Introducing Partner Linea Light Group
Margherita Nardi

Introducing Partner Linea Light Group

21 Mar 2024  •  Partner News  •  By Allie Shiell

Linea Light Group is an Italian company known for its innovative lighting solutions. The company offers a wide range of lighting products and services, including indoor and outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, LED technology, and lighting design consultancy. 

The story of Linea Light Group goes back to 1985 when Minulamp, Eva Stampaggi and Linea Light - three acknowledged companies in the lighting sector - merged to create a new reality. Since then, Linea Light Group has constantly evolved in response to market changes, anticipating the market and focusing on research and collaboration with planners and light designers to develop an ever-greater offer of products dedicated to all sectors. 

Today, Linea Light Group is an international organization with plants still located in Italy. The Group has decided to continue growing and investing in the ‘Made in Italy’ concept in terms of manufacturing and research. Alongside this, offices are located in major cities abroad. These offices play a vital role in allowing Linea Light Group to work closely with planners and designers around the world, advising them on the best products to use. 

Linea Light Group has established itself as a leader in the lighting industry, combining technological advancements with design aesthetics to create lighting solutions that meet the needs of various sectors, including residential, commercial, hospitality, and urban environments. 

Products by Linea Light Group often focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and cutting-edge design, adapting to functional and decorative lighting requirements. The company’s commitment to research and development has enabled it to stay at the forefront of lighting technology, continually introducing new and innovative products. 

Here are several standout products from Linea Light Group: 



CAP Holding
Linea Light Group
The CAP Group, which has been managing the aqueducts and sewers of many municipalities in Lombardy for over 90 years, serving the community and fully respecting the territory, has a new headquarters in Milan set in a...

A new round suspension lighting fixture with a minimalist and sleek silhouette. The extra-slim profile is designed to provide three types of emission: direct, indirect or internal. Four different diameters characterize the range offering elegant and highly efficient solutions that can fit any environment.



The CO99 Art Building
Linea Light Group
An aparthotel in the heart of Milan, where you can stay for a few days or more, CO99 Art Building & OPR Gallery is the new hotel propos...

Suitable for creating a modern style living area, Tu-Top is an elegant and minimalist wall mounted light fixture. The diffuser is opal PMMA, whereas the body and side plugs are in embossed white painted metal. Last but not least, thanks to the DALI protocol, the light intensity can be easily controlled to create the perfect atmosphere.



John Reed Fitness Music Club
Linea Light Group
An exceptional location for the new John Reed Fitness Centre owned by the German multinational RSG Group. The historic building, once the Bank di Napoli building, dates back to the 1930s. Split across four floors, it...

Tubular lighting, vertical or horizontal, in different lengths. Combinable in vertical cascades or in elaborated lighting ceiling forests, essential lighting sculpture. Materials: natural polythene diffuser, white coated aluminum closing cap.