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Project • By Montalba Architects, Inc.Private Houses

Whitepod Éco-Chalets

Nestled in the Swiss Alps above Monthey, Switzerland, the eco-chalets coexist with the mountainside, creating a hospitality experience that preserves and cherishes its surrounding environment. Designed with groups and families in mind, the minimalist... More
Standard Highline - Guest Room 1
Standard Highline - Guest Room 2
Standard Highline - Guest Room 3
Standard Highline - Guest Room 4
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Project • By Surfacing SolutionHotels

The Standard Highline Hotel

In crafting The Standard Highline, the guestrooms had to speak to the ethos of The Standard while incorporating a finer material palette and making the experience sophisticated enough for the New York and international audiences. In contrast to the c... More

Project • By ARCHHOLIKSPrivate Houses

Mountain House Mošovce

The family house at the foot of the Veľká Fatra National Park is situated on the border between the built-up area and the built-up area. Folkly, the house is located behind the hummocks, so the whole formation of matter is aimed at preserving... More

Project • By Atelier HypPrivate Houses

Maison AG

Open spaces   Built in self-construction, the challenge with this suburban house was to do a lot with little. Completely renovated, the existing building is completed with a 19 m² addition which is hosting a living room, offering new spac... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsHousing

Double House in Limassol

The challenge to create two different and independent dwelling units on the same site was fulfilled successfully because they follow the same design philosophy and are consolidated visually. Morphologically the houses are characterized by orthonormal... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsHousing

House in Limassol IV

The design intention of this bioclimatic residence in Limassol was to create a compact form that morphologically characterizes the building. Thus, all the functions and spaces were translated into solid compact volumes that created a composition, whi... More

Project • By Vassiliades ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House in Limassol IX

The design of this house was based on minimalistic morphological choices, which were made in order to distinguish its architectural features, while the modernistic design patterns led to a result without decorations and any kind of exaggeration. Thus... More

Project • By RUST ArchitectsOffices

B.S.R group

RUST Architects planned and designed the new headquarters for the B.S.R group in Tel Aviv. The firm is an engineering group that specializes in the management of real estate projects in Israel and abroad.   After more than 20 years, B.S.R deci... More

Project • By SauermartinsPrivate Houses

casa de lata

At this site, the landscape transforms ranging from the contrast between the blue sky and the green vegetation and the grey days with cold, foggy weather, typical of one of the most rigorous winters in Brazil.   The monolithic piece is permeat... More

Project • By SKOS - Szybejko ArchitekciPrivate Houses


The site is located on the southern side of the Izerskie Mountains, just above the Wojcieszyce village in the Jeleniogórska valley. The sloping and south facing site offers excellent exposure to the natural lighting of the sun as well as magnificent... More

Project • By VersatileApartments

Apartment with the soul of the traveler

The investor's idea of ​​the interior of the apartment in the new building was very definite and specific - a large number of open spaces used for exhibiting souvenirs from the travels, airy and spacy rooms, plenty of storage space and pleasant mater... More

Project • By Atelier-rUniversities

Faculty of Physical Culture in University Olomouc

The whole complex comprises 4 buildings which due to financing requirements was divided into two separate investment campaigns. The first one is the BALUO Application centre in the vicinity of the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Palacký University... More

Project • By Stereo ArchitekturPrivate Houses

Umbau Einfamilienhaus Moos

TASKThe client, a family of five, wishes to adapt their home, built in the early seventies, to their present needs. They wish to gather all the bedrooms on one floor hence two further bedrooms and one additional bathroom are required. The ground floo... More

Project • By Osterwold & Schmidt ArchitektenHousing

Wohnen am Rosental

The three new houses at Leipziger Rosental symbolizes an urban villa that is changing. They combine the benefits of sophisticated houses with front garden with qualities of apartment buildings in a park.   They consist of six merging one-family-house... More

Project • By Dietger Wissounig ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Retirement and Nursing Home Steinfeld

A calm structure whose two wood-clad, jutting upper floors appear to float over the ground floor. That is the first impression that you get from the building if you approach it from the east. The arrangement of the generously sized windows already re... More