Renovation of the artau offices

Renovation of the artau offices

Artau Architectures
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Renovation of the artau offices

Artau Architectures as Architects

The renovation of this ancient adjoining joiner's workshop fulfils mainly two objectives:

- Increase the surface that is necessary for our professional activities while keeping the architectural specificities of the existing building and its urban context.

- Being an exemplary project for our know-how in the field of buildings with low energy consumption and presenting a reduced ecological footprint. On the ground floor, the desks are organised in an « open space », the workspaces of each activity sector are defined by storage cabinet units of low height.

The first floor is foreseen for relaxation (small living room, kitchen) and the production of models.

The spatial connection between the renovated ancient joiner's workshop and the gentleman's house, of which the ground floor is occupied by artau as well, is realised by a new part entirely constructed with windowpanes. This new area hosts an adaptable workspace, which can be used as an office and meeting room at the same time.

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