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For over 30 years, ATC has been offering optimized air-diffusion solutions for all types of air-treatment application.

ATC designs, builds and services air conduits and diffusers made from textiles.

What are textile ducts used for?
Textile ducting is a technology for refrigerating, air-conditioning, refreshing, ventilating or heating an atmosphere or even for transporting treated air.
It can be used in all types of application: industry, public buildings, very high buildings, food-processing plants, logistics buildings, tertiary activities, etc.

Thanks to ATC’s know-how, recognized both in France and elsewhere, the “AIRNEO by ATC” range is widely approved by thermal and fluid design offices, refrigeration and air-conditioning installers, heating and cooling engineers, etc.
Opting for ATC products is a guarantee for possessing a top-quality air diffusion system, adapted to end-user requirements.

ATC’s vocation is to master and to guarantee aeraulic performance.

Where is ATC to be found?

The head offices are in France, at Brignais in the Rhône-Alpes region.
ATC is present in Mexico with ATC de Mexico and via a distributor network (Turkey, UAE, etc.)
Each entity has its own production shop to be able to cover its markets’ specific requirements.
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