Manufacturers from Partida Saleretes, s / n. 12110 , Alcora, Spain
We create differently, combining care and authenticity in conceiving our products, using an industrial process that is both respectful and efficient. This combination is the key to reactivating the future, with the same passion and enthusiasm as always.

We bring together the traditional know-how of the artisan with a creative, personal reinterpretation from Inalco. Each product has a story, a unique personality and an ancestral wisdom. The origin of the product and its authenticity are the essence.

We cherish a return to our roots, as an opportunity to experiment and learn from this. If we add cutting edge techniques and materials to this know-how which improve the quality of the final product, then the possibilities are limitless.

This “Craft feeling” can be seen in sublime surfaces made with care and patience, but designed and produced using industrial techniques.

Because we like what we do.

Because every tile is important, and it is this attention to detail that makes us stand out.
Because we know where we come from, and where we are going.

Because technology without a soul is nothing.