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Manufacturers from Laagraven 44, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Baars & Bloemhoff

With 4 offices and a large distribution centre, Baars & Bloemhoff is part of the Stiho Group BV. Baars & Bloemhoff is an overall supplier of decorative panels and construction panels for the interior builders in The Netherlands. Large stockholder for the manufacturer, and an inspiring partner for interior architects.

A summary of our assortment:
HPL (High Pressure Laminate) consists of a number of layers of paper, drenched in phenol-resin, topped with a layer of printed decor paper and a melamine coating, compressed to a scratch resistant sheet. Baars & Bloemhoff has a wide variety of designs on stock from our main supplier: Duropal HPL. We also have dealerships from other manufacturers, such as Finsa, Abet Laminati, Homapal metal laminate, Alpi, SIBU and many others. A combination with Thermopal and Wodego Melamine chipboard, we supply Duropal HPL from stock in more then 200 different designs and structures. For every melamine chipboard, we supply edge banding from stock for optimal results.

Construction panels.
Baars & Bloemhoff has a wide variety of construction panels on stock. It consists from MDF in variable sorts and thickness, plywood, and chipboard. A good example is Colorply, birch plywood with three layers of UV-Coating. With Colorply we bring color to birch plywood. On several color varieties, the drawings of the birch veneer remains visible. The professionals of Baars & Bloemhoff share a great deal of knowledge on veneer. Several types of veneer are sold from stock, either as a single sheet of veneer, or glued on any type of construction panel. Besides “standard” veneer products, we’re the exclusive dealer in The Netherlands for Alpi veneers. Alpi manufactures reconstituted veneers. Starting out as poplar veneer, the special processes create an end result that looks like any species of real wood veneer. Unrestrictedly deliverable with a constant high quality, now as well as in the future.

Ecologically en environmentally concerned,
Is a distinct feature of The Stiho Group and Baars & Bloemhoff. The wide package of bamboo panels has therefore been a constant factor in our assortment for the last seven years. Bamboo is, from a botanic point of view, not a wood species, but grass with wood characteristics. With it’s high density en low expansion rate, bamboo is very much suitable for use in Furniture, interior and floors. Our stock range varies from a single layer panel to multiple layer solid panels and veneer.

Baars & Bloemhoff has an inspiring character for the interior architect and designer. Constantly searching for materials, useable for interior application, our assortment has grown significantly for the last few years, containing specials like MDF-Design; a decorative MDF with 3D- design pattern. Another inspiring special is Objectile; sculptured MDF in various designs.

If you need to have panels tooled or milled, Baars & Bloemhoff guides you during the process. Browse our website for further details on our product-range, and visit project-plaza to view photographs of projects, constructed with Baars & Bloemhoff materials. If you need additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.