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Masureel is passion, placed at the center of a motivated team. Every Masureel wallcovering is enhanced by a profound heritage, an inspiring art collection and continuously innovated manufacturing.

We share with our clients a passion for landscaping walls through innovation using unique materials. We also share responsibility towards all our stakeholders - be it employees, suppliers, customers, society or the environment. Our values and corporate culture are shaped by long-term experience working with different cultures worldwide.

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With a training program, Masureel wishes to guide its employees in the current digitisation. The needs and demands of the employees for better digital support is double-sided. On the one hand, young employees want innovative, more efficient and more accurate systems for processing and analysing data. The current systems often cause frustration within the various departments because of the slowness and lack of possibilities. The employees want to get more out of their work and, above all, their time. On the other hand, the older employees wish to remain competitive with respect to their younger colleagues. They have the years of experience to their advantage, but also want to acquire basic knowledge in current digital developments.

Specifically, Masureel has scheduled the following courses during the period from 1 December 2018 until 29 February 2020:
Training on the new ERP system;
Digital financial reporting training;
Training and coaching of the management on strategic decision-making;
Training of the new fault detection system Futec.
For this reason, there is a project at Masureel that is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF).
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Kantstraat 1, 8531 Hulste (Harelbeke) , Belgium