DOM 125M

DOM 125M

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DOM 125M

D.O.M.+ as Architects

D.O.M.+ represents an innovative way of living at a cost of $80,000. Surrounded by nature, this eco-friendly house is designed for year-round living. It is monumental and yet lightweight, its interior is cozy and simple. The house of 125 square meters perfectly fits into the landscape near Moscow.

D.O.M.+ has a linear layout with an open-plan living room, kitchen, and dining room designed in the middle of the house and three bedrooms located on the sides. All the furniture has been made on the premises.

D.O.M.+ is a full-service company represented by Sergey Nasedkin, founder of the architectural bureau ARCH.625, and Vitali Sokolovski, founder of the magazin of modern architecture HQROOM. Innovative housing D.O.M.+ was created after a thorough study of lengthy experiences in Canada, the United States of America and several European countries as the most advanced small housing in the world.

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