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What you see here is the production plant of a tradition-rich manufacturer of switches from the German Sauerland. At the same time, however, it is the expression of an internationally recognised brand with a worldwide presence, the winner of many awards for design, and which can be found in some of the most exciting buildings on this planet.

How does this all fit together? Quite simply: It fits together perfectly, because the name of this company is Berker. Berker means "the right way", and in turn that means we are the way we are. Firmly rooted and innovative, typical of our Sauerland region and cosmopolitan, passionate and totally down-to-earth. In other words: delightfully contradictory.

For instance, Berker is still a family business. Our partners are the son, grandchildren, nephews and nieces of those visionaries who in 1919 founded the company at Schalksmühle in the Sauerland. Our company headquarters is still just a stone's throw away from the workshop (now long since torn down) in which our founders assembled their first switches. And if you consider some of the values by which our corporate culture is defined – perfection, continuity and commitment, for example – then you can say: We are typical of our Sauerland region.

At the same time, however, we are design innovators, technology developers, and a veritable global player in our well-defined market. We have subjected all of our relevant business processes to certification, implemented a comprehensive staff development program, and formulated a discrete corporate design for our very individual corporate culture.

Of course, some essential characteristics exist which tie together Berker's two opposite poles. That typical Sauerland passion for details, for example, which has been creating perfect quality for over 85 years. That down-to-earth dependability, thanks to which customers trust us – just as much here in Germany as in Riga or Riyadh. That fine sense of aesthetics, which our founders' generation already put to work in the spirit of the Bauhaus, and which today motivates our dialogues with ambitious architects and designers.

All of these are characteristics which define us. This way of doing things will certainly continue to change – just as our customers, the world, and we ourselves are continuously changing. But there is one thing that you can be sure of: we will never be boring. If you click with us through these pages, you will see that Berker embodies as a company the same thing that is concealed under the surface of all its products:

Electricity. Constructive, extremely productive electricity.