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Sonraki Architecture

Sonraki Architecture

What is? Sonraki is an architecture & interior design company based in Istanbul ,Kadikoy (Anatolian Side), founded in 2014. Sonraki Design give large scale of service to projects of home, villa, residential flat, commercial office, heathcare space where are situated in Istanbul , Bursa and other related regions. Our customers and experiences are from all around world especially in Europe (United Kingdom,France,Germany) and Middle East Countries (Saudi Arabia,UAE,Qatar,Kuwait) as well as Turkey. Sonraki Design is the company that gives you service of interior design project and other construction works included furniture design, manufacturing and additional decoration jobs. The word sense of “Sonraki” in Turkish is “next” in English which was carefully selected in purpose of reflecting our point of view to all design disciplines, creating reformer perception into our projects and describing the company culture. Aims? The most important aim of Sonraki is making people happy in their places. Whether you want to be designed your home or your workplace; Sonraki Design objectives to your comfort with consideration of project budget and style. Sonraki embraces; ​-Universal design with efficiency and functionality principles -High quality materials , fit for purpose -Well planned interior construction -Correct budget keeping -Full service management & consultancy How? Design and scheduling are made withing ethic consideration meanwhile care about environmental concerns and local existence. Projects aim to meet basic demands of users and solving design problems in different scenarios. We consider aesthetic values with functuonality and userfriendliness. The construction materials are choosen carefully with features of type, pattern, idiosyncrasy and local demands and approachability. Whether online or one to one ; Sonraki Conctruction and applications are defined and executed in high standarts with engineering ways. It makes no difference even if it is an depthless interior design project / decoration or extensive – long term renovating / relocation or restoration project. All these service are promised to make in shortest period of time. All of our aspects are benefit oriented , and the main aim of Sonraki is make it’s customer happy. We believe the continuity; as we put the name means “the next” is also have a strong relations with your happiness at the end. Will be very glad to know you in our next projects.
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