Lea Ceramiche
Lea Ceramiche

Lea Ceramiche

Manufacturers from Via Cameazzo 21, Fiorano Modenese (MO), Italy
Experimentation, design, research, technology, quality: these are the fundamental values of Lea Ceramiche, the company of Fiorano Modenese that, in more than thirty years of activity, has significantly contributed to the development of the Italian ceramic sector.

One of the most dynamic and productive brands of the Modena ceramics district, Lea Ceramiche has a far-reaching national and international coverage, with a capillary presence in more than 80 countries in the 5 continents around the world...

An inclination towards changes, excellence, proficiency, technological innovation, reliability, research for the maximum quality of the products through care of aesthetics, stylistic research and the content of design, respect of the environment, special attention to the staff and investment in communication, these are the values that today characterise the Company’s strategy.

The work cycle and the technology used are the productive core of the Company. Every attained result, every achieved novelty or innovation, is a new starting point to focus once again on the study of raw materials, mixes, glaze and colours, by trying to precede the future market trends and the new productive methodologies, and at the same time keeping the high competitiveness of the products under the technical, aesthetic and economic aspect..