived in the past and in the future, and also resolving the necessities of those who come to inhabit it. The single-family two storey Tróia housing exhibits formal and material sobriety, as a result of a game between two volums and the addition and subtraction of those, where the ratio and metrics delineate the interior and exterior space. Thus, the slope roof volume edge away from the front sidewalk “retracting himself”, endowing an ample exterior space on the swimming pool to the housing. This white concrete “skin” volume opens into two windows to the street and is in this wall where the color... More


White Monolith

Description Follows. More

Project • By Paul McAneary ArchitectsHousing


Brief & Concept Design The clients requested a large space for their young family’s life. Paul McAneary Architects responded with an open-plan design concept, to remove all of the internal walls of the existing building without any trace of columns nor beams and to create a seamless connection from the entrance right through to the garden. A faceted ceiling-scape was designed to force light deeper into the ground floor plan. Storage space is vital to be discrete in the open plan so PMA excavated a vault below the ground floor and the kitchen’s perimeter became storage walls whose doors repeat a vertical and tranquil rhythm throughout. By utilizing Ikea carcasses hidden behind bespoke high quality lacquered doors PMA managed to keep to budg... More

Project • By S.DREI Architektur. Atelier Armin StockerOffices

White in Paris.

The executive search company Neumann International currently directs a growing number of headquaters worldwide. In order to create a consistant image S.DREI Architektur was assigned to design an architectural Corporate Identity that would take into account the surrounding conditions and parameter fundamentals for the spatial adaption of these rented offices on every location or site. The creative overall concept takes into consideration a spectrum of possible prerequisites; the offices are situated in modern high-rise buildings similar to that of a historical palace, their size ranges between 150 and 900 sq m, and because they are rented premises, the interventions made will be designed in such a way that all changes can be reversed... More

Project • By Raimondo GuidacciApartments

White House

The project for this small detached house at Orsara di Puglia, is the outcome of a close collaboration between client and architect (lengthy discussion between brothers, to be precise). It is a very simple volume: a white cube measuring 10 meters on each side, excavated, squared, geometrical, apparently abstract, but actually similar to many buildings in the countryside of Foggia. A simple elementary volume, in contrast to the complex and highly articulated surrounding houses. The house, whit access provided by a long pedestrian ramp, on a tall base faced with local stone. A loggia rising to its full height precedes the entrance to the residence, whose ground floor opens, through large sliding windows, onto the garden around it. The upper f... More