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Project • By Nakamoto ForestryHousing

Tool Productions

Tool Production’s virtual reality exhibit was a cube clad with interior-grade Suyaki within their converted barrel-truss warehouse.  It was designed in cooperation between fullBranch and Dunsmuir Architects and was built by CDG Builders of Santa Monica, CA.   https://nakamotoforestry.com/portfolio/tool-productions-santa-monica-ca-suyaki/   Product: Suyaki 1×6 select grade shiplapPrefinish: Suyaki Interior – BlackApplication: Commercial – InteriorSF: 1000SFDesigner: fullBranch and Dunsmuir ArchitectsBuilder: CDG BuildersDate: December 2016Location: Santa Monica, CA More

NewsNews • 12 Feb 2021

Maruhon Fukuoka Office & Showroom evokes the feeling of being inside a tree

In a residential neighbourhood of the city of Fukuoka, this oval-shaped office and showroom by KATORI archi+design was designed for Maruhon, a manufacturer of natural wood for interiors. Highlighting the rich quality and detail of the brand’s products, the space is lined with the manufacturer’s high-quality wood materials. The effect is intended to evoke the feeling of being inside a large tree. goto photo office/Akito Goto A key need for the client was a workspace and storage area to display approximately over 500 sample boards. Given the small site area of 70 m2, the architects creatively responded to the space challenge by transforming the building itself into a display for samples. Architecture, furniture and products... More

Project • By Atelier MimaPrivate Houses


The house is located at the end of the suburban fabric, on the edge of an undergrowth. The architectural proposal takes advantage of this situation and forms both a boundary, as the end of the suburban sprawl; and a staging of the bucolic environment: from the outside by the integration of a mass of wood as a «backdrop» for the surrounding plants; and from the inside with generous and varied framing. The project attempts to exploit a contradiction: a textured and folded volume housing a combination of generous, fluid and layered spaces. The composition of the interior spaces takes advantage of a volumetric overlapping of the rooms allowing the amplification of the volumes and the staging of the bucolic environment. For this, a... More

Project • By D.O.M.+Private Houses

DOM 125M

D.O.M.+ represents an innovative way of living at a cost of $80,000. Surrounded by nature, this eco-friendly house is designed for year-round living. It is monumental and yet lightweight, its interior is cozy and simple. The house of 125 square meters perfectly fits into the landscape near Moscow. D.O.M.+ has a linear layout with an open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining room designed in the middle of the house and three bedrooms located on the sides. All the furniture has been made on the premises. D.O.M.+ is a full-service company represented by Sergey Nasedkin, founder of the architectural bureau ARCH.625, and Vitali Sokolovski, founder of the magazin of modern architecture HQROOM. Innovative housing D.O.M.+ was created after a tho... More

Project • By José Barea ArquitectosShops

Baykanlar Stand Design

Baykanlar Stand Design. Barcelona Denim Premiere Vision. More

Project • By Declerck-Daels, ArchitectenHousing

House V.G.

This project focused on the renovation and extension of a single family house. The main building got an important upgrade, got insulated and was refurnished. Afterwards the typical Flemish adjacent constructions were demolished to be replaced by a unique and pure volume. The extension offers comfort, functionality and spaciousness.The use of space, the light, the materials, the volumes and the experience of the extension are very different of the existing house. The new plan is both sober, open, flexible and functional, containing a desk, a kitchen, a dining table and a utility room. It’s a new living space. A subtle, opaque curtain can divide the rooms. Other than the tiny windows of the house, the extension got a large window. The wi... More

Project • By Studio Samira BoonPrimary Schools

8th Montessori School

CONTEXT: STARTING FROM RESEARCH AND PEDAGOGY “In a good learning environment, children of different ages are able to move and develop themselves freely.” - Maria MontessoriThe starting point for the Montessori pedagogy is that every child has an intrinsic motivation to develop him/herself, but that every child does so in his/her own way and time, depending on their character and predisposition. “Help me do it myself,” is the core of the Montessori philosophy. Creating the best learning environment, which stimulates movement and development, is crucial. Maria Montessori thoroughly described how to create a good work- and learning environment: this is an environment where children from different ages can adopt alternating positions. This visi... More