Manufacturers from Hugo de Grootstraat 175, Delft, Netherlands
HOLLANDFELT is the main brand and product of Richard Wernekinck Wolgroothandel (wool wholesale company). This woolfelt is made using only the best quality of Pure New Wool and meets the high standards of various regulations.

Richard Wernekinck started his wool wholesale in 1975 by selling the wool from the sheep in his parent’s orchard. The company grew and the wholesale expanded its collection of wool products, like yarn, fibers and felt. From its headquarters in Delft the materials are exported to over 40 countries around the world to satisfy thousands of retailers and professionals in the creative industries.

For decades the main costumers were retailers of craft shops, but a few years ago this began to shift as the acoustic benefits of HOLLANDFELT came into the picture. More and more architects are applying HOLLANDFELT in their projects to enhance acoustics in an elegant and eco-friendly way.

With a sound absorption of up to 82% it is needless to say that HOLLANDFELT is successfully used in schools, theaters, call centers, museums, restaurants and corporate and government buildings to enhance acoustics. To do this the material is mostly glued directly onto the walls, but acoustic panels, curtains or even sculptures are also possible.

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